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Itermerel (itermerel)
Home City Balmora
Location Eight Plates
Race Altmer Gender Male
Level 14 Class Mage
Other Information
Health 84 Magicka 164
Alarm 0 Fight 30
Follower During Escort Itermerel
Faction(s) Mages Guild Conjurer(Conjurer)

Itermerel is an Altmer mage and a scholar who is trying to get to Pelagiad and needs an escort. Ranis Athrys at the Mages Guild will put you to the task, in exchange for a copy of his notes on the subject of Oblivion Streams. After you have escorted him to the Halfway Tavern and reported back to Ranis Athrys, he will disappear, never to be seen again.

He wears a common robe with matching shoes. He carries a copy of his notes, a silver sparkblade, a scroll of alvusia's warping, a scroll of elemental burst:shock, a scroll of the second barrier, a scroll of divine intervention, a quality fortify health, a standard rising force potion, three standard restore health potions, and up to 150 drakes. Aside from his natural weaknesses to fire, frost, shock and magicka, his natural bonus to magicka, and resistance to disease, he knows Hand of Decay and Firefist.

Related Quests[edit]

Mages Guild[edit]


  • Greetings:
    • "Are you here to guide me to Pelagiad? Just tell me if you want to travel together."
    • "We're on the way to Pelagiad, %PCName. Tell me if you no longer want to travel together."
    • "Thank you for taking me to Pelagiad. You are an excellent guide."

  • Itermerel's notes:
    • "Are you sure you are worthy of such knowledge? We should travel together to the Halfway Tavern in Pelagiad."
    • [Disposition ≥ 50.] "It is refreshing to see a young %PCRace with an interest in scholarship, but I can't give my notes to just anyone. Perhaps after I arrive in Pelagiad."
    • "You have been very gracious to escort me to Pelagiad, and you show great promise for a %PCRank. I have never met anyone with such enthusiasm for my research. Take this copy of my notes as a sign of my gratitude."
    • "I believe you have a copy of my notes already."
  • travel together:
    • "Do you want me to follow you?"
      • Follow me. "Lead the way to the Halfway Tavern in Pelagiad, %PCName."
    • "I have no interest in seeing the rest of Vvardenfell, but I appreciate your offer."
      • Wait here. "I will wait for you here."


Itermerel is a rarity in Morrowind in that he can and will cast Levitate on himself to attack enemies.