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Many words in The Elder Scrolls have their origins outside the world of the game. This list attempts to describe possible origins for words. Please note that these etymologies are speculative. Entries should not be placed on individual pages unless there is a clear link between the subject and the etymology.

Over-arcing Etymologies[edit]

This section lists Etymologies that do not have a game of origin because they are either over arcing the series of games or are used almost exclusively within Lore.

Word Etymology Language of Origin Object Type
Aedra αιος (aios), αιων (aiōn) - perpetually, forever, eternity (αι (ai) becomes in Latin ae) δραω (draō) - do, accomplish, perform mystical rites, Aedra Gr. a -not + dead Greek Creature
Anumidium Anu - sky god, king of gods + medium (in sense through which an effect is transmitted from one thing to another as air is medium of sound) Sumerian (?)
Argonian argon from αργος (argos) - lazy, inactive Greek Race
Daedra δαιος (daios) - hostile, destructive, enemy, unhappy, wretched (αι (ai) becomes in Latin ae) δραω (draō) - do, accomplish, perform mystical rites, Daedra dead (not our ancestors) Greek Creature
Dwemer δυη (duē) - misery μερος (meros) - part, share, destiny, Dwemer dwe (deep + dwell) + Lat. maritus -husband, man Greek Race
Dunmer dun - of dark color, of color partaking of a brown and black derived from donn - brown, dunn -brown, black colored (Old English) + maritus - married man, mêr - man Irish, Latin, Kurdish Race
Hircine hircinus - of a goat, goatlike Latin God
Khajiit kha - heaven, air, sky. jit - winning, conquering. khajit - conquering heaven Sanskrit Race
Malacath mala, malus - bad, evil, wicked + cath - battle Latin, Scottish Gaelic God
Mundus mundus - world, heavens, universe Latin Realm
Sithis sitis - thirst Latin God
Staff of Magnus magnus - large, great, big, powerful Latin Weapon
Telvanni vanni - (poetic) wing feathers Italian Dunmer House
Udyrfrykte dýr -animal, beast + frygte - fear, dread Old Norse, Danish Creature
Volendrung vollendung - achievement, perfection German Artifact
Vvardenfell warden, to ward + fell - hill Old Norse Place

Falmer fallen + Lat. maritus -husband, man

Altmer Lat. altus -high + maritus -husband, man

Arkay Lat. arcere -to defend, to protect + eye

Morag Thong Lat. mors, mortis -death + agere, actus -to do, to make

Akatosh Gr. a -not + kata -down (he was dragon)

Alinor Lat. alere -to nourish, to maintain, to develop + in -of, related to

Valenwood Lat. valere -to be strong + en -of, related to + wood

Morrowind Etymologies[edit]


Word Etymology Language of Origin Game(s)
Dahrk Mezalf dark mezzo - half, middle alf from alfr - elf, supernatural being (Old Norse) Italian, Old Norse MW
Dreugh dreg - sediment in a liquid, bad person from Icelandic dregg (?) MW
Fabricant fabricatus - forged, constructed Latin TR
Menta Na menta - mint (plant) Italian MW
Riekling riek - first-person singular present indicative of rieken -to stink, to smell + -ling - noun suffix which is diminutive or depreciatory, can indicate possession of or connection with a quality, follower or resident Dutch BM


Word Etymology Language of Origin Game(s)
Coda Flower coda - tail Latin MW
Lloramor Spines llorar - to cry Spanish TR
Pyroil Tar πυρ (pyr) - fire + oil (?) TR
Skooma skum - dark, shady, immoral Swedish MW
Sujamma sujam - third-person plural present indicative of sujar - to make dirty Portuguese MW
Trama Root trama, tramae - warp Latin MW


