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Lady Clarisse Laurent
Location Varies
Race Breton Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Lady Clarisse Laurent

Lady Clarisse Laurent is a Breton noblewoman and treasure hunter. Her manservant is Stibbons. She appears in several quests across the Daggerfall Covenant territories, and on the island of Vvardenfell.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events and Dialogue[edit]

Daggerfall Covenant[edit]

The Jeweled Crown of Anton[edit]

She can found inside the Tomb of Lost Kings, where she will introduce herself:

"Ah, another adventurer! Of course you know who I am. I'm famous, as you know. When it comes to ancient artifacts, no one in Glenumbra has more expertise than I do."

If you spoke to Stibbons previously, you can say:

Stibbons sent me to find you.
"Ah! Excellent. My other assistant has been … well, I suppose the technical term is consumed. I told her not to get so close to that giant lizard.
Anyway, I could use your help."
What do you need?
"I'm going to recover the legendary Jeweled Crown of Anton. Well, as soon as we can get into the locked vault. I understand the place is filthy with traps and undead creatures.
You see where I'm going with this, don't you?"
You want me to get the crown for you.
"Ah, you do understand! Four keys open the vault: the Keys of Flames, Blades, Strife, and Crowns. Three of the keys are hidden in this tomb.
I have the fourth key. It's an heirloom. Been in my family for generations. Take it and get the other keys."

Speak to her before setting off and she'll reiterate:

"Collect the keys and retrieve Anton's jeweled crown. I'll reward you handsomely.
Even better, I'll mention you in my next book."

After retrieving the crown, return to her back at the camp outside:

"Ah, you're back. And in a timely manner. Did you find the crown?"
Yes, I have it here.
"That's it—the Jeweled Crown of Anton. You are quite the capable dungeon delver.
Please, place the crown on the table so that I can look upon its splendor."

If you retrieved the Jeweled Crown of King Anton, you'll witness the following:

Lady Clarisse Laurent : "Stibbons! Could you come and put this lovely crown away, please?"
Stibbons : "Of course, my lady."
Forgotten Seneschal : "Why? Why isn't he bound?"
Stibbons : "There we are, my lady. Safe and sound."
Forgotten Seneschal : "No! That's not the right crown!"
Forgotten Seneschal : "You betrayed me! Betrayed me!"
Stibbons : "I'll go see about more fish for the stew, my lady."

Speak to her before leaving and she'll prophetically say:

"Perhaps you'll have another chance to assist me in the future. Until then, good luck to you."
needs dialogue for other crown

The Emerald Chalice[edit]

Thwarting the Aldmeri Dominion[edit]

Lady Laurent in the Alik'r

Tongues of Stone[edit]

Retrieving her Equipment[edit]
Lady Laurent in Bangkorai

After being directed to her by Adifa, Lady Laurent can be found near the northern camp of the Qharroa Ruins.

"My expedition is ruined! One catastrophe after another!
Oh, we meet again! You wouldn't happen to be interested in performing a few light duties, would you? I'm in need of a temporary assistant."
Perhaps. What are you doing out here?
"I'm conducting research into ancient Yokudan ruins to see what light they cast on modern Redguard society.
Fascinating, but not without peril—an alchemical experiment led to my assistant becoming, er, incapacitated. But I hope to recover him."
Recover? So he's still alive?
"Oh, quite. Stibbons should recover, once I reverse the process.
All my supplies are at my new camp, through these ruins. We'll need to get some things here, then go to my first camp at the dig site. Which, unfortunately, has been overrun by Goblins."
Goblins? Is that what you're researching?
"Goblins? Certainly not! I've been studying the local gargoyles…I believe they're the key to certain Yokudan myths and legends. It's my own theory.
Now, I'll need you to retrieve my supplies, and then perform Stibbons' duties in his absence."
Very well. Where can I find these supplies?
"My alchemical gear is at the new camp, through these ruins. You'll have to find where Stibbons set it up. Be careful with it, it's delicate.
Once you've collected that, we'll move on to the old camp."

