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Craftable Styles[edit]

Weapons and Armor are crafted in a variety of Styles. Crafting an item in a specific style requires a secondary ingredient. Each character starts with the ability to create items in their own racial style, and other styles may be learned from special consumable books called motifs. As of Update 17, it will be possible to change items to style of any learned style type.

These books along with secondary ingredients may be randomly found in containers (other than crates and barrels) throughout the world. The first fourteen motif listed below can be found throughout the world regardless of zone.

Besides that, secondary ingredients may be obtained when deconstructing an item of the respective style, and the ingredients for the ten basic racial styles are sold by vendors at crafting stations. Crafting hirelings for Blacksmithing, Clothing and Woodworking will also sell all types of racial style materials (for Motifs 1-10).

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Style Material Motif
Altmer Style ON-icon-style material-Adamantite.png Adamantite ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 1: Altmer Style
Dunmer Style ON-icon-style material-Obsidian.png Obsidian ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 2: Dunmer Style
Bosmer Style ON-icon-style material-Bone.png Bone ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 3: Wood Elf Style
Nord Style ON-icon-style material-Corundum.png Corundum ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 4: Nord Style
Breton Style ON-icon-style material-Molybdenum.png Molybdenum ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 5: Breton Style
Redguard Style ON-icon-style material-Starmetal.png Starmetal ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 6: Redguard Style
Khajiit Style ON-icon-style material-Moonstone.png Moonstone ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 7: Khajiit Style
Orcish Style ON-icon-style material-Manganese.png Manganese ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 8: Orc Style
Argonian Style ON-icon-style material-Flint.png Flint ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 9: Argonian Style
Imperial Style ON-icon-style material-Nickel.png Nickel ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 10: Imperial Style
Ancient Elf Style ON-icon-style material-Palladium.png Palladium ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 11: Ancient Elf Style
Barbaric Style ON-icon-style material-Bronze.png Bronze ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 12: Barbaric Style
Primal Style ON-icon-style material-Argentum.png Argentum ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 13: Primal Style
Daedric Style ON-icon-style material-Daedra Heart.png Daedra Heart ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 14: Daedric Style
Dwemer Style ON-icon-style material-Dwemer Frame.png Dwemer Frame ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 15: Dwemer
Glass Style ON-icon-style material-Malachite.png Malachite ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 16: Glass
Xivkyn Style ON-icon-style material-Charcoal of Remorse.png Charcoal of Remorse ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 17: Xivkyn
Akaviri Style ON-icon-style material-Goldscale.png Goldscale ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 18: Akaviri
Mercenary Style ON-icon-style material-Laurel.png Laurel ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 19: Mercenary
Yokudan Style ON-icon-style material-Ferrous Salts.png Ferrous Salts ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 20: Yokudan
Ancient Orc Style ON-icon-style material-Cassiterite.png Cassiterite ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 21: Ancient Orc
Trinimac Style ON-icon-style material-Auric Tusk.png Auric Tusk ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 22: Trinimac
Malacath Style ON-icon-style material-Potash.png Potash ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 23: Malacath
Outlaw Style ON-icon-style material-Rogue's Soot.png Rogue's Soot ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 24: Outlaw
Aldmeri Dominion Style ON-icon-style material-Eagle Feather.png Eagle Feather ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 25: Dominion
Daggerfall Covenant Style ON-icon-style material-Lion Fang.png Lion Fang ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 26: Covenant
Ebonheart Pact Style ON-icon-style material-Dragon Scute.png Dragon Scute ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 27: Pact
Ra Gada Style ON-icon-style material-Ancient Sandstone.png Ancient Sandstone ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 28: Ra Gada
Soul-Shriven Style ON-icon-style material-Azure Plasm.png Azure Plasm ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 29: Soul-Shriven Style
Morag Tong Style ON-icon-style material-Boiled Carapace.png Boiled Carapace ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 30: Morag Tong Style
Skinchanger Style ON-icon-style material-Wolfsbane Incense.png Wolfsbane Incense ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 31: Skinchanger
Abah's Watch Style ON-icon-style material-Polished Shilling.png Polished Shilling ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 32: Abah's Watch
Thieves Guild Style ON-icon-style material-Fine Chalk.png Fine Chalk ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 33: Thieves Guild
