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Sabre Cat Cub[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Sabre Cat Cub.png
Sabre Cats are mighty and majestic hunters that rule the northern plains and tundra by sheer strength and savagery—but, Daedra take it, they sure are cute when they're cubs!
Sabre Cat Cub

The Sabre Cat Cub is a pet available in the Scalecaller Crown Crates as a Legendary-level reward. Its default name is "Li'l Bitey".

Sabre Leopard Cub[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Sabre Leopard Cub.png
"For the Mages Guild, I devised an enchanted 'appealometer' that measures creatures' adorableness," says Researcher Neotenus. "After tests on other pets, I tried to take a reading on a Sabre Snow Leopard Cub, but the device overloaded and shattered."
ON-card-Sabre Leopard Cub.png

Sabre Leopard Cub

The Sabre Leopard Cub is an upcoming pet that has yet to be available. Its default name is "Toofums".

Sanguine's Black Goat[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Sanguine's Black Goat.png
A goat bred to take part in Daedric rituals? Nonsense. It's just a goat. Isn't it? But why does it look at you like that? And did it just … whisper? No. It's just a goat!
Sanguine's Black Goat

Sanguine's Black Goat is a black and white goat available from the Crown Store for 400 ON-icon-store-Crowns.png. Its eyes will occasionally glow red. Its default name is "Whisper".

Appears only with Clockwork City

Scintillant Dovah-Fly[edit]

Scintillant Dovah-Fly
ON-icon-pet-Scintillant Dovah-Fly.png
The Dovah-Fly is a common sight in the oil-slick ravines of the Clockwork City. While its ornate clockworks are a wonder to behold, it's hard to shake the feeling that it's always watching you.

The Scintillant Dovah-Fly is the loyalty reward for the Clockwork City DLC. It can be earned by entering the Brass Fortress. Its default name is "Skimmer".

Scorpion Fabricant[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Scorpion Fabricant.png
"Since our Incarnatoriums can be modified to produce Fabricants modeled on almost any creature of Tamriel Above, why are Scorpion Fabricants of differing sizes so popular? They're our most-requested fabs!" says Clockwork Apostle Dringest.
Scorpion Fabricant

The Scorpion Fabricant is available in the Flame Atronach Crown Crates as an Legendary-level reward. Its default name is "Stinger".

Scruffy Skyrim Paint Pony[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Scruffy Skyrim Paint Pony.png
Hardy and good-natured, the faithful Skyrim Paint Pony wants to be near its master regardless of the weather, leaning into the wind even in a tundra blizzard.

The Scruffy Skyrim Paint Pony is an upcoming pet. Its default name is "Ponytail".

Seht's Dovah-Fly[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Seht's Dovah-Fly.png
These are clearly fabricants, clockwork simulations of living creatures, with the distinctive appearance of the handiwork of Sotha Sil. But if so, how did they escape Clockwork City? What powers them? And why do they make such loyal pets? No one knows.
Seht's Dovah-Fly

Seht's Dovah-Fly was available from the Crown Store for 010001000 Crowns for a limited time, then from Dragonscale Crown Crates as a Legendary-reward. Its default name is "Wirewing".

Senchal Striped Cat[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Senchal Striped Cat.png
The Senchal Striped is a cat that is as cunning as it is elegant. It's both cursed at and admired for its ability to get into places it doesn't belong.
Senchal Striped Cat

The Senchal Striped Cat was available in Hollowjack Crown Crates as a Superior-level reward. Its default name is "Sangiin".

Senche Cub of Scarlet Regret[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Senche Cub of Scarlet Regret.png
This ominous yet playful pet, conjured by Psijic magic in shape of a glowing Senche Cub, represents an Artaeum monk's regrettable choices that may yet be reversed by proper adherence to the Old Ways.
Senche Cub of Scarlet Regret

The Senche Cub of Scarlet Regret is available in the Ouroboros Crates as a Legendary-level reward. Its default name is "Crimson Cat".

Senche-Lizard Cub[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Senche-Lizard Cub.png
True, it does hiss rather than meow, and has shiny scales rather than soft fur, but otherwise the Senche-Lizard Cub is just as adorable as any other kitten.

The Senche-Lizard Cub is an upcoming pet. Its default name is "Kitty Lizard".

Senche-Leopard Cub[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Senche-Leopard Cub.png
The Senche-Leopard is one of the most feared predators of the Tenmar Forest in central Elsweyr, but if one of its adorable cubs can be adopted when young, it makes a fiercely-loyal companion.
Senche-Leopard Cub

The Senche-Leopard Cub is a young spotted leopard. It is found in Flame Atronach crates as a Legendary-level reward. Its default name is "Motley".

