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Shadowrend Style
Material None
Outfit System
Armor Styles 1 Weapon Styles 1
Small Armor 000015001500 Gold 1-Handed 1500
Large Armor 000030003000 Gold 2-Handed 3000

The Shadowrend Style is an outfit style based on Shadowrend, a boss in The Banished Cells I. The weapons and shield for this outfit style have a constant shadow effect emanating off of them in the form of an ominous mist. Style Page: Shadowrend's Mask had a chance of dropping off of High Kinlord Rilis, the final boss of the dungeon. The mask page had an increased chance of dropping if the Soul Splitter achievement has been completed. Style Page: Shadowrend's Shoulder had a chance of dropping from Maj al-Ragath's Undaunted chest.

The Shadowrend Style was available from September 26, 2018 through October 31, 2018.


The following sets are in the Shadowrend Style:


ON-icon-armor-Head-Shadowrend.png ON-icon-armor-Shoulders-Shadowrend.png

Weapons and Shields[edit]

Weapons and Shields
ON-icon-weapon-Axe-Shadowrend.png ON-icon-weapon-Greatsword-Shadowrend.png ON-icon-weapon-Bow-Shadowrend.png ON-icon-weapon-Staff-Shadowrend.png ON-icon-armor-Shield-Shadowrend.png
Axe Greatsword Bow Staff Shield