Assassins League Style ON-icon-style material-Tainted Blood.png Tainted Blood ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 34: Assassins League
Dro-m'Athra Style ON-icon-style material-Defiled Whiskers.png Defiled Whiskers ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 35: Dromothra Style
Dark Brotherhood Style ON-icon-style material-Black Beeswax.png Black Beeswax ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 36: Dark Brotherhood
Ebony Style ON-icon-style material-Night Pumice.png Night Pumice ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 37: Ebony Style
Draugr Style ON-icon-style material-Pristine Shroud.png Pristine Shroud ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 38: Draugr
Minotaur Style ON-icon-style material-Oxblood Fungus.png Oxblood Fungus ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 39: Minotaur
Order of the Hour Style ON-icon-style material-Pearl Sand.png Pearl Sand ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 40: Order Hour
Celestial Style ON-icon-style material-Star Sapphire.png Star Sapphire ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 41: Celestial
Hollowjack Style ON-icon-style material-Amber Marble.png Amber Marble ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 42: Hollowjack
Grim Harlequin StyleCrown Store ON-icon-style material-Grinstones.png Grinstones ON-icon-book-Crown Motif.png Crafting Motif 43, Harlequin Style
Silken Ring Style ON-icon-style material-Distilled Slowsilver.png Distilled Slowsilver ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 44: Silken Ring
Mazzatun Style ON-icon-style material-Leviathan Scrimshaw.png Leviathan Scrimshaw ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 45: Mazzatun
Stalhrim Frostcaster StyleCrown Store ON-icon-style material-Stalhrim Shard.png Stalhrim Shard ON-icon-book-Crown Motif.png Crafting Motif 46: Frostcaster Style
Buoyant Armiger Style ON-icon-style material-Volcanic Viridian.png Volcanic Viridian ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 47: Buoyant Armiger
Ashlander Style ON-icon-style material-Ash Canvas.png Ash Canvas ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 48: Ashlander
Militant Ordinator Style ON-icon-style material-Lustrous Sphalerite.png Lustrous Sphalerite ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 49: Militant Ordinator
Telvanni Style ON-icon-style material-Wrought Ferrofungus.png Wrought Ferrofungus ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 50: Telvanni
Redoran Style ON-icon-style material-Polished Scarab Elytra.png Polished Scarab Elytra ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 51: Redoran
Hlaalu Style ON-icon-style material-Refined Bonemold Resin.png Refined Bonemold Resin ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 52: Hlaalu
Tsaesci StyleCrown Store ON-icon-style material-Snake Fang.png Snake Fang ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 53: Tsaesci
Bloodforge Style ON-icon-style material-Bloodroot Flux.png Bloodroot Flux ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 54: Bloodforge
Dreadhorn Style ON-icon-style material-Minotaur Bezoar.png Minotaur Bezoar ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 55: Dreadhorn
Apostle Style ON-icon-style material-Tempered Brass.png Tempered Brass ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 56: Apostle
Ebonshadow Style ON-icon-style material-Tenebrous Cord.png Tenebrous Cord ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 57: Ebonshadow
Fang Lair Style ON-icon-style material-Dragon Bone.png Dragon Bone ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 58: Fang Lair
Scalecaller Style ON-icon-style material-Infected Flesh.png Infected Flesh ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 59: Scalecaller
Worm Cult Style ON-icon-style material-Desecrated Grave Soil.png Desecrated Grave Soil ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 60: Worm Cult
Psijic Style ON-icon-style material-Vitrified Malondo.png Vitrified Malondo ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 61: Psijic
Sapiarch Style ON-icon-style material-Culanda Lacquer.png Culanda Lacquer ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 62: Sapiarch
Dremora Style ON-icon-style material-Warrior's Heart Ashes.png Warrior's Heart Ashes ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 63: Dremora
Pyandonean Style ON-icon-style material-Sea Serpent Hide.png Sea Serpent Hide ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 64: Pyandonean
Hunstman Style 18px Bloodscent Dew ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 65: Hunstman
Silver Dawn Style ON-icon-style material-Argent Pelt.png Argent Pelt ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 66: Silver Dawn
Welkynar Style ON-icon-style material-Gryphon Plume.png Gryphon Plume ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 67: Welkynar
Dead-Water Style ON-icon-style material-Crocodile Leather.png Crocodile Leather ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 69: Dead-Water
Elder Argonian Style ON-icon-style material-Hackwing Plumage.png Hackwing Plumage ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Crafting Motif 70: Elder Argonian

Non-Craftable Styles[edit]

Some of the sets come in styles that cannot be learned by reading motifs and therefore are not available for crafting. Do note that some of these styles were obtained through datamining and may be unavailable in game.

