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Moawita Memories is a collection of 21 books acquired through reading the display case nameplates within the Vault of Moawita. They make up part of the Eidetic Memory.

Title Author Description Location
Chest of Condemnation
Auctioneer Portia
Chestplate of Desiccation
Wuja-Nakal, Former Slave
Fan of False-Face
Speaker Gilzaron
Heart of the Indrik
Hourglass of Perceived Time
Jaunt of the Jilted
Lantern of Lies
Mirror of Fatal Premonition
Pillow of Sweet Dreams
Honoria Aurrus
Skull of Minor Cursing
Anonymous Khajiiti Merchant
Staff of Towers
Holnevn Alessian writings on a powerful staff and its relationship to the mythical Towers
The Ever-Filling Chalice
The Inescapable Helm
The Monochrome Paintbrush
The Never-Ending Scroll
The Shadowcutter Blade
Priestess Endunore
The Shattering Sword
The Silver-Tongued Quill
Master Laisif
The Soulkeeper's Urn
The Sticky-Fingered Lute
Kinlady Lairilcilwe
The Unraveling Staff
Judicator Umberwen