Word Etymology Language of Origin Game(s)
Adanumuran ad - to, towards anum - ring, circle muran from murar - to surround with a wall Latin, Spanish MW
Aldaril altare - to raise, make high, elevate + il - of Latin MW
Almalexia alma, almus - nourishing, providing nurture. lex - law Latin TR
Angoril angor - choking, anxiety, anguish. il - of Latin MW
Ano Andaram andare - to go Italian MW
Ano Vando ano - member (of a society or group) vando - wall Esperanto MW
Apelles Matius appelles (subjunctive present second-person singular) from appellare - call upon, address, appeal to Latin TR
Apographa απο (apo) - off, away from + γραφειν (graphein) - to write Greek MW
Ashu-Ahhe Aššur, Ashur, Assur - god, head of Assyrian pantheon, name of Assyria (an - god + šar - all) ahhē - brother Assyrian MW
Audania Afronia audax - bold, daring Latin MW
Asciene Rane ascius - shadowless rana, ranae - frog Latin TR
Bacola Closcius baca - berry + ol - little, small clodere, closus - shut, close, block Latin MW
Blatta Hateria blatta - cockroach + hate Latin MW
Codus Callonus coda - tail callosus - tough, hard Latin MW
Conoon Chodala canon - law or rule from κανων (kanon) - rod, bar, rule chode - old imp. of chide -to scold, to blame Greek MW
Crazy Batou 馬頭 [バトウ] (batou) - horse head (馬 - horse + 頭 - head) Japanese MW
Dandera Selaro dander - passion, temper, anger (slang) sellar - to stamp, to seal Spanish MW
Dangor tangor from tangere - to touch, strike, border on Latin MW
Dirara Drom δρομος (dromos) - road Greek MW
Divayth Fyr divinus - divine fyr - guy (Danish) or fyr - fire (Norwegian) Latin, Danish, Norwegian MW
Durus Marius durus - hard, harsh, rough, cruel Latin MW
Elam Andas andas - informal second-person singular present form of the verb andar - to walk, to travel Spanish MW
Faulgor fulgor - brightness, splendor, glory Latin MW
Galos Farethi γαλοως (galoōs) - husband's sister Greek MW
Hortator hortator - inciter, encourager, exhorter; from hortari - encourage, cheer, incite Latin MW
Idonea Munia munia, munium - duties, functions Latin MW
Igna ignis - fire, brightness, passion Latin MW
Kagrenac χαος (chaos) - infinite space, unformed matter, nether abyss γραω (graō) - gnaw, eat Greek (?)
Kjeld Danish form of Kjell from Old Norse ketill - (sacrificial) cauldron, helmet, Kjell - kettle Danish, Norwegian MW
Lalatia Varian Latia - of Latium (central Italy including Rome) varianus - diverse colored, variegated Latin MW
Lunia Menanius luna - moon maenanus from maena - small sea-fish Latin MW
Maesa Gabinia mesa - table Spanish MW
Manara Othan manar - gush forth Spanish MW
Mehra Milo mehra - of the sun, from mehr - sun (Middle Persian) Middle Persian MW
Nalosi Alari alarius - auxiliary troops posted on the wings of army (ala - wing) Latin MW
Nebia Amphia nebbia - fog, mist; αμφι (amphi) - on both sides Italian, Greek MW
Nevena Ules Nevena from neven - marigold; ulex - a shrub resembling rosemary South Slavic, Latin MW
Norenen-dur dur - fortress Akkadian, Assyrian TR
Orvas Dren orbas, orbus - bereft, deprived, childless drenar - to drain or dren - pulp Latin, Spanish, Czech MW
Pania Cadiusus pane - bread cadium - small jar cadus - jar usus - use Latin MW
Pellecia Aurrus pelliccia - fur (of an animal), fur coat aurum - gold Italian, Latin MW
Raesa Pullia res - thing, event, affair, buisiness pullia from pullus - blackish, dark colored (?) MW
Ranis Athrys ranis - dative, ablative rana - frog Latin MW
Salora Salobar salor or salebaris from salere - to salt Latin MW
Sauleius Cullian saule - willow, willow tree cullianus from cullus - type of windlass using leather French, Latin MW
Selvia Famalius fama - rumor, reputation, fame Latin MW
Shargon Odin-Ahhe Sargon (Šarru-kin -true king or king is legitimate) ahhē - brother NAkkadian, Assyrian MW
Sirollus Saccus sirolus (sirus - corn pit, underground granary + ol - little, small) saccus - sack, bag Latin MW
Sul-Matuul sultis - be willing, wish matula - a vessel, pot, simpleton Latin MW
Taros Dral taro, tarare - to tare, calibrate Latin MW
Undil unda - wave + il - of a, pertaining to Latin MW
Unjara un + जर (jara) - becoming old (?) MW
Vala Catraso vala - ditch, trench Portuguese MW
Velanda Omani velanda gerund from velare - veil, cover, hide, conceal Omani - person from Oman (country in middle east) Latin MW
Veloth velo, velar - to watch, to guard Spanish MW
Velsa Salaron salaron from salar - to salt Spanish MW
Vevul Alver vevulis (ve - not + vis - strength + ul - little) Latin MW
Viatrix Petilia viatrix - a female traveler, viator - traveler from via - way, road petilius - thin, slender (archaic) Latin MW
Vorar Helas vorare - swallow, devour hélas - alas French MW