Abnur Tharn[edit]

This is the style of Abnur Tharn's clothes.

Type Items
Armor ON-icon-armor-Head-Abnur Tharn.png ON-icon-armor-Shoulders-Abnur Tharn.png ON-icon-armor-Chest-Abnur Tharn.png ON-icon-armor-Hands-Abnur Tharn.png ON-icon-armor-Waist-Abnur Tharn.png ON-icon-armor-Legs-Abnur Tharn.png ON-icon-armor-Feet-Abnur Tharn.png
Head Shoulders Chest Hands Waist Legs Feet
Weapons and Shields
ON-icon-weapon-Dagger-Abnur Tharn.png ON-icon-weapon-Staff-Abnur Tharn.png
Dagger Staff

Abnur himself does not wear the helmet or use the dagger, so they are never seen.

Items in this style include:


This is the style of Almalexia's clothes.

Type Items
Armor ON-icon-armor-Shoulders-Almalexia.png ON-icon-armor-Chest-Almalexia.png ON-icon-armor-Hands-Almalexia.png ON-icon-armor-Waist-Almalexia.png ON-icon-armor-Legs-Almalexia.png ON-icon-armor-Feet-Almalexia.png
Shoulders Chest Hands Waist Legs Feet


This style shares its name with a different, craftable style that comes with the Morrowind chapter. It can be seen worn by Ashlanders in mainland Morrowind and some in Vvardenfell. Ashlander style items include:


Various armor sets bearing this style can be found in the Wrathstone DLC:

Dark Seducer[edit]

This style can be seen on most Dark Seducer NPCs.

Type Items
Armor ON-icon-armor-Head-Dark Seducer.png ON-icon-armor-Shoulders-Dark Seducer.png ON-icon-armor-Chest-Dark Seducer.png ON-icon-armor-Hands-Dark Seducer.png ON-icon-armor-Waist-Dark Seducer.png ON-icon-armor-Legs-Dark Seducer.png ON-icon-armor-Feet-Dark Seducer.png
Head Shoulders Chest Hands Waist Legs Feet

Dark Seducer style items include:

Divine Prosecution[edit]

The Divine Prosecution Style is an outfit style that can only be learned by purchasing the Collector's Edition of the Summerset chapter. The style cannot be crafted, but exists in the Outfit System.

Type Items
Light Armor ON-icon-armor-Hat-Divine Prosecution.png ON-icon-armor-Epaulets-Divine Prosecution.png ON-icon-armor-Jerkin-Divine Prosecution.png ON-icon-armor-Robe-Divine Prosecution.png ON-icon-armor-Gloves-Divine Prosecution.png ON-icon-armor-Sash-Divine Prosecution.png ON-icon-armor-Breeches-Divine Prosecution.png ON-icon-armor-Shoes-Divine Prosecution.png
Hat Epaulets Jerkin Robe Gloves Sash Breeches Shoes
Medium Armor ON-icon-armor-Helmet-Divine Prosecution.png ON-icon-armor-Arm Cops-Divine Prosecution.png ON-icon-armor-Jack-Divine Prosecution.png ON-icon-armor-Bracers-Divine Prosecution.png ON-icon-armor-Belt-Divine Prosecution.png ON-icon-armor-Guards-Divine Prosecution.png ON-icon-armor-Boots-Divine Prosecution.png
Helmet Arm Cops Jack Bracers Belt Guards Boots
Heavy Armor ON-icon-armor-Helm-Divine Prosecution.png ON-icon-armor-Pauldrons-Divine Prosecution.png ON-icon-armor-Cuirass-Divine Prosecution.png ON-icon-armor-Gauntlets-Divine Prosecution.png ON-icon-armor-Girdle-Divine Prosecution.png ON-icon-armor-Greaves-Divine Prosecution.png ON-icon-armor-Sabatons-Divine Prosecution.png
Helm Pauldrons Cuirass Gauntlets Girdle Greaves Sabatons
Weapons and Shields
ON-icon-weapon-Dagger-Divine Prosecution.png ON-icon-weapon-Sword-Divine Prosecution.png ON-icon-weapon-Axe-Divine Prosecution.png ON-icon-weapon-Mace-Divine Prosecution.png ON-icon-weapon-Greatsword-Divine Prosecution.png ON-icon-weapon-Battleaxe-Divine Prosecution.png ON-icon-weapon-Maul-Divine Prosecution.png ON-icon-weapon-Bow-Divine Prosecution.png ON-icon-weapon-Staff-Divine Prosecution.png ON-icon-armor-Shield-Divine Prosecution.png
Dagger Sword Axe Mace Greatsword Battle Axe Maul Bow Staff Shield

