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(lore page)
Location Summerset Isle
Northern Elsweyr
Species Gryphon
Health 103494
Reaction Hostile
A gryphon
A gryphon ready to defend its territory
Gryphon Run: an area consisting of cliffs with Gryphon nests

Gryphons (sometimes spelled griffins) are large, carnivorous flying creatures with the body of a lion and the wings, talons, and beak of an eagle. They appear in Summerset Isle. They are respected by the Altmer of Summerset for their freedom and grace, and the city of Sunhold has a live gryphon as its mascot. Armored gryphons are also ridden by the Welkynar Gryphon Knights in Cloudrest. Gryphons aren't know to seek out elven flesh, but will defend their territory fiercely and are known to eat anything foolish enough to wander into their territory.

Adult gryphons can often be found near Fledgling Gryphons in the wilds of Summerset. They are also found near gryphon nests, as well as eating prey that they've caught in the wild. A good example of a wild gryphon eating prey can be found on the shores of the lake outside Archon's Grove. Gryphon nests can be found at Gryphon Run and Gryphon Aerie, and near Rellenthil. Chances are, if you see a Fledgling Gryphon in the wild, there's an adult relaxing or hunting nearby. While the chicks cannot be harmed, the supervising adults certainly can, and will attack if you get too close. Additionally, aesthetic, nonhostile flying gryphons can be seen consistently in the skies above Gryphon Run, as the area is chock-full of massive gryphon nests.

Gryphons are both respected and feared by the residents of the Summerset Isles, and for good reason. Unprepared players may be easily dispatched by an angry Gryphon. They are large and armed with flesh-tearing beaks and razor-sharp claws. Their gift of flight makes them an anomaly, and can make encounters interesting, as seen at the Gryphon Run World Boss. There, players must face off against two Gryphons: Haeliata and Nagravia. Usually, one creature will be airborne while the other is grounded, showing off the Gryphons' full combat capabilities. Gryphons are majestic, though best admired from afar.

Gryphon plumage comes in a variety of colors. Your average gryphon has brown or gray-brown feathers with red plumage. These are found all over Summerset. Snowcap Gryphons have bright blue eyes and pale blue feathers that camouflage them in the clouds at the peak of Eton Nir. Snowcap Gryphons were considered a myth throughout much of the First Era due to how elusive they were. Pale-Plume gryphons resemble bald eagles, bearing golden eyes, white heads and black bodies. Pale-Plumed Gryphons are less common than their brown cousins, and are purportedly widely found along the cliffs in southeast Summerset, near the coast. Azure gryphons have gray-blue bodies and amber colored eyes. Azure Gryphons are found on the highest peak of Eton Nir, the tallest mountain on Summerset. Their plumage is supposedly tinted blue to help them camouflage against the blue sky.

Gryphons can also be found in the crags of Northern Elsweyr, near Cicatrice and flying around the cliffs of the Ashen Scar.

A fledgling gryphon

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Gryphon Claws
Gryphons will swipe at one player with their claws when they are grounded.
Players engaging a gryphon
Gryphon Bleed
When a Gryphon attacks with its claws, it will apply a bleed DoT to its target.
Take Flight
As a Gryphon is preparing to swap into "Flight Phase," a massive AOE will begin to spread on the ground beneath it, knocking back any players standing within. The tell for this ability is when it crouches, giving several preparatory flaps of its wings before swooping upwards.
Gusts of Wind
When a Gryphon is airborne, it will dip down and swoop back up, whipping up small "tornadoes" in its passing. These gusts CC players that they hit.


Darremalatu, a unique Gryphon



A dead Sea Sload; its body and legs peeking up from the branches of the nest
  • Yokudan statues of griffins can be found in al-Danobia Tomb. They can also be purchased for housing, categorized under Courtyard Furnishings.
  • Gryphons are depicted in several Alinor furnishings, including a tapestry and a statue. They can be crafted or purchased for housing.
  • When Cloudrest appeared in Arena, there were two inns called the "King's Griffin" and "Silver Griffin".
  • Wild Gryphons are hostile, though there are some friendly Gryphons: Belanaril, Falarielle, Silaeda, Darremalatu and Sunnawel are among them.
  • The Gryphon's Ferocity set is named after the titular Gryphon, and can be found on Summerset.
  • Vulture Gryphons also exist, and eat carrion (as implied by their namesake). Adults of this variety are not found in-game, though a fledgling may be acquired as a noncombat pet from Dragonscale Crown Crates.
  • There is a dead Sea Sload in one of the nests at Gryphon Run. The nest is atop a large rock structure immediately to the right once you cross the bridge.
  • Unsurprisingly, gryphon nests resemble very large real-life eagle nests.