Senche-Lion Cub[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Senche-Lion Cub.png
If you domesticate a Senche-Lion Cub when it's young enough, it will follow you everywhere, no matter how dangerous. And your enemies will burn from the cuteness.
Senche-Lion Cub

Senche-Lion Cubs are young lions that can be purchased from the Crown Store for 700 ON-icon-store-Crowns.png. Its default name is "Kitty Claws".

Senche-Serval Kitten[edit]

"While carrying out an assignment from Larnatille in my role as Sub-Sapiarch of Domestic Livestock, I created a mount both loyal and majestic. Though the kitten stage is ... a bit trying." —Corderil of Sunhold
Senche-Serval Kitten

The Senche-Serval Kitten is available in Baandari Pedlar Crown Crates as an Epic-level reward. It is similar to its mount counterpart. Its default name is "Mangler".

Senche-Tiger Cub[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Senche-Tiger Cub.png
It's a striped Senche-Tiger Cub. What more could you need to know? "Ah," you ask, "but is it magical?" Just look in those eyes for your answer.
Senche-Tiger Cub

The Senche-Tiger Cub is a pet available in the Scalecaller Crown Crates as a Legendary-level reward. Its default name is "Spot".

Sep Adder[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Sep Adder.png
These flying vipers have short tempers and nasty dispositions, but just look at those cute crimson eyes! Some of them can even be trained not to inject poison when they bite. The perfect pet!
A pet sep adder

Sep adders were available from the Crown Store until July 17 2018, for 700 ON-icon-store-Crowns.png. Its default name is "Scaly Death".

Shadowghost Guar[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Shadowghost Guar.png
Rarely seen outside the ash clouds of Vvardenfell's great volcano, the little Shadowghost pony guar is scary cute.
Shadowghost Guar

The Shadowghost Guar is available in the Reaper's Harvest Crown Crates as an Epic-level reward. Its default name is "Shyscales".

Shadowghost Pack Wolf[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Shadowghost Pack Wolf.png
Unlike their lone cousins, the great Shadowghost Wolf Mounts, the smaller Shadowghost Pack Wolves hunt on the darkest nights in howling groups. Separated from their packs, they make loyal companions.
Shadowghost Pack Wolf

The Shadowghost Pack Wolf is available in the Reaper's Harvest Crown Crates as an Epic-level reward. Its default name is "Mist Howler".

Shadowghost Pony[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Shadowghost Pony.png
It's said that to catch a Shadowghost Pony, one should seek out a cemetery on a dark night during Witches Festival and wait quietly near the grave of a child. Bring a carrot or sweet apple.
Shadowghost Pony

Shadowghost Ponies were available from the Crown Store from October 5 to October 9, 2017 for 700 ON-icon-store-Crowns.png. Its default name is "Misty Princess".

Shadowghost Senche-Panther[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Shadowghost Senche-Panther.png
In Elsweyr, being seen in the company of an uncanny Shadowghost Senche-Panther will put one under suspicion of being a Namiira cultist—or even a disguised dro-m'Athra.
Shadowghost Senche-Panther

The Shadowghost Senche-Panther is available in the Reaper's Harvest Crown Crates as an Epic-level reward. Its default name is "Nightpouncer".

Shimmering Indrik[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Shimmering Indrik.png
No one can look at the glistening plumage of the Shimmering Indrik and doubt its enchanted nature, for it sparkles with Magicka and virtue. Here is a creature untainted by aggression, though it will ably defend itself at need.
A Shimmering Indrik

The Shimmering Indrik was available during the fifth week of the 5th Anniversary Jubilee from The Impresario for Event Tickets 0000000Event Tickets. Its default name is "Night Light".

Shock Skin Salamander[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Shock Skin Salamander.png
The lumbering great Salamanders of southern Tamriel all defend themselves with bursts of elemental power, but the Shock Skin variety specializes in electrical discharges. Fortunately, they can be trained not to zap their masters!

The Shock Skin Salamander is an upcoming pet. Its default name is "Zapnewt".

Shornhelm Shepherd[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Shornhelm Shepherd.png
This hardy dog was bred for herding sheep in the rugged terrain of Rivenspire.
A Shornhelm Shepherd

Shornhelm Shepherds are black-colored dog pets available from the Crown Store for 400 ON-icon-store-Crowns.png, and in the Storm Atronach Crown Crates as a Superior-level reward. Its default name is "Hackles".

Appears only with Wolfhunter

Silver Daenian Werewolf Tracker[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Silver Daenian Werewolf Tracker.png
The werewolf hunters of the Silver Dawn rely on the courage and keen noses of these great High Rock hounds to help them track Tamriel's lycanthropes to their lairs.
A Silver Daenian Werewolf Tracker

Silver Daenian Werewolf Trackers are Daenian Hounds bred with white fur and black spots. It was available from the Crown Store for 1200 ON-icon-store-Crowns.png, and with the Wolfhunter Collectors' Pack. It was available from the time the Wolfhunter DLC came out until Murkmire's release. Its default name is "Wolfhunter".

