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Resolve a family feud between the Vanos siblings.
Zone: The Clockwork City
Quest Giver: Kireth Vanos
Location(s): Brass Fortress, The Radius, Vale of Tiers
Prerequisite Quest: The Strangeness of Seht
Reward: Explorer's Boots
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
Accompany Raynor as he explores Clockwork City
After an argument with his sister Kireth concerning Raynor's behavior during the Shadow Crisis, the young artificer stormed off and vowed to finish exploring the Clockwork City on his own. Kireth asked me to go help him.
Broken Clock Tower
Resonant Sphere

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak to Kireth inside the Hall of Refined Techniques.
  2. Find Raynor and talk to him.
  3. Explore the Clockwork City with Raynor.
  4. Return to Kireth and listen to the exchange between the siblings.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]


Kireth: "Raynor, you let him walk all over you! There's a difference between cordial and compliant!"
Raynor: "You told me to play nice with others! Now you complain? I don't have to listen to this. I'll finish exploring on my own!"


"Sorry you had to hear that. Our family feuds aren't usually so dramatic.
Raynor always requires a delicate touch, but he's never stormed off before. He hates being on his own."
What were you two arguing about?
"That whole shadow business. I didn't like the way Raynor let that High Elf artificer with a Dwarven control rod up his arse order us around.
My brother didn't deserve to be treated so poorly. I just wish he believed it too."
Raynor mentioned something about finishing your exploration?
"Before I wounded his pride, we were planning to explore this marvelous machine world. He charged off to prove he didn't need my help, and we know how that's going to turn out!
I'll let him cool off, but could you make sure he stays out of trouble?"
I'll go check on Raynor.
"What I said to Raynor was pretty harsh, but he can be so infuriating!
Look, he might be a brilliant artificer. Unfortunately, he's a terrible dungeon delver. Without me, he's going to get lost or hurt. Just don't mention me when you see him."
Where do you think Raynor is going?
"There are so many intriguing possibilities, I'm not sure which one he'd try to tackle first.
If I were my brother, I'd start by heading into the Radius. We talked about using that gulch with the outflow pipe as a base, so maybe begin there?"
Do you and your brother argue very often?
"Like kwama warriors fighting for the affection of their queen.
We're siblings! Of course we have arguments. Raynor's a thinker and I'm all about action. Our differences make us a great team - when we're not engaged in a heated debate."
You're sure you don't want to go after your brother?
"No, Raynor needs some alone time. We both do. No sense starting the same fight all over again.
You go talk to Raynor. Help him work things out so we can get back to our usual sibling rivalry. Just don't let him know I sent you."

Raynor Vanos[edit]