Dragon Priest[edit]

This style can be seen on the masks of most Dragon Priest NPCs.

Type Items
Head ON-icon-armor-Bronze Head-Dragon Priest.png ON-icon-armor-Corundum Head-Dragon Priest.png ON-icon-armor-Ebony Head-Dragon Priest.png ON-icon-armor-Iron Head-Dragon Priest.png ON-icon-armor-Steel Head-Dragon Priest.png ON-icon-armor-Wood Head-Dragon Priest.png
Bronze Corundum Ebony Iron Steel Wood

Dragon Priest style items include:


This style was replaced by Ebony Style, and as such only exists vestigially. Old Ebon Style pieces are labeled as Soul Shriven style, and when deconstructed produce ON-icon-style material-Azure Plasm.pngAzure Plasm rather than ON-icon-style material-Night Pumice.pngNight Pumice.

type Items
Armor ON-icon-armor-Helm-Ebon.png ON-icon-armor-Pauldrons-Ebon.png ON-icon-armor-Cuirass-Ebon.png ON-icon-armor-Gauntlets-Ebon.png ON-icon-armor-Girdle-Ebon.png ON-icon-armor-Greaves-Ebon.png ON-icon-armor-Sabatons-Ebon.png
Helm Pauldrons Cuirass Gauntlets Girdle Greaves Sabatons

Ebon Style sets include:


Type Items
Armor ON-icon-armor-Head-Emperor.png ON-icon-armor-Shoulders-Emperor.png ON-icon-armor-Chest-Emperor.png ON-icon-armor-Hands-Emperor.png ON-icon-armor-Waist-Emperor.png ON-icon-armor-Legs-Emperor.png ON-icon-armor-Feet-Emperor.png
Head Shoulders Chest Hands Waist Legs Feet

This style is found on the emperor costume only.

Golden Saint[edit]

This is a heavy armor style. Sets in this style can include a shield.

Type Items
Heavy Armor ON-icon-armor-Helm-Golden Saint.png ON-icon-armor-Pauldrons-Golden Saint.png ON-icon-armor-Cuirass-Golden Saint.png ON-icon-armor-Gauntlets-Golden Saint.png ON-icon-armor-Girdle-Golden Saint.png ON-icon-armor-Greaves-Golden Saint.png ON-icon-armor-Sabatons-Golden Saint.png
Helm Pauldrons Cuirass Gauntlets Girdle Greaves Sabatons
Weapons and Shields
ON-icon-armor-Shield-Golden Saint.png

Golden Saint style items include:

Honor Guard[edit]

Due to be obtainable by completing Blackrose Prison, with a higher chance of a drop on Veteran difficulty.

