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Skordo the Knife
Location Shornhelm, Stirk
Race Orc Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Fighters Guild
Skordo the Knife

Skordo the Knife is an Orc Shornhelm guard, who was imprisoned beneath the Montclair Manor in Shornhelm. Afterwards, he becomes the bodyguard of Baron Alard Dorell as he travels through Rivenspire and he helps House Dorell retake Northpoint.

After the destruction of the Lightless Remnant, Skordo decides to join the Fighters Guild and later participates in the invasion of Coldharbour. However, like everyone else who entered the Daedric realm, he was scattered across Coldharbour and found himself imprisoned in the Tower of Lies.

He can also be found in Wrothgar, acting as the bodyguard to the Daggerfall ambassador Lady Sovelle. In between his work, he found the time to write and publish the Adventurer's Almanac, full of advice for prospective adventurers and a Second Edition when the first one became popular.

Related Quests[edit]






Shornhelm Divided[edit]

You will first come across a caged Skordo beneath Montclair Manor in Shornhelm:

Skordo the Knife: "Hey, you there. A little help here. Damned Montclair bastards caught me snooping around."

You can then approach the cage to see what the Orc wants.

"If you unlock this cage, I'll be your best friend for life."
What are you doing inside that cage?
"I needed some quiet time. What do you think I'm doing in here? I went and got myself captured! I'm one of the Shornhelm Guard.
Look, let me out of this cell and I can help you."
Why should I trust you?
"Good question. You shouldn't. But that doesn't mean we're not on the same side. I bet they sent you to find information about Montclair.
Open the cell and I'll tell you what I know."
I'll open the cell.

After you have freed Skordo, he will mention something he saw while imprisoned. This counts as evidence.

Skordo the Knife: "I hate being caged. Makes me all ... itchy. Anyway, Orlozag shoved a letter in that chest over there. It explains a lot."
Skordo the Knife: "I appreciate the help. You're all right in my book. Now I need to report back to Baron Dorell."

Once you have dealt with the things in the Fevered Mews, Skordo can be met outside while he's looking for you.

"I was just about to go in after you. Thought maybe you were stuck in a cage or something."
The upper city has been retaken?
"Bunch of whiners, Montclair's troops. The moment we really pushed back, they broke off and demanded we accept their surrender.
Dorell wants to execute the lot of them, but the Countess wants to consult with the High King. Too soft-hearted, she is."
Why were you looking for me?
"Wanted to let you know that High King Emeric has arrived. He's in Shornhelm Castle with the Baron and the Countess.
Me? I think I might leave when this is all over. Join the Fighters Guild. See the world. I certainly could use the change."

Northpoint in Peril[edit]

Skordo the Knife: "You walked into the wrong farm house, Montclair!"

Speak with him:

"Well, kiss a troll and call me pumpkin! I know you! From Shornhelm! Did Baron Dorell send you?
I was the Orc. In the cage. Not my shining moment, but it's not like I'm a noble or anything. No matter. I'm just glad you're here."
Why are you dressed as a Montclair soldier?
"It's a disguise! What's wrong? Don't you like it? Is my helmet on crooked or something?
We're going to sneak into Northpoint. Not usually my approach, but Countess Tamrith and Darien helped us get this far."
Where is Darien?
"No idea. He went to scout around and hasn't come back yet.
So far, we've learned that the patrols outside the city consist of untrained fighters with orders to keep people away. Only the officers seem to know what's going on inside."
Have you found a way to get inside yet?
"I suggested busting a hole in the wall, but the Countess decided we should save that as a last resort.
Darien went out to search while we took care of the farmers. They came to us for help, and you know how the Countess feels about refugees ...."

The Liberation of Northpoint[edit]

"So it's just us mortals from here on in? That's fine with me. I don't mind admitting that the idea of friendly vampires kind of creeps me out."
Gwendis said you have a plan?
"Northpoint was my home for the last few years, so I know the place pretty well. Never snuck in through a smuggler's tunnel, though. That's going to be a new experience.
Just remember that we're part of House Montclair and things should go fine."
Maintain our disguise. Right. What else?
"We sneak in slowly, one at a tome. Wandering around as a group would just be inviting trouble.
The tunnel is supposed to lead through the lighthouse. We need to get inside and find a place we can use to get the lay of the land."
All right. Let's go enter the smuggler's tunnel.