"Kireth doesn't appreciate my contributions to our partnership. She thinks I'd be lost without her. Well, I'll show her. My superior intellect easily outshines her bravado and derring-do.
But what brings you out here, my friend?"
I thought I'd give you a hand exploring the Clockwork City.
"That's a generous offer, but I find your sudden arrival somewhat ... convenient.
Did my sister send you after me? She really does think I'm as helpless as a newborn scrib without her, doesnt she?"
Yes, Kireth sent me to keep you from getting into too much trouble.
"I know it. I suppose you think I’m just a useless know-it-all who rolls over and exposes his belly to every snarling alit and pompous artificer that comes my way. Well, there’s more to Raynor Vanos than a superior intellect and a burning curiosity!"
So, will you let me help you?
"Yes, but not because of Kireth or because I’m afraid to go out there on my own. The fact of the matter remains, exploration requires both a brain and some brawn. If you’re willing to help, I won’t refuse. Let’s go see what wonders we can find!"
All right, let’s explore the Clockwork City.
Can't a person just want to help an old friend? Besides, who wouldn't want to explore this place?
"It's a fascinating place, isn't it? So much to see and learn. People in the Brass Fortress told me about a number of sites. We simply have to go and see them for ourselves! The possible discoveries, they boggle the mind!
Shall we go explore?"
Let's go explore the Clockwork City.
"There are a number of locations I want to examine. I added them to your map. Lead on and I will follow.
Don't worry, I'll provide any assistance I can, but I have to admit I'm not much of a fighter. That's more Kireth's area of expertise."
How did you and Kireth wind up in the Clockwork City?
"Same way as you, I imagine. We were looking for the ruins of Bamz-Amschend beneath Mournhold when we came across a tiny city inside a clockwork globe.
Needless to say, I knew what it was the moment I saw it. The shrinking made me queasy, though."
What were your impressions of Proctor Luciana?
"Stern, physically intimidating—to be honest, she scares the scrib jelly out of me!
Did you know she was once an Imperial battlemage? During the Reman Dynasty, while fighting in some war, a spell went awry and threw her through time and space."
Is that how she got here?
"Eventually. Sotha Sil found her. She was severely injured but he restored her using supplemental clockwork body parts. Soul gems power the parts, as with any other enchanted item. She's received so many replacements, she's functionally immortal."
You know, Kireth thinks you let Neramo walk all over you.
"She also thinks I'm stubborn, antisocial, and a pain in the nether regions!
I admit I acquiesced to Neramo's leadership. He has experience, wisdom—qualities that come naturally to someone of his age. To do less would have been disrespectful."
After you finish your explorations, how do you plan to get back to Morrowind?
"Divayth Fyr offered to teleport us out of here when we're ready, so that's one option.
I plan to find our own way out, though, just in case—after I prove to Kireth that I'm capable of investigating a site on my own. With your help, of course."
"The Resonant Sphere. One of Sotha Sil's minor marvels!"
"There! Did you hear it! The same tone that the central spire emits during the night cycle."
"Let me tell you what I discovered before we move on."
"Did you notice the perfect symmetry, the total roundness of the form? And the way it reacted to simple magical impulses? Incredible!
If memory serves, the chimes sounded similar to the ones that ring in the Brass Fortress."
What do you think the sphere is for? What's its purpose?
"Applying magic to the sphere provoked an aural response. Perhaps Sotha Sil utlizes different frequencies of sound to perform his divine workings.
On the other hand, Lord Seht might just appreciate good music."
You're a Dark Elf. Should you even be asking such questions about one of your gods?
"Tribunal doctrine strictly defines the consequences of questioning the methods and mechanisms of our Living Gods.
The apostles here in the Clockwork City emulate Sotha Sil in their own ways, so any questions I ask seem tame by comparison."
"Those machines must be pumps! For moving the lubricant throughout the Clockwork City. Fascinating!"
"I have what I need. We're done here."
"I wonder how the lubricant winds up in the Vale? Every time I answer one question, three more appear to take its place!"
What purpose does the Vale of Tiers serve, do you think?
"I'm glad you asked! I surmise that a correlation exists between the lubricant and the dead organic matter inevitably created in the Clockwork City. It has to go somewhere!
I speculate that those pumps distribute the grease throughout the complex."
Organic matter? Even the trees are made of metal here.
"Ah, but the fabricants consist of both flesh and machine! And so do the apostles! While the Dwemer were masters of mechanical construction, Lord Seht took it a step further by adding living material to the mix.
Kireth... no, never mind."
  • Broken Clock Tower:
"I saw this from a distance and was instantly intrigued."
"There's no rhyme to its function, at least none that I can ascertain."
"Maybe one day I can return with an entire team. For now, let's move on."
"What a magnificent monolith! I wonder if the working extend into the subterranean levels below us. Maybe that's where the true functioning takes place."
What purpose do you think the Broken Clock Tower serves?
"That's what I've been pondering since making my meticulous inspection of the site. It's a conundrum! Despite what that Slag Town trader told me, I don't see any method for determining what time it is. Kireth suggested - no, I can do this without her!"
What did Kireth suggest?
"Kireth uses intuition and leaps of logic instead of sound deductive reasoning, but it works for her. More often than not, actually. She thinks the tower is part of a vast underground mechanism that makes the city function. I suppose that makes sense."
What do we do now?
"We need to go back so I can tell Kireth - damn.
I can't believe I let a stupid argument cut my sister out of this. She should have been here. Not that I don't appreciate your help, mind you, but Kireth and I ... we're a team."
It sounds like you're having some regrets.
"It does, doesn't it? I'm not sure how to proceed. The complexities of social interaction are Kireth's specialty, not mine. She's my sister and we're a team. We work well together. But she did use some harsh, hurtful words.
What do you think?
Maybe you could talk to her and let Kireth know how you feel. You're siblings, after all.
"You're right. I can be the bigger person and apologise. I am her older and smarter brother, after all.
Let's return to the Brass Fortress. Perhaps you can talk to her first and see how Kireth is doing. She's probably lost and distraught without me. "
Maybe you should stand up for yourself. Let Kireth know you're as much a part of the team as she is.
"You're right. We just proved that I can be a successful explorer on my own. I don't need Kireth—she needs me!
Let's return to the Brass Fortress so I can give Kireth a piece of my mind—after you talk to her first, of course."

Back in the city[edit]

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Kireth Vanos: "Did everything go all right? You didn't run into any trouble, did you? Raynor requires constant supervision, especially around ruins and other ancient places.
He's extremely smart, but he has a few practical skills and he's easily distracted. "
I think your brother has something to say to you.
"He does, does he? Well, I have a few words for Raynor, as well. We're partners, and partners don't abandon each other when the going gets rough.
Anyway, thanks for making sure he got back here safe and sound. I appreciate it.
Raynor Vanos: "Kireth... I ... welll... I'm sorry. I shouldn't have stormed off like that. I blame all this metal. I think I'm getting a rash"
Kireth Vanos: "I'm sorry too. I said some things that were uncalled for. Unfair. That Neramo just makes my skin crawl, you know? "
Raynor: "It's the way he talks. Humongous words and a superior attitude."
Kireth: "Sounds like someone else I know. Now come on and tell me what you discovered."
Raynor Vanos: "What I day! We saw some amazing sites and we did it without my sister's help. Still, I'm glad we settled things and we're back to being partners again. I suppose I really do rely on Kireth's skills and abilities.
Anyway, thanks again.
Kireth: "Well, now that that's all over and done with, we can get back to the exciting stuff! I can't wait to crawl around in some of these clockwork contraptions.
Anyway, thanks for helping Raynor. I really do worry about him, you know.

Quest Stages[edit]

Family Feud
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I need to find Raynor somewhere in the Clockwork City. Kireth asked me not to mention that she sent me, but I don't know how I feel about lying to Raynor.
Objective: Find Raynor Vanos
I agreed to help Raynor conduct his research of the Clockwork City. He wants to investigate the Resonant Sphere, the Vale of Tiers, and the Broken Clock Tower.
Objective: Explore the Clockwork City
Objective Hint: Discuss Sphere Findings with Raynor
Objective Hint: Discuss Tower Findings with Raynor
Objective Hint: Discuss Vale Findings with Raynor
Objective: Talk to Raynor Vanos
☑Finishes quest I convinced Raynor to stand up for himself. He wants me to talk to Kireth first before he tells his sister what he thinks of her for berating him after the shadow affair.
Objective: Talk to Kireth Vanos
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