Type Items
Light Armor ON-icon-armor-Hat-Honor Guard.png ON-icon-armor-Epaulets-Honor Guard.png ON-icon-armor-Jerkin-Honor Guard.png ON-icon-armor-Robe-Honor Guard.png ON-icon-armor-Gloves-Honor Guard.png ON-icon-armor-Sash-Honor Guard.png ON-icon-armor-Breeches-Honor Guard.png ON-icon-armor-Shoes-Honor Guard.png
Hat Epaulets Jerkin Robe Gloves Sash Breeches Shoes
Medium Armor ON-icon-armor-Helmet-Honor Guard.png ON-icon-armor-Arm Cops-Honor Guard.png ON-icon-armor-Jack-Honor Guard.png ON-icon-armor-Bracers-Honor Guard.png ON-icon-armor-Belt-Honor Guard.png ON-icon-armor-Guards-Honor Guard.png ON-icon-armor-Boots-Honor Guard.png
Helmet Arm Cops Jack Bracers Belt Guards Boots
Heavy Armor ON-icon-armor-Helm-Honor Guard.png ON-icon-armor-Pauldrons-Honor Guard.png ON-icon-armor-Cuirass-Honor Guard.png ON-icon-armor-Gauntlets-Honor Guard.png ON-icon-armor-Girdle-Honor Guard.png ON-icon-armor-Greaves-Honor Guard.png ON-icon-armor-Sabatons-Honor Guard.png
Helm Pauldrons Cuirass Gauntlets Girdle Greaves Sabatons
Weapons and Shields
ON-icon-weapon-Dagger-Honor Guard.png ON-icon-weapon-Sword-Honor Guard.png ON-icon-weapon-Axe-Honor Guard.png ON-icon-weapon-Mace-Honor Guard.png ON-icon-weapon-Greatsword-Honor Guard.png ON-icon-weapon-Battleaxe-Honor Guard.png ON-icon-weapon-Maul-Honor Guard.png ON-icon-weapon-Bow-Honor Guard.png ON-icon-weapon-Staff-Honor Guard.png ON-icon-armor-Shield-Honor Guard.png
Dagger Sword Axe Mace Greatsword Battle Axe Maul Bow Staff Shield


This style includes light armor and a staff.

Type Items
Light Armor ON-icon-armor-Hat-Lich.png ON-icon-armor-Epaulets-Lich.png ON-icon-armor-Jerkin-Lich.png ON-icon-armor-Robe-Lich.png ON-icon-armor-Gloves-Lich.png ON-icon-armor-Sash-Lich.png ON-icon-armor-Breeches-Lich.png ON-icon-armor-Shoes-Lich.png
Hat Epaulets Jerkin Robe Gloves Sash Breeches Shoes
Weapons and Shields

Lich style sets include:


This style can be found on weapons and shields earned in Veteran Maelstrom Arena. It resembles the Dwarven-styled architecture of Clockwork City.

Weapons and Shields
ON-icon-weapon-Dagger-Maelstrom.png ON-icon-weapon-Sword-Maelstrom.png ON-icon-weapon-Axe-Maelstrom.png ON-icon-weapon-Mace-Maelstrom.png ON-icon-weapon-Greatsword-Maelstrom.png ON-icon-weapon-Battleaxe-Maelstrom.png ON-icon-weapon-Maul-Maelstrom.png ON-icon-weapon-Bow-Maelstrom.png ON-icon-weapon-Staff-Maelstrom.png ON-icon-armor-Shield-Maelstrom.png
Dagger Sword Axe Mace Greatsword Battle Axe Maul Bow Staff Shield


This style can be seen on Mannimarco.

Type Items
Armor ON-icon-armor-Shoulders-Mannimarco.png ON-icon-armor-Chest-Mannimarco.png ON-icon-armor-Hands-Mannimarco.png ON-icon-armor-Waist-Mannimarco.png ON-icon-armor-Legs-Mannimarco.png ON-icon-armor-Feet-Mannimarco.png
Shoulders Chest Hands Waist Legs Feet
Weapons and Shields

Mannimarco style items include:


Various armor sets bearing this style can be found in the Wrathstone DLC.

Reach Winter[edit]

All types of armor can come in this style.

Type Items
Light Armor ON-icon-armor-Hat-Winterborn.png ON-icon-armor-Epaulets-Winterborn.png ON-icon-armor-Jerkin-Winterborn.png ON-icon-armor-Robe-Winterborn.png ON-icon-armor-Gloves-Winterborn.png ON-icon-armor-Sash-Winterborn.png ON-icon-armor-Breeches-Winterborn.png ON-icon-armor-Shoes-Winterborn.png
Hat Epaulets Jerkin Robe Gloves Sash Breeches Shoes
Medium Armor ON-icon-armor-Helmet-Winterborn.png ON-icon-armor-Arm Cops-Winterborn.png ON-icon-armor-Jack-Winterborn.png ON-icon-armor-Bracers-Winterborn.png ON-icon-armor-Belt-Winterborn.png ON-icon-armor-Guards-Winterborn.png ON-icon-armor-Boots-Winterborn.png
Helmet Arm Cops Jack Bracers Belt Guards Boots
Heavy Armor ON-icon-armor-Helm-Winterborn.png ON-icon-armor-Pauldrons-Winterborn.png ON-icon-armor-Cuirass-Winterborn.png ON-icon-armor-Gauntlets-Winterborn.png ON-icon-armor-Girdle-Winterborn.png ON-icon-armor-Greaves-Winterborn.png ON-icon-armor-Sabatons-Winterborn.png
Helm Pauldrons Cuirass Gauntlets Girdle Greaves Sabatons

The following sets drop in this style:


This style comes in all armor weights and weapons. It can be seen on various factotums within the Clockwork City.

