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Diaries and Logs is a collection of books, letters and notes that make up part of the Eidetic Memory.

Title Author Description Location
A Fitting Tribute
Musings on the previous use of a Daedric ruin
A Sad Day for the Ra Gada
Notes on the supposed treasures within Velyn Harbor
A Time of Troubles
Gwilgoth Branchbreaker
Aluvus' Final Notes
Aluvus The last notes of a vampire
Aluvus' Further Notes
Aluvus More notes of a vampire
Aluvus' Notes
Aluvus Notes of a vampire
Anirtur's Diary
Anirtur The diary of a merchant and his thoughts on trade in the city of Haven
Aranias' Diary
Aranias Diary of an eager elf
Argonian Refugee's Diary
An Argonian's account of his migration to Valenwood
Arowende's Diary Page 23
Arowende's Diary Page 26
Back Home in Orsinium
An Orc's musings on his homeland
Big Damn Bugs
Book of Thoughts
Captain Black Sword's Journal
Captain Black Sword
Captain Parondo's Log Entry
Captain Parondo Log of a Maormer captain
Caught Him!
Cinnar's Notes
Diary of Climent Noellaume
Climent Noellaume The musings of a sailor and his chosen path in life
Diary, Day 13
The tormented diary of a Coldharbour inhabitant
Diary, Day 36
The tormented diary of a Coldharbour inhabitant
Diary, Day 61
The tormented diary of a Coldharbour inhabitant
Diary, Day Unknown
The tormented diary of a Coldharbour inhabitant
Dockmaster's Lament
Entila's Folly
Bakhig Part of the journal of a crazed thief
Exploring the Xal Ithix Ruins
Looks-Under-Rocks Notes on the ancient ruins of Shadowfen
  • Xal Ithix, small ruin southwest of the village
Fasaran's Diary
Fasaran Diary of a lonely lover
Franara's Journal
Franara Themond
Garnikh's Hunting Log
Gathiel's Diary
Gathiel The journal of a sickly Bosmer and her struggle in finding a cure, despite the restrictions of the Green Pact
Gordag's Journal
Gordag The journal recounting a father's quest to find an antidote for his daughter's illness
Greenshade Explorer's Log
Gripe, Gripe, Gripe
A soldier's complaints about his current assignment
How Much Longer?
I Suspect Duplicity
Scholar Thirobar
King Ranser's Tirade
King Ranser King Ranser's ravings surrounding the Battle of Markwasten Moor
Knahaten Flu Confirmed
Shaman Chirah
Lady Laurent's Qharroa Notes
Lady Clarisse Laurent Lady Laurent's notes on an expedition dig into the Alik'r desert
Listens-to-Water's Observations
Marbruk Builder's Log
Notes on the town of Marbruk
Mark of Egg-Births
A log of Argonians born at the Hatching Pools
Nadine's Diary
Nadine Rielle The diary of an exile
Nevena's Diary
Nevena Nirith
Nicolene's Diary (Private!)
Nirwaen's Diary
Nirwaen A journal recording the seasonal migration of Falinesti
Not Long Now
  • Ten-Maur-Wolk, behind a southwestern pillar of the circular pavilion
Not That Bad
A criticism on the Alliance War
Note on Torn Parchment
Scribblings from an ancient vampire recently awoken
Orchelor's Diary
Orchelor A journal surrounding the events leading up to the Handfast
Ostarand's Diary
Pages from Thiirril's Diary
Quartermaster's Log
Rana's Log
Captain Rana Log of Captain Rana while stationed at Bleakrock Isle
Raven-Hair's Recollections
Gjarma Raven-Hair
Raynor's Travel Diary
Raynor Vanos The diary of a Dwemer researcher
Redfur Corporal's Log
Rotten Bread and Spoiled Meat
Savior of the Altmer, Part 1
Canonreeve Oraneth A Canonreeve's journal justifying her supposed betrayal
Savior of the Altmer, Part 2
Canonreeve Oraneth A Canonreeve's journal justifying her supposed betrayal
Savior of the Altmer, Part 3
Canonreeve Oraneth A Canonreeve's journal justifying her supposed betrayal
Scutwork and Drudgery
Fahdah the Eyeful A to-do list
She Dared Me
Spotted a Cave
The Chorrol Crier
A collection of newsletters documenting the Soulburst and the tragic aftermath
The Guise of Woodcutter
A spy's notes on infiltrating Ebonheart Pact territory
The Perfect Hiding Spot
The Prowler's Log
The log of the Prowler
The Source of Power
Notes on the forging of the Great Shackle and its role in the Planemeld
The True Fate of King Ranser
Serinal Gane, Royal Scribe of Shornhelm How the King of Shornhelm escaped death
Thozor's Diary
Thozor An Orc's journal recording his encounters with the strangler named Gentle-Blossom
Timberscar Frustration
A note bemoaning the dreariness of Cropsford
Uggissar's Diary
Uggissar A treasure hunter's diary surrounding his ill-fated trip into a Nordic tomb
Uggissar's Lament
Uggissar A treasure hunter's note surrounding his ill-fated trip into a Nordic tomb
Vanishing Crew
Village Record, Recent Entry
Canonreeve Pinanande The village record
Vim's Diary
Vim Hlaalu A diary surrounding the Llodos plague and the Maulborn
Watch Log, Volume 245
A watch guard's logbook recounting a coastal invasion
What Flows Downstream
Why the Projections?
Wind-Ripped Page