If you speak to her again she will remind you of what needs doing:

"All my best things are at my second camp, through these ruins.
Then we'll need to make our way over to my first camp, by the dig site. Unfortunately, its overrun by Goblins."

After retrieving the equipment:

"Let's get on with it, shall we? Stibbons isn't going to revive himself!"
Here's your alchemical equipment.
"Yes, most satisfactory. Stibbons would have dusted them off as well, but one mustn't be choosy, must one?
Now, off to our first camp at the dig site, where we'll find my man Stibbons. Shall we?"
Let's go.

You then escort Lady Laurent to her camp which contains what appears to be a stone statue of Stibbons. When you arrive she will run up to Stibbons saying "Stibbons! You're your old self again!" she will then look around the camp grumbling "What a hodgepodge! How is one supposed to find anything in here?"

She can then be spoken to:

"Please, pay me no mind. I didn't expect to react so strongly to seeing poor Stibbons in this state.
Now, where did he put those notes?"
"I suppose you should know the truth. Ancient inscriptions here described some unique alchemical processes, which I tried to duplicate.
I fear I succeeded all too well, and Stibbons' unfortunate condition is the result."
You turned him to stone?
"Yes, but I'm certain I can restore him if we find his, er, my notes. Stibbons put them in a safe place somewhere in this camp.
I'm sure you can find them—you're ever so handy at that sort of thing."

Once the notes have been found:

"Julianos' little teapot! Where could they be?"
I found them.
"Praise the Divines! You're a lifesaver, Stibbons. Er, I mean … whatever your name is.
At any rate, give me a moment to read these over, and I'll know what I need next."
Creating Test Subjects[edit]

While she reads her notes, Laurent will eventually find something, "Ah yes, now I recall how it was!"

"Stendarr smite them, the Goblins took my reagents! It would serve them right if they ate them, the wretches!
Hmm, that gives me an idea."
What's that?
"I need to develop an antidote for the Yokudan stoneflesh potion. And to be safe, I'll need to test it on other research subjects before applying it to Stibbons.
So I need the original reagents back so I can make more of the stoneflesh potion."
What good would that do?
"So we can use it on the Goblins, of course! Once they're petrified, they'll be the test subjects for my antidote.
Let's go recover my reagents from those beasts. Then I must check my notes against the Yokudan inscriptions. If I can find them again."

While escorting her around the ruins looking for the inscriptions, she will comment on them.

"This is a curious one! I must have missed it on my first pass."
"I'll have this in an instant…."
"These writings are very old indeed. How gratifying!"

Once the regents and inscriptions are found, she can be spoken to for the next step in her plan.

"You're rather useful, in your own way. Meritorious work!
Now according to my notes, I just need to combine these reagents, and shake the vial …."
And the potion is ready?
"Indeed it is. It's up to you to administer it, of course. You should probably pour it into whatever noisome slumgullion they're brewing up in those cookpots.
'While you're attending to that, I'll consult with our hireling guide."
You have a guide?
"Oh, yes—his name's Mareh. He's rather a crazy old hermit, but he certainly knows his way around these old Yokudan ruins.
He lives in a nearby cave overlooking the ruins. Hermit's Climb, they call it."
Why didn't you ask him to help rescue Stibbons?
"I tried, but he refused to go near the Goblins. Besides, he's quite mad—he's become entirely preoccupied with some ancient Yokudan riddle.
You'll see when you meet him. Perhaps you'll be able to talk some sense into him."
Solving the Hermit's Riddle[edit]

Once you have added the potion to the food, she can be found at Hermit's climb in the northern part of the ruins.

"Ah, there you are at last! This daft old hermit is simply talking in circles. See if you can persuade him to be sensible.
If that doesn't work, have a look at these inscriptions yourself."