Skein Scorpion[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Skein Scorpion.png
Knights of the Spider Cult, known as Deathweavers, often disdain the cultists' usual Daedric Spider companions, preferring Skein Scorpions to present a more warlike attitude..
Skein Scorpion

skein scorpions were available from the Psjiic crown crate season. Its default name is "Stingaree".

Skein Shalk[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Skein Shalk.png
The giant crimson beetles that scuttle through the gloom of Mephala's Spiral Skein are said to use their pointed probosces to drink the blood of whatever they catch. True or not, it's a fine gruesome story for cultists to tell about their Daedric pets.
File:ON-pet-Skein Shalk.jpg
A pet skein shalk

skein shalks were available from the Psjiic crown crate season. Its default name is "Bloodbug".

Skein Spider[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Skein Spider.png
It should surprise no one familiar with Mephala the Webspinner that spiders are among the most common denizens of the Spiral Skein, the Daedric Prince's Oblivion realm. They're not exactly affectionate pets, but they are fiercely loyal..
File:ON-pet-Skein Spider.jpg
A pet skein spider

skein spiders were available from the Psjiic crown crate season. Its default name is "Skittery".

Skein Wasp[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Skein Wasp.png
When Mephala populated the Spiral Skein with "improved" versions of Tamrielic invertebrates, she outdid herself with the Skein Wasp, a giant menacing insect guaranteed to give any mortal the shivers!.

Skein was available from the psjiic crown crate season. Its default name is "Probosky".

Skeletal Pack Wolf[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Skeletal Pack Wolf.png
When the Two Moons are full, the undead wolf pack rises from the grave, point their canine craniums at the sky, and try to howl—but the only sound is a dismal rattling in their bony throats.
ON-card-Skeletal Pack Wolf.png

Skeletal Pack Wolf

The Skeletal Pack Wolf is an upcoming pet that has yet to become obtainable. Its default name is "Bone Howler".

Skeletal Pony Guar[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Skeletal Pony Guar.png
Shouldn't an animated skeleton always be a thing of fear and revulsion? This necromantic Pony Guar might change your mind about that!
ON-card-Skeletal Pony Guar.png

Skeletal Pony Guar

The Skeletal Pony Guar is an upcoming pet that has yet to be available. Its default name is "Bluebelly".

Skeletal Senche-Leopard[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Skeletal Senche-Leopard.png
Is Necromancy always wrong? Not even death can stop this loyal Senche-Leopard from stalking to adventure at your side!
Skeletal Senche-Leopard

The Skeletal Senche-Leopard is an upcoming pet that has yet to be available. Its default name is "Spotless".

Appears only with Dragon Bones

Small Bone Dragon Construct[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Small Bone Dragon Construct.png
This construct resembles a great and fearsome Bone Dragon, but it's actually a product of the Necromancer's art, assembled from modern bird and reptile bones and then reanimated.
Small Bone Dragon Construct

The Small Bone Dragon Construct is a small reanimated skeleton in the shape of a dragon that is available as part of the Dragon Bones Collector's Bundle. Its default name is "Rattlewing".

Snow Bear Cub[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Snow Bear Cub.png
The Snow Bear is known for its fierceness, but its cub is as cute as a bug. Maybe even two bugs.
Snow Bear Cub

Snow Bear Cub pets were previously available from the Crown Store for 010001,000 Crowns. Its default name is "Sugarfur".

Snowcap Fledgling Gryphon[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Snowcap Fledgling Gryphon.png
On the highest pinnacles of Eton Nir, where the snow never melts, live the pale Snowcap Gryphons. Perfectly camouflaged for a life in the clouds, for most of the First Era they were considered to be a myth.
Snowcap Fledgling Gryphon

The Snowcap Fledgling Gryphon was given to players who participated in December 2018's Crown Store gifting promotion, and later sold to players who didn't get the pet in late January of 2019. Its default name is "Peaky".

Snowy Sabre Cat Cub[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Snowy Sabre Cat Cub.png
This little cub loves to play in the snow, but don't let it get lost in the deep drifts—and when you pull it out, be careful of those little sabre teeth!
ON-card-Snowy Sabre Cat Cub.png

Snowy Sabre Cat Cub

The Snowy Sabre Cat Cub is an upcoming pet that has yet to be available. Its default name is "Cotton Fluff".

Solar Arc Dwarven Spider[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Solar Arc Dwarven Spider.png
This extremely rare Dwarven Spider model is surmounted with a double golden crescent, interpreted by scholars of the Dwemer as a "Solar Arc," or tribute to the sun—an iconography otherwise completely unknown among the handiworks of the Deep Elves.

