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Denthis Romori
Home City Davon's Watch
Location The Watch House, Ashen Road Wayshrine
Stirk, Court of Contempt, The Hollow City Library, The Chasm, Reaver Citadel Wayshrine
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Mages Guild
Denthis Romori

Denthis Romori is a Dunmer member of the Mages Guild and an apprentice to Valdam Andoren. He resides in Davon's Watch and has a brother named Dithis.

After reclaiming a lost book from his possession in Davon's Watch, he can be found inside The Watch House inn. He can later be found near the Ashen Road Wayshrine with his master, working on trying to save his brother after he turned Dithis into a goblin, resulting in the Shadowsilk Tribe kidnapping him.

Denthis and his brother will be selected to help with the portals during the Coldharbour invasion, only to be captured and imprisoned in the Court of Contempt when they arrive in the Daedric realm.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]


The Wizard's Tome[edit]

Denthis as a chicken in the Mages Guild
Denthis and Valdam in the Mages Guild, if Denthis was freed

He can be found near the entrance to the Outlaw's Refuge by the bank, having been trapped by one of the stolen spellbook's defenses.

<This man appears to have been enchanted by the spellbook.>

If you free him:

"What? How?
Oh, right. The book."
You were trapped by the spell book.
"Praise Vivec! Thank you for releasing me. I'll run right to him and explain.
By the way, I have an amazing idea for a spell that makes everyone else around you smell better. It will change everything!"

If you managed to free him, he will be found in the Mages Guild Hall after the quest.

"Never again, honest! I've learned my lesson."

A Goblin's Affection[edit]

Before starting the quest, he recognizes you. His response depends on your success in releasing him from the spell book's grasp. If you trapped him as a chicken:

"I remember you! You're the reason my master back in Stonefalls almost ate me for dinner! Thank the Divines I was able to hide in that chicken coop."

If you managed to free him or if this is the first time you've met him:

"It would have been perfect! I had such plans for the Goblinization spell matrix."

If you speak to him when the quest is started, his dialogue differs depending on your actions during the previous quest. If you freed him:

"Hurry, my friend. The Goblinization spell matrix I cast on him will only last so long.
I don't want to think what would happen if his appearance changed in the middle of that camp."

If you turned him into a chicken:

"You again? Vivec knows how much I suffered as a chicken. And with the master's constant threats to eat me … well, lesson learned.
Oh, and I learned Andoren can't be trusted. Now about my brother …."

After Dithis is freed, he will say: "He's back unharmed! He's still a Goblin, but… well…."

Once you change Dithis back to normal, he will be enthusiastic to try again.

"Amazing work, my friend. Now Dithis and I can deconstruct the Goblinization matrix and see where I went wrong. Perhaps some sort of magical attraction component was added by mistake.
So Dithis… do you feel pretty?"

He can be met back in Davon's Watch afterwards.

"Good to see you again, friend. The Goblinization matrix could have been amazing, if my brother hadn't ruined everything.
Of course, you know that. You've already seen my genius in action!"


Denthis on Stirk

He can be met on Stirk during the Summit meeting where he is working on things alongside Juline Ginis in Telenger's tent. If you haven't met him before he will still recognize you after hearing the stories:

"Well met, friend. I've heard a lot about you!"

If you saved him from the enchanted tome in Stonefalls, he'll say:

"You may have saved my life back in Stonefalls, but my master almost killed me for taking that tome!"

If you turned him into a chicken on Stonefalls, he'll say:

"I remember you! You're the reason my master back in Stonefalls almost ate me for dinner! Thank the Divines I was able to hide in that chicken coop."

Later he can be found beside his brother, waiting for Vanus Galerion to open the portal. When spoken to, he wants assurances that there will not be anything that can turn him into a bird:

"Are there any spells or traps in Coldharbour that could turn me into a chicken? I'd just like a fair warning."


Hall of Judgement[edit]

Denthis can be found locked within a cage within the Hall. If you speak with him before releasing him, he will say, "You've got to help us!"

After his release he will already be planning his revenge.

Denthis Romori: "They found me guilty? Me? I'll make them rue the day! Rue, I say!"

If you speak with him he will say, "I'm still shaking. Judge Xiven gave us the death penalty."

Once you have fought your way out of the Court of Contempt, Denthis will be waiting with the others outside.

"That was too close for comfort! I'm a conjurer, not a battle mage!
Anyway, thanks for getting us out of those cages. I appreciate it."

The Hollow City[edit]

He can be found outside the Library with his companions.

"The city is coming along nicely, don't you think? I'm not sure if we would have made it this far if not for your help.
Thank you."

The Chasm[edit]

The Romori brothers at the Reaver Citadel Wayshrine

Denthis will participate in the push through the Chasm and can first be found crouched down on the path leading to the floor of the chasm. He appears here regardless of whether he's been rescued or not.

"Once we control the portal, we can control the first section of the Chasm."

Once you reach the second tier, he and his brother will be guarding the portal, as per Gathwen's orders.

"My brother and I will guard this area. See what you can do about those reinforcement portals."
Will you be all right here?
"Oh, right as rain. Besides, we've got the high and mighty Cadwell watching our backs.
He might be as crazy as an outhouse skeever, but he's remarkable with that sword."

The Reaver Citadel[edit]

Denthis will be with his brother on the land bridge south of the Reaver Citadel.

"My brother's nervous. So am I. This quest of ours never seems to end!"