After speaking with Marah, you can ask Lady Laurent for her opinion.

"You see? Quite maddening!
And all I have to go on are these similarly arcane inscriptions from the ruins."
What do you need from him?
"The Yokudan inscriptions are mysterious. Frankly, I'm baffled by them. But Mareh has dropped hints that he knows what they mean.
I'm sure he could tell me what I want to know, if I could only figure out how to give him what he wants."
So what does he want?
"He wants the answer to the riddle of the inscriptions. He'll tell me my answer if I'll give him his answer. Or something like that. It's maddening!
Stibbons would know what to do, I'm sure. He was always good at seeing what's right in front of me!"
But what do you need the inscriptions for?
"They contain the key to the antidote for my stoneflesh potion.
Somehow, the gargoyles inspired the early Redguards to experiment with their own flesh and bone. If I could only understand their cryptic inscriptions, I could master their alchemy."

Once you help Mareh figure out the riddle in return for information. Lady Laurent will shout out "The tongue! Of course!" She can then be spoken to:

"The gargoyle's tongue! Of course, what a simply obvious answer!
Well, let's get on with it. You'll be able to dispatch one of those beasts, I assume?"

While she harvests a gargoyle corpse "Ugh, how very disgusting!"

Testing the Antidote[edit]

When she returns to the camp, she will be studying Stibbons, Lady Laurent can then be asked if she needs anything else.

"Arkay's beard! Could anything be more disgusting than this gargoyle's tongue?
One must make the best of it, I suppose. Now, how to prepare the antidote?"
You don't know?
"That's why I had you dose the Goblins' stew! Do pay attention. Several of them must have been petrified by now.
I've prepared several versions of the antidote. I'll need you to apply it to the petrified Goblins and record the results."
What will you be doing?
"I shall have to somehow drag Stibbons back to the other camp. It's a bother, but there's no help for it.
Once you've observed the results of your trials, meet me back there with your report. That data should enable me to concoct the final antidote."

After testing the antidotes, she can be found at the ransacked camp along with Stibbons.

"Did you use all of them? I do hope you paid close attention to their effects."
I did. The petrified Goblins either melted or exploded.
"That's … just what I was counting on! Right, now I know how to adjust the concoction to make a working antidote.
Soon Stibbons will be right as rain, thanks to my brains and your brawn!"
Are you sure?
"Now see here. Your lack of confidence in me is quite unjustified. I know exactly what I'm doing.
All right, stand back! I've no doubt these results will be spectacular!"
Restoring Stibbons[edit]
Lady Laurent with Stibbons in Bangkorai

She will then attempt to reverse the stoneflesh on Stibbons:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Now, if my calculations are correct…."
<She pours the antidote on Stibbons.>
"This should take effect almost immediately."
<Stibbons becomes flesh and falls to ground in a stupor.>

After speaking with Stibbons to see how he is, Lady Laurent can be spoken to.

"There! See, I told you it would work!"'
Yes, I suppose you're right.
"Indeed I am! I know you may not have much experience taking risks like this, but sometimes you just have to follow your instincts!
Regardless, I owe you my thanks. Why, if Stibbons were stuck as a statue forever, I don't know what I'd do!"
Are you going to continue your research?
"I think I, er, we have accomplished quite a bit in this short time!
With Stibbons rescued, and our notes gathered, I think it's time we returned to civilization and compiled our conclusions. It will be a scholarly sensation!"

Once Tongues of Stone is completed:

"Now that Stibbons is on the mend, we can pack up the camp and move on to our next expedition!
You were quite adequate, for a temporary assistant. But you're no Stibbons. If I were in your position, I'd consider pursuing another line of work."


Lady Laurent on Stirk

While heading to the summit meeting between the three Alliance leaders, Vanus Galerion will point out various experts invited to take part in the invasion of Coldharbour.

"Look, it's Lady Laurent!"

As you approach, she will be yelling at Stibbons.