The Solar Arc Dwarven Spider is an upcoming pet. Its default name is "Sunnylegs".

Sphynx Lynx[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Sphynx Lynx.png
The discovery of this "lynx" created waves in noble circles when certain of their number realized they could have a feline around without succumbing to fur-based allergies. Now you see them everywhere.
Sphynx Lynx

The Sphynx Lynx was available in the Crown Store from June 14, 2019 through June 19, 2019. Its default name is "Shivers".

Spotted Snow Senche-Leopard[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Spotted Snow Senche-Leopard.png
Even for the elusive Senche-Leopard, the Spotted Snow is a rare variety. Despite its frosty-looking fur, this adorable companion makes for a great cuddle buddy during long winter nights.
Spotted Snow Senche-Leopard

The Spotted Snow Senche-Leopard was available in the Crown Store from January 4, 2018, until (?). Its default name is "Frostfur".

Springtide Indrik[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Springtide Indrik.png
For mortals good in heart and soul, being in the presence of a Springtide Indrik induces serenity and makes anger almost impossible—though paradoxically it also inspires a righteous determination to fight injustice.
A Springtide Indrik

Springtide Indriks are Indrik fawns that resemble the Dawnwood Indrik in appearance. They were available from The Impresario for 000001010Event Tickets during the 2019 Jester's Festival. Its default name is "Heartsease".

Steam-Driven Brassilisk[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Steam-Driven Brassilisk.png
With soul gems in short supply, the Clockwork Apostles invented this experimental Brassilisk powered by steam stored under high pressure.
Steam-Driven Brassilisk

The Steam-Driven Brassilisk is a brassilisk pet formerly available exclusively from the Crown Store for free to PC/Mac players between November 7 and January 2, 2018. Its default name is "Pressure Valve". It is a reference to Steam, the gaming software owned by Valve Corporation that distributes the game on computer platforms.

Striated Pony Guar[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Striated Pony Guar.png
A favorite household pet in Morrowind, the Striated Pony Guar is a glutton for affection.
A pet Striated Pony Guar

Striated Pony Guar were originally available from the Crown Store for 400 ON-icon-store-Crowns.png. Its default name is "Wobble".

Striped Senche-Panther[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Striped Senche-Panther.png
The elegant senche-panther is a distant relative of the Khajiit, though it cannot speak like the cat-folk.
A pet Striped Senche-Panther

Striped Senche-Panthers are black Senche with purple stripes and red eyes. They were available from the Crown Store for 00700700 Crowns until April 3rd, 2019. Its default name is "Indigo".

Striped Senche-Panther Cub[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Striped Senche-Panther Cub.png
Striped Senche-Panthers are popular mascots of the Baandari Pedlars of Elsweyr. Incredibly adorable as cubs, even when small they can be trained like magpies to fetch shiny things back to their masters.
Striped Senche-Panther Cub

The Striped Senche-Panther Cub is available in the Crown Store as part of the Starter Pack, which can be bought for 00500500 Crowns. Its default name is "Inky".

Appears only with Imperial City

Stonefire Scamp[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Stonefire Scamp.png
This gibbering, foul-smelling Daedric minion will follow you loyally, though it won't fight for you.
Stonefire Scamp

A Stonefire Scamp pet can potentially be earned by completing the Barathrum Centrata event in the Imperial Sewers, as part of the Imperial City DLC. It is a very rare drop of the event's final boss, the Simulacrum of Molag Bal. Its default name is "Brimstone".

Sunspire Ice-Fire Senche-Cub[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Sunspire Ice-Fire Senche-Cub.png
Before ice-fire senche-lions become mounts, they start as adorable cubs. But be careful! These cute creatures still require careful handling due to their mix of cold and flame.

The Sunspire Ice-Fire Senche-Cub is an upcoming pet. Its default name is "Purrbringer".

Swamp Jelly[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Swamp Jelly.png
Though obviously related to the netches of northeast Tamriel, the swamp jellies of southern Black Marsh also have a disquieting resemblance to aquatic jellyfish. Natural philosophers have no adequate explanation for this.
A swamp jelly

Swamp Jelly is an aquatic netch-like pet acquired by collecting seven runebox fragments from Cyrodilic Collections daily jobs in Stormhold. Its default name is "Marsh Gas".

Sylvan Nixad[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Sylvan Nixad.png
Once a common sight in Cyrodiil's Great Forest, the Sylvan Nixad is now most often encountered in the glades and meadows of the Gold Coast. Once tamed, they make charming companions, loyal and easy to care for.
A pet sylvan nixad

Sylvan Nixads are gray pixie-like creatures with red wings. They were available from the Crown Store for 700 ON-icon-store-Crowns.png and can currently be found in Psijic Vault Crates as a Superior-level reward. Its default name is "Crimson Dancer".