Vos vos - you (plural) Latin MW
Yagrum Bagarn bagarre - heated discussion, turmoil, bustle Italian MW
Tarvyn Faren fahren -to go, to travel, to drive (German) NPC MW
Itermerel Lat. iter -journey, road, path + merel -blackbird (Dutch) NPC MW
Suran صوران (sūrān) -town in Syria Place MW
Alof's Farmhouse aloof -at or from a distance but within view, apart, away, reserved, remote Place MW
Fruscia Abitius fruscia from frusciare -to rustle (Italian) Lat. abitus -going away, departure from abire -depart, go away, disappear (ab -from, away from + ire, itus -to go) NPC MW
Ama Nin Lat. ama from amare -to love 您 (nín) -honorific for you (Chinese) (she is apparition of Mara goddess of love) NPC MW
Baan Dar baan -road, way, path (Dutch) dar -to give, to hand over (Spanish) God
Akulakhan 悪辣 (アクラ) (akula) -crafty, vicious, unscrupulous (悪 -evil, bad + 辣 -bitter) (Japanese), Lat. acula -small amount of water, small stream (steam was created by him which made blight storms) + khān -lord (Turkic, borrowed into Arabic, Persian, Mongolian, also appears in Genghis Khan) MW
Jode jode (second person singular present) of joder -to damage, break, annoy, bother, to put in a difficult situation (Spanish) MW OB
Lorkhan lor -dirty (Breton) + khān -lord (Turkic) God MW
Malak ملك (malik) -king (Arabic) (he is known as God-King of the Orcs) God
Sheogorath שאול (sheol) -abode of the dead, hell (Hebrew) + Gör -brat (German) God MW SI
Jone jone form of juene -young (Old French) MW OB
Thartaag thar -across, through, beyond (Irish) + tag -stroke (Swedish) BM
Diagna di- -prefix signifying twofold + Lat. agna -blade (known as Orichalc God of the Sideways Blade (orichalcum -valuable metal sometimes treated as mythical substance derived from ορος (oros) -mountain + χαλκος (chalkos) -copper) God
Skygge skygge -shadow (Norwegian) Place BM
Fryse Hag fryse -freeze (Norwegian) Hostile NPC BM
Pallia Ceno Lat. pallia, pallio -disguise, cloak, palliate Lat. ceno, cenare -dine, eat dinner NPC MW
Odirniran Lat. odio, odire -hate, dislike + نيران (nirān) -fires (Arabic) Place MW
Sulipund Lat. suli, sulum -everything + Lat. pundo from punire -punish Place MW
Jolgeirr Barrow geirr -spear (Old Norse) Place BM
Solvjord sølv -silver (Norwegian) + jord -earth (Norwegian, Swedish) Place BM
Isild River is -ice (Norwegian) + ild -fire (Norwegian) Place BM
Dome of Serlyn ser, se -see (Swedish) + lyn -lightning (Norwegian) Place TR
Plaza Brindisi Dorom brindisi -toast, salute (Italian), also name of province and town δωρον (dōron) -gift, present Place TR
Optio Bologra Lat. optio, optionis -adjutant, assistant, helper NPC MW
Ancola Lat. ancula -maid NPC MW
Attelivupis Catius Lat. catius from catus -knowing, clever NPC MW
Dura gra-Bol Lat. dura, durus -hard, harsh, rough NPC MW
Fara fara -to go, to travel (Swedish) NPC MW
Fjol Fjol could be a play-on-words with Fjols, which means Fool in the Scandinavian languages, or Fjolla which means Sissy in Swedish. NPC MW
Fjorgeir fjör -vigour, vitality (Icelandic) + geirr -spear (Old Norse) NPC MW
Galbedir gelbe, gelb -yellow (German) + dir -yourself (German) (had yellow clothes) NPC MW
Solstheim sollst (2 person singular present) from sollen -should, to be recommended, to be obliged, to be intended (German) heim -home (Old Norse, German) Island BM
Skaal skal -shell, skull (Danish)
Lake Fjalding fjall -mountain (Old Norse), Fjäll, fjell in Swedish and Norwegian Place BM
Stalhrim stål -steel (Swedish) from Old Norse stál, in German stahl -steel hrím -frost (Old Norse) Material BM
Felsaad Coast fels -rock (German) Region BM
Himmelhost Barrow himmel -sky, heaven (Swedish, German) höst -autumn, figuratively time towards the end of life (Swedish) Place BM
Kolbjorn Barrow Kolbjørn -Norwegian name from Old Norse kol -coal and bjorn -bear Place BM
Skogsdrake Barrow skog -forest (Swedish) skógr -wood, forest (Old Norse) drake -dragon (Norwegian) Place BM
Korst Wind-Eye korst -crust, scab (Dutch) NPC BM
Lukesturm Barrow luke -hatch, porthole (German) sturm -storm, gustiness (German) Place BM
Valbrandr Barrow valr -dead (Old Norse) brandr -sword (Old Norse) Place BM
Bjorn bjorn -bear (Old Norse), björn -bear (Swedish) Place BM
Hvitkald Peak hvítr -white (Old Norse) kaldr -cold (Old Norse) Place BM
Grahl gräl -quarrel (Swedish) Creature BM
Brynjolfr brynja -coat of mail, armour, protection (Old Norse) -olfr from ulfr -wolf (Old Norse) NPC BM
Skjoldr Wolf-Runner skjoldr -shield (Old Norse) NPC BM
Vigunn vig -battle, fight (Old Norse) unna -to love (Old Norse) NPC BM
Procyon Nigilius Procyon -before the dog (Greek) NPC MW
Vivec vivek - intelligence, wisdom, knowledge Sanskrit MW

