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ON-icon-achievement-Clockwork City Adventurer.png Clockwork City Adventurer
ON-icon-achievement-Clockwork City Grand Adventurer.png Clockwork City Grand Adventurer
Type Clockwork City Achievements
Points 15, 50
Needed for Hero of Clockwork City
Furnishing(s) Clockwork Stylus (image) (000030003,000 Gold)
Complete [20 / 24] story quests in Clockwork City.

Clockwork City Adventurer and Clockwork City Grand Adventurer are awarded for completing quests in Clockwork City. Only 20 quests are needed for Clockwork City Adventurer, which is what's needed for Hero of Clockwork City. The Grand Adventurer achievement will allow you to purchase a Clockwork Stylus (image) for your house. It costs 000030003,000 Gold and can be purchased from Razoufa in the Brass Fortress.

For the purposes of these achievements, only the non-repeating quests in the Clockwork city will count, and there are exactly 24 of them, so you can't miss even one if you want to complete this achievement. The applicable quests are as follows:

Story Quests[edit]

Side Quests[edit]


  • For some reason, the Grand Adventurer achievement is listed first in the achievements screen, while the Adventurer one is listed as a secondary achievement. This is contrary to the arrangement of similar achievements for the other DLCs.