House-Hunting for a good base of operations:

Skordo the Knife: "Innkeep Balik lived here. I hope he isn't one of these bloodfiends. Anyway, this place is too small for our needs. Let's keep looking."

After finding a suitable building to set up camp in:

Skordo the Knife: "This should do nicely. Let's make sure it's clear."

After killing the bloodfiends that were in the inn:

"You know what I hate more than a nasty bloodfiend? Two nasty bloodfiends!"
Darien Gautier: "Damn it, Countess! That stings! Stop smearing me with your religious ointments and creams!"
Skordo the Knife: "Lleraya has been here all along? And your son didn't do a damn thing about it?"
Darien Gautier: "Gah! What is that stuff? It smells like church! Keep it away from me!"
Baron Dorell: "According to Ellic's journal, yes. He seems to have been infatuated with the woman. Didn't even get alarmed when she's started turning people into bloodfiends."
Skordo the Knife: "More bloodfiends? I hate this. Just give me something to hit already! But it does sound like your son betrayed Northpoint, Baron."
Gwendis: "It's the remnant. It put Ellic under her spell. I'm surprised he was even able to write in his journal. Maybe that was his way of warning us."

After the quest:

"So Montclair is at the Doomcrag? Perfect. I always wanted to assault a haunted pinnacle high in the mountains."

The Lightless Remnant[edit]

Darien and Skordo come running up the mountain after you save Gwendis and the nobles:

Darien Gautier: "What's going on in here? Is the Countess all right?"
Skordo the Knife: "Damn it, Darien! Slow down! Wait for me, you long-legged bastard!"

Speaking with Skordo here:

"Look at this! We leave you alone for a bit and look what happens. The Countess, the Baron, even the little vampire—down and out for the count!
Well, we're here now. So what are you waiting for? Go and kick Montclair's arse!"


He can be found with Vikord Skullcleaver and Darien Gautier in the Fighters Guild camp on Stirk. If you met him before in Rivenspire he will recognize you and thank you for helping him.

"I remember you! I probably wouldn't be standing here today if it weren't for your help. Thanks!"

Otherwise he will say:


While waiting for the portal to Coldharbour to open, Skordo will be eager to fight:

"I don't know about you, but I'm ready to break a few Daedric necks."


Truth, Lies, and Prisoners[edit]

Skordo can be found on the bottom level of the Tower of Lies, near the water.

"Did you really just leap down into this slime pit?
You're either remarkably brave or really stupid. My guess? A little of both."
Gwilir sent me to help.
"Of course he did, the skinny weakling! If it wasn't for him, we wouldn't be in this mess.
A Dremora mage runs the place. Clouds minds, breaks wills. I can't get my soldiers organized!"
So how can I help?
"The fat-bastard ogrims dragged away my friends. We joined the Guild together. It ain't right, them getting tortured by ogrims.
You rescue Sinfray 
[sic], Borgath, and Vikord. I'll find Overseer Aruz and then you and me can deal with him, permanently."
I have a few more questions.
"Of course you do. Just make it quick."
What do they make you do down here?
"Me? Not much. No one pushes Skordo around.
But the others? They chip away at rocks until they drop and get tormented by ogrims. Some even have their souls yanked out. Turns them into empty husks. I wouldn't wish that fate on an Elf!"
Why haven't you tried to escape?
"We tried, but ... well, this place is strange. Most of us just gave up, lost our will to resist. It doesn't affect everyone the same way, but it does make it hard to organize.
Maybe if you shake things up a bit we can snap out of this. Maybe."
Are all these prisoners from the Fighters Guild?
"What do I look like? The social committee?
There's a bunch of prisoners down here, from all over the place. There's even a Dremora. Probably pissed off Molag Bal. But I don't really know and I don't really care."
A Dremora? Is she a prisoner?
"Well, she isn't a guard. But if she's a prisoner, the ogrims certainly don't give her any grief.
To tell the truth, I'm curious about her myself. I've noticed she's been watching you since you dropped in on this little party."
Anything else you can tell me about this place?
"It's a prison pit. Ifriz the Unraveler runs the place. He loves the sound of his own voice.
They split us up. Some of us are down here. But our captains, Eilram and Arakh, they're upstairs. A locked passage keeps us apart."
How did a tough guy like you get captured? (Option appears after asking about the prisoners.)
"Wasn't just me. A whole group of us got caught by the Daedra. We teleported into Coldharbour to take the fight to Molag Bal, but that didn't work out so good.
We're down here, our captains are upstairs, and we're all up to our necks in ogrim dung!"