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Careful with that, you clumsy fool! Do hurry it up. We're missing everything!"
Vanus Galerion: "I never weary of your charms, Lady Laurent."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Vanus Galerion, as I live and breathe! Thank you so much for this opportunity. I had no idea the summit was to be held on the legendary island of Stirk!"
Vanus Galerion: "It seemed a fitting choice. It was here that the leaders of the First Era assembled the All Flags Navy to do battle with the Sload."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "I can't wait to see what surprises Molag Bal's realm has in store for us!"
Vanus Galerion: "We are waging war, not embarking on a sightseeing expedition, milady."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Fear not, Vanus. I can take care of myself and my useless lump of a manservant."
<Lady Laurent walks back to Stibbons.>
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Stibbons! Haven't you finished tying those bags yet? You really are hopeless."
Vanus Galerion: "Farewell, milady. We must dash. We're expected at the summit"

If you have met her before, she will recognize you as the person that assists her from to time to time, "You again? I see you're still sticking your nose in other people's affairs. Well, if you're here to help, I'm not going to turn you away." Otherwise she will say (?).

After the summit meeting, she and Stibbons can be found in the Portal Valley, waiting for Vanus to create the portal to the Daedric realm. She will be worried about Stibbons handling the environment of Molag Bal's realm.

"As a famous treasure hunter and expert historian, it's no wonder the Mages Guild specifically asked for me to come along.
I do hope my manservant Stibbons can handle the sights of Coldharbour, though. He's a rather sensitive sort."


Through the Daedric Lens[edit]

Though you do not interact with her during this quest, you do observe a projection of her conversation with Telenger the Artificer while they are trapped in the Library of Dusk. Lady Laurent will be seen behaving oddly.

Telenger the Artificer: "Lady Laurent, we need to get out of here. This place is a trap. Young Raynor has already been caught in its spell."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Oh, Telenger, let's just stay here. You and I. Forever."
Telenger the Artificer: "No, the glamour has taken you as well!"
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Come, my dear. Let us find a quiet corner among all these beautiful books."
Telenger the Artificer: "She's lost. Damn! I need to escape before I also succumb to the spell. I'll leave them a note in case the effects wear off."
<The projections of Telenger and Lady Laurent fade.>

The Library of Dusk[edit]

Once you have entered the Library and freed Raynor Vanos, you will need to find Lady Laurent. Unfortunately, you will find that there appears to be multiple copies of her. If speak with the wrong one the following will happen:

"Do not interrupt me!"
We need to get out of this place.
"How sweet, but I'm not who you think I am. Now, how should I kill you?"


"Do not interrupt me!"
We need to get out of this place.
"Leave? But this is my home. And it's your home now, too.
Or should I say it's your tomb now? So nice of you to give me the honor of ending your pitiful life!"

The fake Lady Laurent will then drop the disguise and attack you as a Dusk Scholar.

When you speak with the real Lady Laurent she will be absorbed in studying a relic. Unlike Raynor, it will be much easier to break her out of the spell.

<Lady Laurent doesn't seem to hear you.>
Raynor sent me to find you.
"Raynor sent you? But why? I just found the most fascinating … wait, where am I?"
You were caught in a Daedric spell.
"I see. I suppose I should ask whether or not you're part of this elaborate trap, but I sense that you're not an illusion.
I can feel the spell, however, crawling back, trying to slip into my mind. What an odd sensation!"
Do you know anything about these ruins?
"Hmm … I remember that we discovered something or another, but the details elude me. Perhaps if I had more time to recover from the effects of the spell.
Wait a moment, Telenger said something important just before I became engrossed in this relic."
Where's Telenger now?
"I wouldn't know exactly, but I'm sure Telenger's around here somewhere. He's really quite clever. And dashing, to boot! He reminds me of my … my good friend, Stibbons."
You should head for safety. I'll find Telenger. (This option advances the quest.)
"Thank you. I'm going to get out of here. I need to … find someone."
Do you remember what happened?
"Well, let me see … we decided to take a look around this old library. I was sure there had to be a treasure or two to make it worth our while. Young Raynor became ensorcelled almost immediately and ran off.
After that, things kind of get fuzzy."