Therana Gr. ther -beast + an -of, related to

Satyana satya -truth (Sanskrit) + an -of, related to


Word Etymology Language of Origin Game(s)
Ald-ruhn ald - old (Old English, Anglian form of West Saxon eald) rūn - secret, writing, rune (Old Norse) or Lat. ruina, ruinae - ruins, fall, catastrophe, collapse Old English, Old Norse, Latin MW
Ansi ansio - anxious, anguished Italian MW
Arano Plantation arano from arare - to plough, plow Italian MW
Arobar Manor arrobar - to enrapture Spanish MW
Ascadian Isles ascendo - to rise, to spring, grow up Latin MW
Assurdirapal Aššur, Ashur, Assur - god, head of Assyrian pantheon, name of Assyria (an - god + šar - all) pal - heir Akkadian, Assyrian MW
Bthuand tuando from tuari - to see, look, protect, watch Latin MW
Castle Karstaag karst - a type of land formation, usually with many caves formed through the dissolving of limestone by underground drainage (geology) English BM
Fields of Kummu κυμινον (kuminon) - cumin Greek MW
Halit Mine αλς (hals), αλος (halos) - salt λιθος (lithos) - stone Greek MW
Inanius Egg Mine inanis - void, empty or hollow Latin MW
Kogoruhn cogo, cogere - collect, gather, restrict, confine, force, compel ruina, ruinae - ruins, fall, catastrophe, collapse Latin MW
Lake Hairan haereo - stick, cleave, be fixed Latin MW
Lake Nabia Nabia - Celtic goddess of rivers and water on territory of modern Galicia (Spain) and Portugal (?) MW
Manat's Farmhouse manare, manatus - flow, pour, be wet Latin MW
Marandus mirando - admirable Italian MW
Mount Kand candere - shine, gleam, be hot, glow, sparkle Latin MW
Mudan Grotto mudan from mudar - to change, to vary Spanish MW
Odibaal odi, odisse - hate, dislike baal - master (Semitic) Latin MW
Pelagiad πελαγιος (pelagios) - of the sea, near the sea (appears in names of Byzantine Emperors) Greek MW
Punammu Nammu - Sumerian goddess of the primeval sea that gave birth to An (heaven) and Ki (earth) and the first gods later in Babylon is known as Tiamat (?) MW
Tel Aruhn अरुण (aruNa) - dawn, ruddy (?) MW
Tel Naga नाग (nāga) - snake, cobra, class of beings associated with waters, rivers, lakes, seas, wells and are generally regarded as guardians of treasure Sanskrit MW
Valenvaryon valens - strong, powerful + varius - changing, various Latin MW
Zafirbel Bay zephyr - light wind from the west from Ζεφυρος (zephyros) - westerly wind + bello - beautiful Greek, Italian MW

