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Hearts and Flowers is a collection of books, letters and notes that make up part of the Eidetic Memory.

Title Author Description Location
A Discarded Letter
A letter from a soldier to his loved one
A Letter to Maraya
Almandine A letter to a friend
A Plea in Parting
A plea for forgiveness
A Prayer for My Family
Ruthri Othrenim A Dunmer afflicted with the Llodos Plague prays for a cure
The tale of a spurned Khajiiti girl
Aluvus' Journal
Aluvus A search for an ancient Ayleid ruin
An Ancient Love Letter
Rogano A love letter from a soldier to his beloved
An Elegantly Penned Letter
Ramina A farewell to a lover
An Offering
Angiente's Book of Prospects
Angry Love Letter
Atrocious Love Letter
Blood-Spattered Love Note
Breton Bedtime Stories
Cardia's Letter to Father
Cardia A letter from a sorrowful daughter to her father
Claudie's Journal
Claudie Themond
Dalaneth's Journal, Page 1
Dalaneth's Journal, Page 2
Dalaneth's Journal, Page 3
Dear Johun Letter
Idesa the Trim Breakup letter to a faraway lover
Diary of a Romance
Dulkhi's Diary
Farandare's Journal
Feyne Vildan's Diary
Feyne Vildan
Forged Letter From "Zali"
Garil's Journal
The words from Ke'val's grave
I Count the Nights
I Saw Him Again Tonight
A married woman's dilemma
It Is Insufferable
Klaandor's Journal
Klaandor Axe-Bearer
Letter from Chill Hollow
Letter to Betra
Eepa Snow-Hair
Letter to Firilia
A father despairs
Letter to Jazish
Letter to Raerana
Rilyn Uvani
Letter to Rulassalmo
Fistalime A letter to a distant lover
Letter to Sonya
Hadmal Lastblood
Letters from Leon and Rosalind
Rosalind Milielle A collection of love letters between Rosalind and Leon Milielle
Love Note to Adrienne
Erning Snowlost Erning making a date with Adrienne
Love Note to Catina
Erning Snowlost Erning making a date with Catina
Love Note to Enna
Erning Snowlost Erning making a date with Enna
Mathias Raiment's Journal
Mathias Raiment Mathias Raiment confesses his forbidden love
Merion's Diary
Merion Diary of an abandoned alchemist
My Dearest Love
Neeti-Ma A letter from an escaped slave fearing for her life
My Sweet Flower
Nadafa's Journal
Najan's Journal
Nedras' Journal
Nedras the Sly The journal of a Bitterhand bandit
Nafarion's Note
Nafarion A High Elf who turned into a vampire says goodbye to his betrothed
  • In Nafarion's hut at the coast northeast of Summerset
Note from No-Fingers
Note to Cardia
Note to Nurese
O Blessed Spinners
Ulthorn the Hound
Partially Legible Letter
A breakup letter between lovers after a mistress is discovered
Perfumed Letter
Picnic Note
Renrijra Pirates
Captain Augustus Relippe A note on a group of pirates
Rilyn's Journal
Rilyn Uvani
She Is My Light
A love poem
Sweet Life
Dusted-with-Sugar A Khajiit's offering to Alkosh
Sweetness in the Air
A young Orc dreams of escape from a small village
Tears of Anurraame
The tale of an Ayleid princess
The First of the Letters
Erraduure The first of a series of letters between an Ayleid and her slave lover
The Hist's Fire
Pegareem How two Argonians met
The Last of the Letters
Erraduure The last of a series of letters between an Ayleid and her slave lover
The Second of the Letters
Erraduure The second of a series of letters between an Ayleid and her slave lover
Things to do before the baby comes:
A list by an expectant parent
To Clarice—Be My Darling!
Georges Plouffe An ode to Clarice
To Colundore
Falarel the Jester Letter to a lover
To My Azeez-Eix
Lalisii Dres A note to postpone a meeting
To My Pash-Riha
Lalisii Dres A note to postpone a meeting
Tonight He Confessed
A confession from a pale lover
Tonight Was the Night
Encounter with a handsome, pale, ice-cold stranger
Wish Me Good Fortune
Xarxes and Oghma
Thandelieth A tale of a conversation with Xarxes and Oghma
Yngrel's To Do List
Mervilda Ales
Your Silver Fur