After you find Telenger and retrieve a Light of Meridia, Lady Laurent will have made her way to the camp on the outskirts and will be pleased to see you, "Ah, the brave hero who broke the spell that bound us! So good to see you again, my friend."

Once you have spoken with Telenger to complete the quest, Lady Laurent will be uncharacteristically open with you and her worry about the missing Stibbons.

"I just wanted to say … what I mean is ….
Oh, bother! I'm not really very good at this. Thank you. For rescuing us, I mean. Thank you so much."
You're welcome.
"I did have another favor I'd like you to do."
That is?
"Stibbons hasn't shown up yet. I haven't seen him since I got lured into that library. I'm surprised he wasn't out here with dinner ready for me. He probably went to higher ground, such as that peak over there."

She will then mark the Spurned Peak to the north on your map.

The Hollow City[edit]

Once she has been rescued from the Library of Dusk, she can be found sitting at desk within the Consultants House. If Stibbons hasn't returned yet, she will be halfheartedly thinking of ways to punish him for disappearing.

"Oh, when I find that Stibbons, he … he will hear an earful from me!
How dare he think he can just vanish and leave me all alone? I'll … he'll … he'll be punished severely for this. Quite severely."

Sorrow's Kiss[edit]

Lady Laurent ascending Sorrow

A Web of Troubles[edit]


Something About Stibbons[edit]


Lady Laurent can be encountered in Murkmire in the swamp just south of the Ruined Guardhouse, she appears to be prodding Stibbons with her staff as he wades in one of the pools.

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Search with your toes, Stibbons! Your toes!"

She can then be spoken to, to find out what she's looking for. Laurent will recognize you if you have met her before, saying:

"I remember you. As I recall, you were somewhat helpful the last time my manservant got into a spot of trouble.
I won't turn away good fortune. You know how useless Stibbons can be when it comes to recovering historic artifacts."
What are you looking for?
"An antique Argonian renewal charm. Without one, they'll never let me observe the ritual of renewal. And that's the whole reason I came to this backwater in the first place.
Now if only Stibbons would stop playing in the mud and find the damn thing."
Why do you think you'll find this charm in the mud?
"I'll have you know I paid a lot for that information! But Stibbons is exceedingly slow and requires constant supervision. Why, I can't even spare a moment to look for the hand-mirror he lost.
Would you mind ever so much finding it for me, please?"
I'll find your hand-mirror.
"That hand-mirror is a family heirloom. I can't bear the thought of never seeing it again.
In the meantime, I need to keep prodding my manservant. If I give Stibbons even a moment's reprieve, he'll find a way to laze about. He's ever so good at that."
What's Stibbons doing in the mud again?
"He'd have me believe he's doing his job, but I suspect he's using the opportunity to daydream and dawdle.
Stibbons probably determined that the charm wasn't down there fairly quickly. Then he decided to relax with a soak in the mud."
What's the ritual of renewal?
"I believe it has something to do with Argonian mating habits, but I'm not quite sure. Hence my desire to observe the annual ritual. I have a keen interest in the romantic tendencies of different cultures. Purely on an academic level, you understand."
What brings you to Murkmire, Lady Laurent? (Appears once one of the above options have been asked.)
"I've been researching the mating habits of the indigenous races. Fascinating stuff! I plan to write a book.
A reference to an Argonian ritual of renewal I came across intrigued me, but the details were vague. So we traveled here to investigate."
But the last time I saw you, Stibbons wasn't doing so well.
"Why, whatever do you mean? I'm quite sure that if anything untoward happened to my manservant, I'd be the first to know.
Besides, Stibbons may seem frail and sluggish, but … hmm. I have no idea where I was going with that line of reasoning."
Finding a Charm of Renewal[edit]

After you have found Lady Laurent's hand mirror nearby, you will her cry out for help due to Stibbons getting stuck.