Urshilaku Lat. ursus -bear + il, ac -of, related to


Word Etymology Language of Origin Game(s) Object
Erabenimsun erība - replace + sun Assyrian, Akkadian MW Ashlander Tribe
Zainab زينب‎ (zainab) - fragrant flowering plant, female given name Arabic MW Ashlander Tribe

Dagoth Ur -dreaming god from Conan the barbarian film from Heb. Dagon from dag -fish + -oth -plural suffix + Ur -ancient (German)

Mudan grotto mud + an -of, related to

Suran Fr. sur, super -above + an -of, related to or surya -sun (Sanskrit)

Oblivion Etymologies[edit]

Word Etymology Object Type Seen
Raminus Polus Lat. raminus -of branch from ramus -branch polus -little, small or polus -pole, heaven, sky NPC OB
Corvus Umbranox Lat. corvus -raven umbra -shade, shadow nox -night NPC OB
Kvatch quetschen -crush, press (German) from which is also derived kvetch -person who endlessly whines or complains, person who finds fault with anything from. 'Quatsch' (spoken: Kvatch) is also german for 'nonsense' Place OB
Carahil Lat. cara, carus -dear, beloved + hilaris -cheerful, lively NPC OB
Cyrodiil κυρος (kyros) -supreme power, authority (Greek κυ is transcribed in Latin and English as cy Κυπρος Cyprus) + il -of Province OB
Thaurron ταυρος (tauros) -bull NPC OB
Velwyn Benirus velvet beni -bless (Esperanto) + Lat. rus -country, estate NPC OB
Calindil Lat. calando Gerund of calo, calare -announce, proclaim, loosen, slacken + il -of NPC OB
Varla Stone varla -hardly, barely (Icelandic).In sense hard to find, get again, there was only set amount of Varla stones Item OB
Angalmo Lat. angor -anxiety + almo Dative and Ablative of almus, alma -nourishing, cherishing NPC OB
Skyrim ský -cloud (Old Norse) + rim -hoarfrost (Danish) from Old Norse hrím for frosty and cloudy climate Province OB
Brena River breña -scrub, rough ground (Spanish) River OB
Corbolo River corbolo -small basket (corbis -basket + -ol -little, small) in Italian corbello -basket River OB
Fanacasecul Lat. fanacum from fanum -sanctuary, temple and ac -ing, having a tendency seculis -secular, earthly, worldly, pagan Place OB
Nagastani नाग (nāga) -snake, cobra, class of beings associated with waters, rivers, lakes, seas, wells and are generally regarded as guardians of treasure (Sanskrit) + -stan -home (suffix) from Persian stān -place of Place OB
Vilverin Lat. villa -a country house, villa + verinus -of truth, verum -truth Place OB
Valus Mountains Lat. vallus -palisade, point, post (mountain on border, like palisade between two countries) Place OB
Cingor Lat. cingor from cingere -surround, encircle, ring, accompany NPC OB
Shuravi शूर (shūra) -brave + विर (vira) -hero (Sanskrit) NPC OB
Agata Latinized form of Greek name Αγαθη (Agathē) derived from αγαθος -good NPC OB
Kalthar Lat. caltha -marigold NPC OB
Lerexus Callidus Lat. callidus -crafty, sly, cunning, wise NPC OB
Augusta Calidia Lat. augustus, augusta -venerable, majestic, dignified, worthy of honor calidia from calidus -warm, hot, fiery, eager, rash NPC OB
Faelian Lat. faelianus from faeles -cat NPC OB
Gemellus Axius Lat. gemellus -twin Axius -Roman nomen NPC OB
Ra'jiradh जीर (jīra) -quick, speedy, active (Sanskrit) NPC OB
Urjabhi ऊर्ज (ūrja) -power, strength, vigour, life (Sanskrit) NPC OB
Selene name from σεληνη (selēnē) -moon NPC OB
Rana Lat. rana -frog NPC OB
Varondo varando Gerund of varare -to launch, to pass, to approve (Italian) Place OB
Usheeja उशिज् (ushij) -wishing, desiring, striving earnestly, zealous (Sanskrit) NPC OB
Fort Ontus οντως (ontōs) -really, actually Place OB
Fort Dirich dìrich -to climb (Scottish Gaelic) Place OB
Orrin orere -to burn (later Latin) [was blacksmith] NPC OB
Contumeliorus Florius Lat. contumēlia -insult, humiliation flos, floris -flower NPC OB
Anga Lat. angaria -service of angarius -public courier, messenger, service to a lord from αγγαρος (angaros) -mounted courier for carrying royal dispatches (γγ in Greek is read as ng) Place OB
