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Anequina Archives is a collection of 116 books found in Northern Elsweyr, that make up part of the Eidetic Memory.

The collection was formerly called Elsweyr Epistles and Almanacs, prior to Update 23.

Title Author Description Location
A Cat's Serenade
(A Khajiiti Love Song)
A Dragonhorn! Oh, Dragonhorn!
Adept Izjadi, Star Haven Record Keeper A poem about the Star Haven Dragonhorn
A Sacrament Remains
Nazala A chronicle of an assassin's journey to kill her father
  • In Halani's unmarked camp south of Orcrest, where the road becomes a dirt track on the map
A Window for Escape
A letter from one slave to another
  • Sunspire, Shrine of Jode, south of the first large statue
Ancient Gravestone
An epitaph on an old grave
Anequina and Pellitine: An Introduction
Sulema, Initiate Scholar of the Pa'alatiin A brief account of the history of Anequina and Pellitine
Anequina Animal Identification and Tasting
Hrodkir Mincemeat A book describing how to capture Northern Elsweyr creatures and their taste
Aneshi's Note
Aneshi the Shrine Keeper
Anonymous Torn Journal
Remains of an old journal
Azin-jo's Journal
Moon-Bishop Azin-jo
Beast Acquisitions Log
Captain's Letter
Captain Saulinia
Captain Saulinia's Instructions
Captain Saulinia
Cat Food
Rigurt the Brash A Nord's account of Khajiiti cuisine
Chronicles of Juha-ri, Chapter 1
Chronicles of Juha-ri, Chapter 2
Chronicles of Juha-ri, Chapter 3
Clever Kail-Perwa and the Great Boast, Volume 1
Nalae-Polek, Poet Laureate to Potentate Versidue-Shaie
Clever Kail-Perwa and the Great Boast, Volume 2
Nalae-Polek, Poet Laureate to Potentate Versidue-Shaie
Clever Kail-Perwa and the Great Boast, Volume 3
Nalae-Polek, Poet Laureate to Potentate Versidue-Shaie
Clever Kail-Perwa and the Great Boast, Volume 4
Nalae-Polek, Poet Laureate to Potentate Versidue-Shaie
Dancing Among the Flowers Fine
(A Khajiit Dancing Song)
Devastation is the Scream
Discarded Orders
Lieutenant Lepida
  • By corpses of Euraxian soldiers at one of the magic energy sites
Dragonguard Report
Centurion Falixia, Intelligence Officer assigned to the Cygnus Irregulars
Dragons: A Report for the Queen
Centurion Jagus A report on the Dragons addressed to Euraxia Tharn
Dread Their Return and Prepare
Elsweyr Needs You!
Jo'isi A pamphlet for a job offer
Euraxia's Personal Journal
Euraxia Tharn Euraxia Tharn's personal thoughts
Euraxian Necromancers
Khamira, Agent of the Speaker Information on the cult of necromancers that threatens Anequina
Faith in Dust and Stone
Fear the Foe, Heed the Teacher
Fight As Prey
First Signs of the Flu
Flu Victim's Note
For the Old of Akavir
Gifts of Death and Fear
Gone from Sainted Memory
Guide to Northern Elsweyr
Infrasia Mallius A traveler's guide through the Kingdom of Anequina
Hadaz's Final Letter
  • Darkpool Mine, inside near Hadaz's body before and during the quest, at the camp outside post quest
Help Wanted: Merryvale!