Once you have found and rescued his friends, you can find him waiting for you outside Overseer Aruz's chamber.

Skordo fights Overseer Aruz
"How did it go? Are my companions safe?"
Borgath didn't make it, but I set Sinfay and Vikord free.
"Damn. Borgath was a good soldier. And a good friend. Thanks for helping the others, though.
I've been watching for Overseer Aruz, but he hasn't come out of his chambers yet. We need to get his key."
Why do we need the Overseer's key?
"The key opens the passage to the next level. That's where they took Captain Eilram and Captain Arakh. If there's a way out of this ogrim dung pit, it's up there.
Once you get the key, you need to head upstairs and find Captain Eilram."
Let's go deal with Overseer Aruz and get that key.

Once inside the chamber, Skordo will rush at the overseer, wielding his mace.

Skordo the Knife: "Hey, Aruz! I owe you one! For Borgath!"

When the Aruz is dead, Skordo will point out the location of the key before running off:

Skordo the Knife: "Grab the key. It's in that chest over there. I'll go check on the others. Meet me by the passage door."

Skordo can be met on the opposite side of the bottom level along with Sinfay and Vikord. He will tell you to head on through the passage but you can ask him questions before you leave.

"Find the captains and find out what's going on up there. The passage is right behind me. We'll catch up with you as soon as we can."
I've got the key. What's the plan?
"The plan is to get you to the second level so you can find out what's going on up there. I refuse to believe the captains just gave up on us.
We'll get some weapons, rally the troops, and follow you shortly."
Who should I look for when I get up there?
"Find Captain Eilram. I know him. He's a good man. This place must have him confused. Or something worse has happened to him. Either way, we need to know."
Any idea what causes the confusion?
"I'm not big on speculating, but I'm certain that blackheart Ifriz has something to do with it. Be careful around that one.
Oh, and one more thing. If you see Gwilir again, kill him for me."
What did Gwilir do to deserve that?
"It's his damned fault we ended up down here! He blundered into a Dremora patrol during a scouting mission. Led them right to us! That imbecile couldn't scout his way out of an empty crate.
But we really need to find the captains now."
I'll head up to the next level. (Ends Conversation)

After finding Captain Eilram and retrieving his sword, you will head over to Captain Arakh's camp, where Skordo and his friends have joined up with some of the other survivors. He will comment on Arakh's current mental state.

"This place sure got to Captain Arakh. I've never seen anyone so paranoid before."

Once you have found Captain Arakh's helmet, when you return he will urge you to hand it over to her quickly.

"Is that Captain Arakh's helmet? Well, return it to her already! She's about to rush us!"

When Lyranth appears he will say, "I knew that Dremora was going to be interesting."

Once he hears her proposal he will comment on her relative trustworthiness.

"I appreciate it when a beautiful monster needs something. That usually means you can trust her.
At least for a while, anyway."

After you kill Ifriz and unlock the wards barring the portal out of the Tower of Lies, you can meet Skordo on the road near the entrance to the Hollow City.

"You helped us get out of that terrible place. I won't forget that."
I'm glad you survived the Tower of Lies.
"You could've just taken care of your own business in there and left us to our fate. But you didn't.
I owe you. If that strange city over there has a tavern, the first drink's on me. And ... thanks."

When you have completed the quest, Gwilir will run up to Skordo, relieved that his comrades were rescued. However, Skordo is none-too-pleased with him.