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Help! I say help! Stibbons has gotten himself stuck fast!"

When you reach the pair, Stibbons will be flailing around while Lady Laurent looks down at him, shaking her head.

"How typical! Stibbons got himself into the mud without any help, but now he can't seem to extract himself.
Be a dear and see if you can get him unstuck."

After you have helped Stibbons get out, Lady Laurent will become more determined to obtain an amulet and ask you to find the Argonian who originally told her one could be found in this area.

"A less-famous treasure hunter might think the Argonians wanted to foil her efforts to locate a renewal charm. But Lady Laurent is not so easily deterred!
We are going to find one of those charms—even if Stibbons has to search the entire swamp!"
Why are you so intent on finding a renewal charm?
"It's used in the mysterious ritual of renewal that one particular tribe of Argonians conducts on an annual basis. Carved from the living root of their Hist tree, or so I've been led to believe.
They won't let an outsider attend the rite without one."
And what happens at the ritual of renewal?
"That's hard to say. Mostly because no one will give me a definitive answer. As far as I can tell, it's somehow connected to the tribe's breeding practices.
The closest I got was when Many-Whispers offered to point me toward a charm. For a price."
A price?
"Gold. An obscene amount, truth be told. Look, Stibbons is reliable, but he has his failings. So many, many failings. Will you accompany him to Many-Whispers in the Swallowed Grove? Help him confront the lying Argonian and get me one of those charms?"
I'll accompany Stibbons to the Swallowed Grove.
"After you and Stibbons confront Many-Whispers, meet me at the Lodge of Renewal. It's north of the Bright-Throat Village, out in the middle of nowhere.
Come to think of it, everything out here is in the middle of nowhere, but I'm sure you'll find it."
Tell me more about Many-Whispers.
"He's an Argonian. A scout of some kind. Knows the swamp like a bear knows honey.
Many-Whispers was willing to talk to me when so many of his fellows wouldn't give me the time of day. I'm not sure Argonians can tell time, but you get my point."
If his first tip didn't pan out, why go back to him?
"I gave him a small fortune in gold! He may have sent us here in good faith, or he may have tried to cheat me. I will not be fleeced!
Besides, as far as I can tell, he is the best scout in the area. If there's a charm to be had, he'll know about it."

After speaking with her, she will send Stibbons off.

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Get going, Stibbons. And do try to redeem yourself this time."
Stibbons: "Right away, m'lady. Just let me … catch my breath …."
At the Lodge of Renewal[edit]

Once you have obtained the charm from Many-Whispers, you can travel to the lodge where you will overhear Lady Laurent arguing with Ux-Deelith Mezatil.

Ux-Deelith Mezatil: "No, it is not possible. You do not even possess a renewal charm."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "My manservant will be along with one momentarily."
<As you and Stibbons reach the group, Lady Laurent will notice you.>
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Ah, look. Here they come now."
Ux-Deelith Mezatil: "Even so, no outsider has ever participated in our sacred rite."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "You talk to her. Maybe she'll understand your less-refined use of the language."

If you speak with her, she will simply say, "Will you please talk to that Argonian and clear up this matter. I detest these kinds of delays with a passion."

After speaking with Ux-Deelith Mezatil, she will ask than one of you undergo the rites of alignment so they can attend the ritual. Lady Laurent will immediately volunteer Stibbons.

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Stibbons, go with our friend and align your bodily fluids. I want you to attend the renewal rite in my place!"
Stibbons: "I, m'lady? Er … why me?"
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "So that you can tell me all about it and I can write it in my book! Now get going!"

Before leaving, you can ask Lady Laurent why she doesn't do this herself.

