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Help Sovor Saryoni find a cure for his ailment.
Zone: The Clockwork City
Quest Giver: Proctor Sovor Saryoni
Location(s): Brass Fortress; The Cloisters; Reactor District
Reward: Spare Serpentine Belt
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High
Terari performing a dangerous experiment
Proctor Sovor Saryoni, a ranking Clockwork Apostle, is dying and has asked me to help save his life. He believes his only hope to continue his existence lies in an experiment conducted by a former apostle, but she was exiled long ago because of it.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Proctor Sovor Saryoni.
  2. Find Terari Heladren.
  3. Find Bolin.
  4. Defeat Bolin and extract the black soul gem.
  5. Return to Terari and help her perform the experiment.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Quest Stages[edit]

Most Complicated Machine
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Sovor told me that searching for Terari's failed experiment may be the best means of finding her. He's provided me with the Apostle's best guess as to where it might be. I should search the area for signs of the experiment and Terari.
Objective: Search for Terari
I found signs that Terari and her failed experiment are in the area. I should concentrate my efforts on a more thorough search of the area.
Objective: Find Terari
I have located Terari Heladren in a derelict laboratory. I should speak to her about Sovor's request.
Objective: Talk to Terari Heladren
Terari revealed that her experiment was an attempt to save her lover's life by installing his soul in a factotum. She was successful, but the process drove him mad. I agreed to destroy it and retrieve the black soul gem holding Bolin's soul.
Objective: Find and Destroy Bolin's Body
I destroyed the factotum housing the black soul gem containing Bolin's soul. I should extract it from the wreckage and return to Terari.
Objective: Extract the Black Soul Gem
I retrieved the black soul gem containing Bolin's soul from the wreckage of his machine body. I should bring it to Terari as soon as possible.
Objective: Return to Terari's Workshop
Terari is going to attempt to transfer Sovori's soul into a factotum and release Bolin from the black soul gem. I have agreed to assist in case things spin out of control again. I should initiate the procedure once I'm prepared.
Objective: Flip the Switch to Initiate the Transfer
☑Finishes quest Terari and I performed the experiment to transfer Sovor's soul into the factotum and free Bolin's spirit. It appears that the procedure was a success. I should speak to Terari about the results.
Objective: Talk to Terari Heladren
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