Gwilir: "Skordo, you're free! By Y'ffre, you don't know how relieved I am to see you."
Skordo the Knife: "Gwilir! If you had half a brain in your head, you'd run and hide."
Gwilir: "I'm really sorry, Skordo! I didn't mean to cause so much trouble!"
Skordo the Knife: "You led an army of Daedra right toward us! You ignorant, scatterbrained, sorry excuse for a Wood Elf, weakling!"
Gwilir: "I'll never do anything like that again! I promise!"
<Gwilir runs off towards the city.>
Skordo the Knife: "Thanks again for your help. Now excuse me while I go find that good-for-nothing Wood Elf and introduce his backside to my very large boot."
<Skordo walks up the road to the city gates.>

The Fighters Guildhall[edit]

After he is rescued, Skordo can be found outside the Fighters Guildhall in the Hollow City.

"Kill any ogrim lately? Wouldn't mind bashing a few of their thick skulls myself."

The Chapel of Light[edit]

Skordo will be one of the Fighters Guild members to attend the War Council held in the Chapel of Light, he just wants to get to work.

"Let's make this quick. There're monsters out there that need killing."

The Reaver Citadel[edit]

At Vanus Galerion's request, Skordo is keeping an eye on the Dremora who was talking to him previously.

"That pompous mage told me to keep an eye on her, and that's just what I'm doing. But I have the distinct feeling that I amuse her.
I'm not sure how I feel about that."
Have you noticed anything unusual?
"We left the province of usual a long time ago. But that Dremora's got something planned, that's for sure.
If I had to guess, I'd say it has something to do with vengeance. In my experience, it always has something to do with vengeance."
Vengeance? Against us, do you think?
"Well, I wouldn't trust her as far as I could throw her, but I don't think that has anything to do with us. At least not directly.
My gut says she won't stab us in the back. She's definitely a look-you-in-the-eyes kind of stabber. I can admire that."

After Lyranth has given you some information about getting into to the Citadel, Skordo will run back to tell the fighters.

"I'll let the others know that you've got a way in!"

The Final Assault[edit]

You can meet Skordo again at the portal to the Labyrinth after you have secured the Citadel and obtained the Labyrinth Key.

"Win or lose, it's been an honor to fight alongside you.
That said, let's do our best to win this thing, all right? I'm not sincere very often, and I'd hate to have wasted it just before I die in battle."

Skordo is one of the people you can choose to accompany you during the initial assault.

"Let's tear this coward apart! Let's make Molag Bal wish he had never been born!
Wait a minute. Are Daedric Princes born? It doesn't matter! He'll wish something when we're done with him!"
Are you ready for the assault?
"I'm as ready as I'm going to get. This just makes me so angry! Why in Mauloch's name would somebody want to steal an entire world? It makes no sense!
Now look what you did. I'm just furious and I need something to hit."
I want you to accompany me on the initial assault.
"That's what I wanted to hear! I figure, the closer I am to you, the more things I get to hit.
Let's go crack some skulls and show them that nobody can steal our world!"
Let me talk to the others before I make my decision.

(Leaves Conversation)

After you listen to King Dynar's speech, you can enter the outskirts of the Endless Stair. Skordo will notice the portal in the distance.

Skordo the Knife: "That giant portal up ahead is the thing we need to smash? Hopefully this won't be too easy."

When you fight off the first ambush:

Skordo the Knife: "These creatures the Prince throws at us are nothing!"
Skordo versus Guardian of the Gate. (Assisted by Vampires)

The second ambush:

Skordo the Knife: "We must be getting close and that must be making them nervous. Why else throw all these monsters at us?"

When he notices the Guardian of the Gate:

Skordo the Knife: "Ah finally, a formidable foe!"

After you close the Reinforcement Portal:

Skordo the Knife: "With that portal closed, Molag Bal's reinforcements won't be able to overwhelm us. Now let's get to the Labyrinth."

Once you arrive at the entrance to the Labyrinth and Vanus teleports in, Skordo will head off to fight with the rest of then.

Skordo the Knife: "That was fun, but the main assault needs me now. Don't get yourself killed while I'm gone."

[verification needed — does he get more combat dialogue?]

You won't see him again in Coldharbour but his later appearance in Wrothgar suggests he survives the main assault.


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