Type Items
Light Armor ON-icon-armor-Hat-Clockwork.png ON-icon-armor-Epaulets-Clockwork.png ON-icon-armor-Jerkin-Clockwork.png ON-icon-armor-Robe-Clockwork.png ON-icon-armor-Gloves-Clockwork.png ON-icon-armor-Sash-Clockwork.png ON-icon-armor-Breeches-Clockwork.png ON-icon-armor-Shoes-Clockwork.png
Hat Epaulets Jerkin Robe Gloves Sash Breeches Shoes
Medium Armor ON-icon-armor-Helmet-Clockwork.png ON-icon-armor-Arm Cops-Clockwork.png ON-icon-armor-Jack-Clockwork.png ON-icon-armor-Bracers-Clockwork.png ON-icon-armor-Belt-Clockwork.png ON-icon-armor-Guards-Clockwork.png ON-icon-armor-Boots-Clockwork.png
Helmet Arm Cops Jack Bracers Belt Guards Boots
Heavy Armor ON-icon-armor-Helm-Clockwork.png ON-icon-armor-Pauldrons-Clockwork.png ON-icon-armor-Cuirass-Clockwork.png ON-icon-armor-Gauntlets-Clockwork.png ON-icon-armor-Girdle-Clockwork.png ON-icon-armor-Greaves-Clockwork.png ON-icon-armor-Sabatons-Clockwork.png
Helm Pauldrons Cuirass Gauntlets Girdle Greaves Sabatons
Weapons and Shields
ON-icon-weapon-Dagger-Clockwork.png ON-icon-weapon-Sword-Clockwork.png ON-icon-weapon-Axe-Clockwork.png ON-icon-weapon-Mace-Clockwork.png ON-icon-weapon-Greatsword-Clockwork.png ON-icon-weapon-Battleaxe-Clockwork.png ON-icon-weapon-Maul-Clockwork.png ON-icon-weapon-Bow-Clockwork.png ON-icon-weapon-Staff-Clockwork.png ON-icon-armor-Shield-Clockwork.png
Dagger Sword Axe Mace Greatsword Battle Axe Maul Bow Staff Shield

Sets in this style include:

Savior's Hide[edit]

This is a medium armor style.

Armor Type Items
Medium Armor ON-icon-armor-Helmet-Savior's Hide.png ON-icon-armor-Arm Cops-Savior's Hide.png ON-icon-armor-Jack-Savior's Hide.png ON-icon-armor-Bracers-Savior's Hide.png ON-icon-armor-Belt-Savior's Hide.png ON-icon-armor-Guards-Savior's Hide.png ON-icon-armor-Boots-Savior's Hide.png
Helmet Arm Cops Jack Bracers Belt Guards Boots

Savior's Hide style sets include:


This is the style of Lyris Titanborn's armor.

Type Items
Armor ON-icon-armor-Head-Titanborn.png ON-icon-armor-Shoulders-Titanborn.png ON-icon-armor-Chest-Titanborn.png ON-icon-armor-Hands-Titanborn.png ON-icon-armor-Waist-Titanborn.png ON-icon-armor-Legs-Titanborn.png ON-icon-armor-Feet-Titanborn.png
Head Shoulders Chest Hands Waist Legs Feet
Weapons and Shields
ON-icon-weapon-Battleaxe-Titanborn.png ON-icon-armor-Shield-Titanborn.png
Battleaxe Shield

Lyris does not wear the helmet or use a shield, so these are never seen.


This is the style of the various monster sets in game, which consist of head and shoulder pieces only in all weights. For more information, see the Monster Helm Sets page. The following styles are available. Starting in Update 18, these styles started being released in the Crown Store to be used in Outfits. The outfit styles include the head and shoulder pieces, in addition to shields and a variety of weapons, but no other armor pieces.