Lindai λιγδος (lindos) -mortar, clay mould (γδ in Greek is read as nd) Place OB
Moranda Lat. moranda Gerund of morari -delay, stay, devote attention to Place OB
Wendir Lat. vendere -to sell (one of Ayleid statues is there) Place OB
High Chancellor Ocato Lat. occato from occo, occare -to harrow NPC OB
Servatius Quintilius Lat. servatius from servo, servare -watch over, protect, keep, guard Quintilius -Roman gens name or quintus -fifth from quinque -five NPC OB
Caranya करण (karaNa) -clever, skillful, doing, making (Sanskrit) NPC OB
Herminia Cinna Lat. cinnus -a mixed drink of spelt-grain and wine NPC OB
Tertius Favonius Lat. tertius -third from tres -three favonius -west wind NPC OB
Delos Fandas Lat. fandus, fanda -that may be spoken, proper, lawful NPC OB
Velus Hosidius Lat. vellus -fleece Hosidius or Hosidia -nomen from Ancient Rome NPC OB
Vinicia Melissaeia Lat. melissa, melissae -balm NPC OB
Agarmir Agar -Norwegian name variant of Hagar -flight + mir -peace (Slavic) NPC OB
Collatinus Vedius Lat. collatus -bring together, discuss, debate, oppose Vedius -name of Roman gens NPC OB
Astinia Atius Lat. astina from astus -craft, cunning, guile, trick Atius -name of Roman gens NPC OB
Puny Ancus ancus -group of musical notes (Medieval Latin) NPC OB
Trenus Duronius Lat. threnus -song of mourning, lamentation, dirge, elegy from θρηνος (thrēnos) -dirge, lament, complaint durus -hard, stern, harsh, rough, cruel NPC OB
Narina Carvain Lat. narina -of nose from naris -nostril, nose NPC OB
Carius Runellius Lat. carius from carus -dear, beloved NPC OB
Selena Orania σεληνη (selēnē) -moon oranis from os, oris -mouth, speech, expression ora, orae -shore, coast NPC OB
Arentus Falvius Lat. arens, arentis -dry parched, waterless, dried, parching (thirst) NPC OB
Skjorta skjorta -shirt (Swedish) NPC OB
Arnora Auria Lat. arno Dative and Ablative of arnus -lamb aurum -gold NPC OB
Novaroma Lat. nova, novus -new, fresh, unusual, extraordinary Roma -Rome or from aroma Place OB
Sedor Lat. sedor from sedo, sedare -settle, allay, restrain, calm down Place OB
Sancre Tor Lat. sancire, sanxi, sanctum -to make or appoint as sacred, devote, dedicate tor -tower (Old French) from Lat. turris -tower Place OB
Anaxes αναξ (anax) -master, lord Creature OB
Mankar Camoran Lat. manceps -owner, master, chief (manus -hand + capere -take hold, seize, grasp) camur, camura, camurum -curved, bent, crocked (in sense corrupted, immoral) NPC OB
Miscarcand Lat. miscere -mix, mingle, embroil, confound, stir up candeo, candere -be of brilliant whiteness, shine, gleam, glow, sparkle (probably because of white exterior reflecting sunlight) Place OB
Deetsan दित्सा (ditsā) -desire or intention of giving (Sanskrit) NPC OB
Falcar Lat. falcar from falx, falcis -sickle, scythe + -ar suffix for instrument, place for special purpose NPC OB
Malada Lat. mala, malus -bad, evil, wicked + da (Imperative 2 person singular) from dare -to give or from मल (mala) -filth, dirt, dust, sin, impurity + द (da) -giving, granting, producing (Sanskrit) Place OB
Fort Aurus Lat. aurum -gold Place OB
Ayleid αυλη (aylē) -chamber, hall, any dwelling, courtyard ειδος (eidos) -form, shape, to be or become like Race OB
Fort Facian Lat. facianus from facies -shape, face. look, appearance, beauty, achievement Place OB
Fort Sejanus Seianus from Seius -Roman gens name NPC OB
Bravil Lat. bravilis -of gamble from bravere -gamble + il -able to, having the passive quality NPC OB
Fanacas Lat. fanacum from fanum -sanctuary, temple + -ac -ing, having tendency Place OB
Gaiar Alata γαια (gaia) -earth, land, country alata, alatus -winged, furnished with wings, ala -wing (name of Mankar Camoran's Paradise)
Kemen kemen -earth (Quenya) Place OB
Uriel Septim אוּרִיאֵל ('Uri'el) -god is my light, also Hebrew name (Hebrew).Uriel was one of the seven archangels in Hebrew tradition. He is mentioned only in the Apocrypha Lat. septimus -seventh NPC OB