"Make sure Stibbons aligns his bodily fluids just as the Argonian described. I want him to be totally ready for the renewal ritual."
Why not just attend the ritual yourself?
"Oh, goodness no! That wouldn't be proper. I need to maintain my objectivity. For my readers, you understand.
Stibbons will prepare himself, attend the ritual, and tell me all about it. Then I will recount it in my book with scholarly detachment."
The Rite of Renewal[edit]

After you have helped Stibbons align his body fluids, you can return the lodge to find Stibbons has gotten there before you and that they are ready to start the rite.

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Stibbons! You smell like a swamp. Stand over there this instant."
Stibbons: "As you wish, m'lady."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "My manservant did as you asked. Will you allow him to observe your ritual?"
Ux-Deelith Mezatil: "If you insist. Come, dryskin. Join us in the lodge."
<Stibbons and the Argonians walk into the lodge.>

While Stibbons is in the lodge, Lady Laurent will be leaning forward trying to overhear what is said.

Ux-Deelith Mezatil: "The ux starts now. Breathe deep the arousing fumes. Take it all in. Let your aligned essences guide you. When you feel totally filled, relax your cloaca and let it all out …."
Stibbons: "Ah … I don't think I have a cloaca …."
Ux-Deelith Mezatil: "Don't have a—oh no! You must exit the lodge right now, dryskin!"
<Stibbons stumbles out.>
Stibbons: "That was … most peculiar …."
<Stibbons suddenly turns into an egg. Lady Laurent walks up to the egg.>
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Stibbons! Oh, not again."

After this turn of events, Lady Laurent can be spoke to. True to form, she is annoyed at Stibbons rather than concerned about his well-being after being turned into an Argonian egg.

"My sorry excuse for a manservant can't even take part in a simple Argonian ritual without one disaster or another befalling him.
Worse, he didn't even get a chance to tell me what happened inside the lodge before he … changed!"
What happened to Stibbons?
"What happened to Stibbons? Why, the same thing that always happens. He ruined my latest undertaking by transforming into an … egg!
I'm sure this has something to do with the tribe's mating practices, but I can't for the life of me imagine how."
Is there any way to restore Stibbons to his usual self?
"Turn him back? Yes, I suppose I'll need to work on that. Or not. Imagine what might hatch from such an egg. Or maybe I'll make an omelet. I'm particularly famished after all this work!
Anyway, here you are. For your assistance. It's been a pleasure!"

If spoken to again, she will grudgingly admit that Stibbons did help her in a way.

"Despite his best efforts, Stibbons actually did something right. I have plenty of material for my book, including the first eyewitness account of an actual ovum-transformation!
But there's work to be done! I wonder what happens if I crack the shell?"
Is that egg really Stibbons?
"You saw what I saw. Of course, when it comes to the interplay of alchemical reagents and tribal magic, anything is possible. But for the purposes of my book, let's go with the transformation theory."
Can Stibbons be turned back into your manservant?
"I certainly hope so! Who's going to prepare my supper and afternoon bath? Unless you'd be interested in … no, I suppose not.
I'll contact my colleagues in the Mages Guild. I'm sure one of them can help me work this out."

Root-Whisper Village[edit]

Lady Laurent and Stibbons will be one of the visitors to the rediscovered Root-Whisper Village to witness the rebirth of a Hist and a tribe. Depending on whether or not Something About Stibbons was completed. [verification needed — see talk page]

Otherwise, if you did help previously, Stibbons will still be an egg—presumably carried there by Lady Laurent, "Well, here's something you don't see everyday. A new village rising out of the swamp like a baby bird emerging from its egg.
I hope Stibbons takes the hint and does likewise."

If you interact with Stibbon's egg, Lady Laurent will make a variety of comments:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "I always said that Stibbons was a tough egg to crack. Now that's literally true."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "In this particular form, my manservant makes an excellent conversation piece, don't you agree?"
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "If you get very close, you can hear poor Stibbons wimpering [sic] softly."