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Weapon Sets are sets of weapons and shields that provide special bonuses to players when the items of the same set are equipped simultaneously. They do not include armor pieces other than shields. Note that most of these sets consist only of a single two-handed weapon, so only one item is needed to receive the full bonus. The way to obtain them depends on the type of the set.

Asylum Weapons[edit]

ON-icon-weapon-Ebony Staff-Apostle.png

Asylum Weapons drop in Veteran Asylum SanctoriumClockwork City trial. All weapons bear the Asylum Style.

Blackrose Weapons[edit]

ON-icon-weapon-Staff-Honor Guard.png

Blackrose Weapons drop in Veteran Blackrose PrisonMurkmire arena. All weapons bear the Honor Guard Style.

Maelstrom Weapons[edit]


Maelstrom Weapons drop in Veteran Maelstrom ArenaOrsinium. All weapons bear the Maelstrom Style.

Master's Weapons[edit]

ON-icon-weapon-Yew Staff-Altmer.png

Master's Weapons drop in Veteran Dragonstar Arena. All weapons bear a different Tier 5 Racial Style.