Regulus Terentius Lat. regulus -petty king, prince (rex, regis -king + ul -little, small) NPC OB
Viera Lerus Lat. vis -strength, force, power, might + era -mistress, lady NPC OB
Ungolim Lat. ungula -hoof, bird claw/talon, toe nail NPC OB
Skingrad skin -shine, shimmer, brightness (Icelandic) from skína -to shine (Old Norse) + grad -city (Slavic) NPC OB
Mercator Hosidus Lat. mercator -trader, merchant NPC OB
Erthor earth + -or Latin suffix that makes nouns from verbs NPC OB
Sulinus Vassinus Lat. sulinus from sulum -everything NPC OB
Valandrus Abor Lat. abor from absum, abesse -be away, absent, distant NPC OB
Sinderion sinder -cinder, ashes (Old English), he was alchemist NPC OB
Toutius Sextius Lat. tutius -without risk, danger, safely, securely Sextius -Roman gens name, sextus -sixth NPC OB
Seridur Lat. serum -late hour + durus -hard, cruel NPC OB
Morahame mora -nightmare (Slavic) + hamme -home (Middle Low German) Place OB
Meridia Lat. meridies -midday, noon God OB
Sanguine Lat. sanguis, sanguinis -blood God OB
Dibella di- -prefix signifying twofold, double, twice + bella -beauty, beautiful woman (Italian) (she was goddess of beauty) Goddess OB
Nornalhorst horst -the nest of a bird of prey, thicket (German) Place OB
Bruma Lat. bruma -winter, winter cold/weather, winter solstice, shortest day Place OB
Sacellum Arden-Sul Lat. sacellum -shrine ardens, ardentis -burning, glowing, shining, brilliant sulum, suli -everything Place SI
Umaril Lat. umerus -shoulder, bearing a burden il -of a, pertaining to, in a condition of
Hieronymus Lex 'ιερος (hieros) -holy Lat. lex -law NPC OB
Welkynd Stone welkin -sky (archaic) + Kind -child (German) In book Magic from the Sky Welkynd literally means sky child. Item OB
Flame of Agnon αγνως (agnōs) -unknown, dark, obscure
Umbacano Lat. umbo -boss (of a shield) + canus -white, gray, aged, old NPC MW OB
Sontaire Lat. sons, sontis -guilty NPC SI
Haskill Haskell -an English patronymic surname derived from Old Norse name Áskell (áss, óss -god + ketill -(sacrificial ) cauldron, helmet) NPC SI
Namira Lat. na from nare -swim, float mira, mirus -wonderful, strange, extraordinary
Suurootan सूर्य (sūrya) -sun (Sanskrit) + tan NPC OB
Viator Accius Lat. viator -traveler from via -way, road accire -send for, summon, invite NPC OB
Bhisha भीषा (bhīShā) -act of frightening, intimidation (Sanskrit) NPC SI
Volanaro Lat. volare -fly + nare -swim NPC OB
Elytra elytron -sheath or outer covering over the hindwings of certain insects (Coleoptera), plural is elytra from ελυτρον (elytron) -sheath Creature SI
Ruma Camoran Lat. ruma, rumen -throat NPC OB
Carac Agaialor Lat. carus -dear, beloved, costly, precious, valued + ac -having a tendency αγαιομαι (agaiomai) -(in good sense) admire,(in bad sense) look on with jealousy or envy (Ionic for αγαμαι (agamai) αγαιος (agaios) -enviable + lorica -leather cuirass, enclosure, defence of any kind (name of Mankar Camoran's Palace) Place OB
Caldana Monrius Lat. caldanus from caldus, calda -warm, hot, fiery, rash munire -fortify, strengthen, protect, defend (on her key name is spelled monirus) NPC SI
Lake Rumare Lat. rumare archaic form of ruminare -chew over again, ruminate (figuratively to think again and again, to meditate, reflect) Place OB
Ungarion Lat. ungere -anoint/rub with oil, smear with oil/grease NPC OB
Muurine Lat. murinus, murina -gray mouse (NeoLatin) NPC SI
Talos ταλως (talōs) -sun (Cretan) 'ηλιος (hēlios) -sun (name of metal construct around Crete from Greek mythology), θαλος (thalos) -scion, child
Umbra Lat. umbra -shadow, shade, ghost NPC MW OB
Ushnar उष्ण (uShNa) -hot, warm, ardent, passionate (Sanskrit) NPC SI
Una Armina Lat. una -one (used for feminine nouns) or una -together, along with armina from armum -arms, weapons, armor, equipment NPC SI
Branwen Gaelic/Celtic name daughter of sea god NPC OB

