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The Dreamsleeve is an obscure and rarely mentioned concept or place.

During Mehrunes Dagon's invasion of the Shade Perilous at the time of the Imperial Simulacrum, the Nocturnal Lieutenant Jaciel Morgen fell into a deep despair and drove her own spirit into the Dreamsleeve.[1] This left the Daedra physically present but entirely unresponsive, as if in a deep sleep. Only the self-sacrifice of her servant Deyanira Katrece was enough to awaken her.[2]

According to the teachings of Mankar Camoran, "mortals leave the dreaming-sleeve of birth the same, unmantled save for the symbiosis with our mothers". It is through the abandonment of the mother that mortals therefore enter the domain of Lord Dagon, the Prince of Destruction.[3]


  • Dreamsleeve "transmission" has been mentioned as a method of communication which has been used to contact those across vast distances.[4]
  • Unofficial fanfiction and developer texts describe the Dreamsleeve as a process related to the cycle of death and rebirth, whereby souls are recycled within the Mundus.[UOL 1] It is utilized as a rapid means of magical communication, related to telepathy and "Memospores".[UOL 2][UOL 3][UOL 4]


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