Rakhzargo Request for help at the moon sugar farms
In Death is the Promise
Journey to Endings
Khadabi's Rules
Khadabi A matchmaker's list of rules
Khunzar-ri: Origin
Aneshi, Keeper of Legends for the 16 Kingdoms
Khunzar-ri Sayings, Verse Two
Khunzar-ri Sayings, Verse Four
Khunzar-ri Sayings, Verse One
Khunzar-ri Sayings, Verse Three
Khunzar-ri: Tales, One
Aneshi, Keeper of Legends for the 16 Kingdoms A tale of Khunzar-ri deceiving rum-drinking ogres
Khunzar-ri: Tales, Two
Aneshi, Keeper of Legends for the 16 Kingdoms A tale of Anequina's sly and cunning tactics
King Hemakar's Grave
The epitaph of a beloved king
Kingdoms Fall People Wander
Letter for Vittoria
A Cygnus Irregular's last words
Letter from Abnur Tharn
Abnur Tharn A call for aid
Letter to Bakul
  • Sunspire, Shrine of Jone on the south side of the second statue
Letter to Feina-Darak
A mother's letter to her daughter
Letter to Jakarn
Letter to Peryite
M'zum's Journal
Malizaz's Journal
Malizaz, Apprentice Necromancer to Zumog Phoom
Marzula-jo's Notes
Marzula-jo Notes of a Khajiiti wizard
Mathoc the Immortal
Melleron's Journal
Mojha is a Fool
Moon-Sugar: A Report
Cornelius Clanius, Agent-Inspector of the Imperial Trade Service
Mysterious Akavir
Information about the continent Akavir
Necromancers: A Report for the Queen
Zumog Phoom
Nikussha's Research Note 1
Nikussha, Black Marsh Alchemist The first in a set of research notes written by Nikussha, an Argonian healer
Nikussha's Research Note 2
Nikussha, Black Marsh Alchemist The second in a set of research notes written by Nikussha, an Argonian healer
Nikussha's Research Note 3
Nikussha, Black Marsh Alchemist The third in a set of research notes written by Nikussha, an Argonian healer
Noordigloop the Clog
Notes on a rogue Voriplasm
Note to Tajirri
On Akaviri Burial Rites
Lerien Arnese, Scholar-Emeritus of Ancient Sciences A treatise describing the funerary rites of the Akaviri
On the Trail of the Forgotten Mane
Investigator Vianis Orania
On Those Who Know Baan Dar
One Dragon Two Dragon
A poem about Dragons
Origins of the Khajiiti Martial Tradition
Tendwuayne, Sapiarch of Foreign Customs
Praise to Mafala!
A poem honoring Mafala
Rahti's Orders
Rahti the Peeler
Reward for Stolen Wine
Hofgrad Kjisorssen
Riddles of the Rithana-di-Renada
Sealed Imperial Summons
Abnur Tharn
Senche-rahts: Not Just Mounts
Saharrzag A pamphlet warning those who might seek to enthrall senche-raht
Shazah's Diary
Shazah The diary of a young Khajiit during the flu
  • Orcrest Marketplace District, city entrance
Shomae's Journal
Stone of Atonement
Stone of Banishment
Stone of Commitment
Sweet Moon-Sugar Cane
(A Khajiiti Working Song)
Tahara's Traveling Menagerie
Tajirri's Journal
Tajirri's Note
Tale of the Elements
Nalae-Polek, Poet Laureate to Potentate Versidue-Shaie
Terror-Birds: Up Close and Personal
The Angry Alfiq: A Collection
Tiburr, Record Keeper of the Rimmen Mage's Guild
The Blessings of Jone and Jode
The Frostfall Coup
Tandemen, Sapiarch of Foreign Observations
The Furstock Song
The Proving Festival
Laije-Palak Rulician A diary describing the Proving Festival in Hakoshae
The Ruddy Fangs
Zayreba Sharpclaw
The Sixteen Kingdoms
A traditional chant about the sixteen kingdoms of ancient Elsweyr
The Song of Khunzar-ri
(A Mythic Hero's Song)
The Tale of Three Moons
The Thief's Riddle
  • Riverhold, on a table inside the House of Histories
The Tonenaka Shrine
Magnate Feina-Darak
Through the Weeping Scar
To Jun-Jo the Empty Fang
To Wear Dread Mantle
Trail and Tide
Moon-Bishop Hunal A short essay regarding the importance of Moon Bishops in Khajiiti society
Unsent Letter to Zazazrala
Val Vijah Va Rhook, Baandari
(A Khajiiti Festival Song)
Visit the House of Histories!
A pamphlet for a historical museum in Elsweyr
War, Hunt, Deliverance
What's Yours is Mine
A thief's song
Wisdom of the Flying Gods
Magnius Calussa A dragon worshipper's interpretations of his master's words