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Lector Trivura
Home City Brass Fortress
Location Mechanical Fundament
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Clockwork Apostles
Lector Trivura

Lector Trivura is a Dunmer Apostle who has taken Associate Zanon under her wing. She dislikes his decision to study factotums, which Zanon sees as motivational.

Related Quests[edit]


The Oscillating Son[edit]

"I hold my head in a globe. An intricate network of loops, gears, and strings. All interwoven in a delicate pattern which focuses the strength of all without tearing at the seams.
Where do you fit in this pattern?"
Associate Zanon wishes for you to evaluate him.
"Has my wayward pupil found something of worth? Zanon is an errant bearing in the system. He acts much but contributes nothing, trapped upon the Pendulum.
I do not wish for my meditation to be interrupted by frivolity."
He's reconstructed an ancient factotum.
"Truly? Replicating the divine is no trivial claim.
To reproduce the work of the Mainspring Ever-Wound takes more than mere skill or knowledge. To create a factotum, where brass and soul have merged to one? Inconceivable."
Come see for yourself.
"Your confidence intrigues me.
Very well. After all, the Sermons tell us that knowledge is hidden only to be found, even the mysteries of the factotums. Meet me in Zanon's workshop. Let us see if he will disappoint me once again."
If you speak to her again:
"I will find my own way to Zanon's workshop. Go tell my student I will arrive shortly."
Why are you down here?
"Silence gives birth to the intrepid mind. Knowledge must be found - and to find a thing, it must be hidden. It is not enough to be told."
What do you mean?
"That was both an answer and a dismissal. You may leave now, and reflect."

Zanon and Trivura meet back at his workshop.

Associate Zanon: "Lector Trivura! Thank you for coming. It's been too long."
Lector Trivura: "Perhaps. This auxiliary tells me you've reconstructed a factotum."
Associate Zanon: "Yes, right here. It's almost emerged from liminality."
Lector Trivura: "Fascinating. How did you manage to refactor the subjectivity lacework? Did you construct a locus amoenus to stabilize it?"
Associate Zanon: "I, ah, the factotum has a record of all the operations I made. I'm afraid I was in something of a trance. Possibly divine inspiration!"
Lector Trivura: "Possibly."
Associate Zanon: "The reconditioning is complete. May I present my finest work, the Precursor."
The Precursor: "What a relief to be in one piece again. And you've fixed my nagging elbow joint! Bravo, apostle, bravo."
Lector Trivura: "Oh Divine Metronome, why do you test me so?"
The Precursor: "Why, an addition to our party! Forgive my rudeness, apostle. You may call me the Precursor."
Lector Trivura: "I know what you are, pendulate. The holy text calls you the Oscillating Son."
The Precursor: "I'm afraid the texts are a tad inaccurate then. Sotha Sil did not create me with a gender in mind."
Lector Trivura: "Silence, blasphemer! They speak of a fractured creation of Lord Seht, discarded in the First Era. Left with the knowledge to rebuild itself only to test his pupils."
The Precursor: "Fractured? Discarded? I'm just a tad old is all! I'm sure this is just a mistake."
Lector Trivura: "Your only purpose is to convince unworthy apostles to rebuild you. Any child could complete such a task."
Associate Zanon: "But Lector, it's not as simple as you say! I learned much from working on this factotum. My research has been advanced tenfold."
Lector Trivura: "If you developed the skill of contemplation instead of mere tinkering, perhaps you would know better, Zanon. Speak to me when you've done so. And dismantle that thing."
The Precursor: "Excuse me? Dismantle? Why I never?"
Associate Zanon: "Lector, please don't go! I still don't understand what you want from me!"
The Precursor: "But apostle, what of me?"
Associate Zanon: "You can go jump in a recycling furnace for all I care!"
The Precursor: "How rude!"


When she is not meditating in the Mechanical Fundament, she can be occasionally overheard having conversations outside in the city.

After Saints' Mercy is completed, Alienist Llandras can be found discussing the current situation of the Saints with her:

Lector Trivura: "Alienist. I'm told the Asylum Sanctorium is returning to order. So much a such a place can be."
Alienist Llandras: "We all wrestle entropy in our own ways, but yes, the Saints are at peace in their shrines now."
Lector Trivura: "So you say. Can you truly claim they are at peace within their crystal confines?"
Alienist Llandras: "I only know that they are quiet and their prior existence was one of anguish. Improving their condition is, as always, my endeavor."
Lector Trivura: "A worthy one. How might I aid the Saints as well?"
Alienist Llandras: "Come, visit, pray to their shrines. I believe earnest faith helps mend their bridges to the divine."
Lector Trivura: "An interesting theory. I look forward to testing it."