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Eepa Snow-Hair
Home City Windhelm
Location The Sober Nord Tavern
Race Nord Gender Female
Health 39959
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Medium Profession Commoner
Eepa Snow-Hair

Eepa Snow-Hair is a Nord commoner who can be found at the Sober Nord Tavern, one of the two inns located in the city of Windhelm. She will talk about she misses the love of her life, Betra Fairskin, who's away on business at Fort Amol. There is no way to tell Eepa that Betra isn't going to be coming back.


"We're so busy because of the King's festival! It's almost enough to make me forget how terribly I miss Betra. Almost!"
What do you recommend?
"Now that is a loaded question! We carry some exotic Dark Elf and Argonian beverages, but our best-selling drink has got to be Voljar's spiced mead. My friend Betra loves the stuff!"
Tell me about Betra.
"Betra is the love of my life! She's so wonderful! If not for her, I'd probably still be working in that skeever trap, the Cold Moon.
She's away on business, at Fort Amol, but she promised she'd be home in time for my birthday."