Moranda Lat. mors, mortis -death + -andus, -anda -ing suffix

S'krivva skriva -she hides from skrivati -to hide (Slavic)

Borba gra-Uzgash borba -fight, combat + užgati -to ignite from užgaš -you ignite (Slavic)

Skyrim Etymologies[edit]


Word Etymology Language of Origin Game(s)


Word Etymology Language of Origin Game(s)


Word Etymology Language of Origin Game(s)
Farkas farkas - wolf Hungarian SR
Vilkas vilkas - wolf Lithuanian SR


Word Etymology Language of Origin Game(s)
Honningbrew Meadery honning - honey Norwegian SR

Helgen hell + Lat. generare -to born

Morthal Lat. mors, mortis -death + hall

Alftand alf, alfr -elf (Old Norse) + tand -tooth (Swedish)

Halldir hallucination + dire (he split himself into images)

Avanchzel avalanche + zeal

Bthalft Heb. beth -house + alf, alfr -elf (Old Norse)

Mzark Jp. mizu -water + Lat. arcere -to defend, to protect

Fort Amol Lat. amare -to love + ol -little, small

Fort Dunstad dunn -brown, black colored (Old English) + stead -place

Fort Neugrad Ger. neu -new + grad -town (Slavic)

Fort Sungard sun + guard

Nilheim nil -nothing, zero + Ger. heim -home

Miraak Lat. mirare -to admire, to gaze + ac -of, related to

Morvayn more or Lat. mors, mortis -death + vain

Zahkriisos Gr. za -very + krystallos -ice

Brina Merilis brine + Lat. mare -sea + il -of, related to

Nazir Lat. nasus -nose + ire

Uraccen Lat. urere, ustus -to burn + ac, in -of, related to

Anton Virane Lat. virus -poison + an -of, related to

Calcelmo Lat. calx, calcis -limestone + elm

Agni agni -fire (Sanskrit)

Taurinus Duilis Gr. taurus -bull + dull

Benor Lat. bene -to be well

Niluva Lat. nil -nothing + uva -grape

Viarmo Lat. via -way + arma -weapon

Una Lat. unus, una -one

Aventus Aretino Lat. a, ab -off, away + venire, ventus -to come + arete -ram

Dagur dagr -day (Old Norse)

Malur Seloth Lat. malus, mala -evil + ur -of, related to + to sell

Penitus Oculatus Lat. penitus -inner, inward + oculus -eye

Celann Lat. celare, cultus -to hide or caelum -sky + an -of, related to

Durak Lat. durus -hard + ac -of, related to

Rexus Lat. rex, regis -king

Morven Lat. mors, mortis -death + venire, ventus -to come

Malyn Lat. malus, mala -evil + in -of, related to

Draugr draugr -ghost, undead (Old Norse)

Auriel Lat. aurum -gold + Heb. el -god

Clavicus Vile Lat. clavis -key + ic -of, related to + vile

Explanation of some Latin verbs meanings[edit]

amo -I love, amare -to love, amavi -I have loved, amatus -having been loved, beloved (root is am)

beo -I bless, beare -to bless, beavi -I have blessed, beatus -blessed (root is be)

video -I see, videre -to see, vidi -I have seen, visus -having been seen (root is vid)

venio -I arrive, venire -to arrive, veni -I have arrived, ventus -arrived (root is ven)

-or makes noun from verb like: amor -love (from amare -to love), timor -fear (from timere -to fear)

-or can also be for present passive like: beor -I am blessed, amor -I am loved

Sources used[edit]

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Whitaker's words for Latin, can guess from which words is combined from and recognizes grammar forms

Diogenes, largest free dictionary for Greek and Latin

Monier Williams Sanskrit dictionary

Freelang has many dictionaries

Aksharamala input from Google groups (for writing Sanskrit and Hindi)


Wiktionary has many languages and can guess words, Wikipedia has names from many countries with etymology very extensive with etymology example how real place names were made from Old name