Set Name Items
Balorgh ON-icon-armor-Head-Balorgh.png ON-icon-armor-Shoulders-Balorgh.png
Blood Spawn ON-icon-armor-Head-Blood Spawn.png ON-icon-armor-Shoulders-Blood Spawn.png
Chokethorn ON-icon-armor-Head-Chokethorn.png ON-icon-armor-Shoulders-Chokethorn.png
Domihaus ON-icon-armor-Head-Domihaus.png ON-icon-armor-Shoulders-Domihaus.png
Earthgore ON-icon-armor-Head-Earthgore.png ON-icon-armor-Shoulders-Earthgore.png
Engine Guardian ON-icon-armor-Head-Engine Guardian.png ON-icon-armor-Shoulders-Engine Guardian.png
Grothdarr ON-icon-armor-Head-Grothdarr.png ON-icon-armor-Shoulders-Grothdarr.png
Iceheart ON-icon-armor-Head-Iceheart.png ON-icon-armor-Shoulders-Iceheart.png
Ilambris ON-icon-armor-Head-Ilambris.png ON-icon-armor-Shoulders-Ilambris.png
Set Name Items
Infernal Guardian ON-icon-armor-Head-Infernal Guardian.png ON-icon-armor-Shoulders-Infernal Guardian.png
Kra'gh ON-icon-armor-Head-Kra'gh.png ON-icon-armor-Shoulders-Kra'gh.png
Lord Warden ON-icon-armor-Head-Lord Warden.png ON-icon-armor-Shoulders-Lord Warden.png
Maw of the Infernal ON-icon-armor-Head-Maw of the Infernal.png ON-icon-armor-Shoulders-Maw of the Infernal.png
Mighty Chudan ON-icon-armor-Head-Mighty Chudan.png ON-icon-armor-Shoulders-Mighty Chudan.png
Molag Kena ON-icon-armor-Head-Molag Kena.png ON-icon-armor-Shoulders-Molag Kena.png
Nerien'eth ON-icon-armor-Head-Nerien'eth.png ON-icon-armor-Shoulders-Nerien'eth.png
Nightflame ON-icon-armor-Head-Nightflame.png ON-icon-armor-Shoulders-Nightflame.png
Pirate Skeleton ON-icon-armor-Head-Pirate Skeleton.png ON-icon-armor-Shoulders-Pirate Skeleton.png
Set Name Items
Scourge Harvester ON-icon-armor-Head-Scourge Harvester.png ON-icon-armor-Shoulders-Scourge Harvester.png
Selene ON-icon-armor-Head-Selene.png ON-icon-armor-Shoulders-Selene.png
Sellistrix ON-icon-armor-Head-Sellistrix.png ON-icon-armor-Shoulders-Sellistrix.png
Sentinel of Rkugamz ON-icon-armor-Head-Sentinel of Rkugamz.png ON-icon-armor-Shoulders-Sentinel of Rkugamz.png
Shadowrend ON-icon-armor-Head-Shadowrend.png ON-icon-armor-Shoulders-Shadowrend.png
Slimecraw ON-icon-armor-Head-Slimecraw.png ON-icon-armor-Shoulders-Slimecraw.png
Spawn of Mephala ON-icon-armor-Head-Spawn of Mephala.png ON-icon-armor-Shoulders-Spawn of Mephala.png
Stormfist ON-icon-armor-Head-Stormfist.png ON-icon-armor-Shoulders-Stormfist.png
Swarm Mother ON-icon-armor-Head-Swarm Mother.png ON-icon-armor-Shoulders-Swarm Mother.png
Set Name Items
Thurvokun ON-icon-armor-Head-Thurvokun.png ON-icon-armor-Shoulders-Thurvokun.png
Tremorscale ON-icon-armor-Head-Tremorscale.png ON-icon-armor-Shoulders-Tremorscale.png
Troll King ON-icon-armor-Head-The Troll King.png ON-icon-armor-Shoulders-The Troll King.png
Valkyn Skoria ON-icon-armor-Head-Valkyn Skoria.png ON-icon-armor-Shoulders-Valkyn Skoria.png
Velidreth ON-icon-armor-Head-Velidreth.png ON-icon-armor-Shoulders-Velidreth.png
Vykosa ON-icon-armor-Head-Vykosa.png ON-icon-armor-Shoulders-Vykosa.png
Zaan ON-icon-armor-Head-Zaan.png ON-icon-armor-Shoulders-Zaan.png

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