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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Secure the Chasm and gain access to Molag Bal's personal domain.
Zone: Coldharbour
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Objective: The Chasm — Help the combined forces secure the Chasm.
Quest Giver: King Laloriaran Dynar, Sir Cadwell
Location(s): The Hollow City, Grunda's Gatehouse
Prerequisite Quest: The Army of Meridia
Next Quest: The Harvest Heart
Reward: Molag Grunda's Girdle
367 Gold
Cross the Chasm to reach the Fist of Stone
The army has been gathered and the time has come to take the battle to Molag Bal! But to reach the planar vortex at the heart of the Dark Lord's inner sanctum, we have to cross the well-defended Chasm.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Cadwell.
  2. Destroy the four focus stones at the Chasm.
  3. Talk to Cadwell, then enter the portal to the Chasm Second Tier.
  4. Close the eastern and western portals.
  5. Talk to Cadwell at the Gatehouse.
  6. Unlock the door.
  7. Defeat the enemies in Grunda's Gatehouse.
  8. Talk to Vanus Galerion outside.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Speak to King Laloriaran Dynar in the Chapel of Light. Cadwell will be your guide when you lead the attack on the Chasm.

Cadwell is north of the Chapel of Light. He says the army needs to break some focus stones before they can cross the Chasm.

You need to destroy four focus stones. You can talk to Gathwen, if you want. The stones are gray with a red aura around them before they are destroyed.

Cadwell says you need to close two portals. Darien Gautier closes the eastern portal for you, once you kill all the enemies in the area. The same thing happens to the western portal.

Unlocking the Gatehouse[edit]

Talk to Cadwell at the Gatehouse. He can't wait to see Molag Grunda.

Once across the Gatehouse Span, Cadwell remembers you need to start the flywheels. Each flywheel area has a lever behind some enemies. You need to activate the lever to start the flywheel.

Activate the chain next to the door to the Gatehouse, which opens the door.

Enter Grunda's Gatehouse and kill her pet flesh atronach, then Grunda herself.

Talk to Vanus Galerion outside. He tells you that the army has secured the Chasm and can now move troops from the Hollow City to the front lines.


  • There is a skyshard to the right of the western portal in the Chasm Second Tier.

Quest Stages[edit]

Crossing the Chasm
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I need to locate Cadwell and find out what the scouts have learned about the situation at the Chasm.
Objective: Talk to Cadwell
Latest start I should follow Cadwell out of the Hollow City and head toward the Chasm.
Objective: Follow Cadwell to the Chasm
According to Cadwell, the army can't cross the Chasm until the focus stones have been destroyed. I better get to it!
Objective: Talk to Gathwen
Objective: Destroy the Focus Stones: x/4
destroyed the focus stones. Now we're in control of this section of the Chasm and the portal that leads to the second tier. I should talk to Cadwell and make sure things are good here before I head upstairs.
Objective: Talk to Cadwell
Objective Hint: Enter the Portal
Molag Grunda is sending waves of reinforcements through a pair of portals on the second tier of the Chasm. I need to locate the portals and close them before the Fighters Guild and Mages Guild troops are overrun.
Objective: Close the East Portal
Objective: Close the West Portal
Now that the portals are closed and the reinforcements have been dealt with, I should head over to the gatehouse.
Objective: Talk to Cadwell at the Gatehouse
The door ahead opens upon the bridge the leads to Molag Grunda's gatehouse. I should follow Cadwell inside.
Objective: Enter the Gatehouse Span
I need to cross the span to reach the gatehouse.
Objective: Cross the Span
According to Cadwell, I must activate two flywheels before I can enter the gatehouse. I should look for the first flywheel on the north side of the Chasm and activate it.
Objective: Start the North Flywheel
According to Cadwell, I must activate two flywheels before I can enter the gatehouse. I should look for the second flywheel on the south side of the Chasm and activate it.
Objective: Start the South Flywheel
I activated the flywheels. Now I must unlock the gatehouse.
Objective: Unlock the Gatehouse
Now that the gatehouse is unlocked, it's time to put an end to Molag Grunda.
Objective: Kill Molag Grunda
With Molag Grunda defeated and the Chasm under our control, I should find my way out of this place and meet up with the others.
Objective: Exit the Gatehouse
☑Finishes quest I should leave Grunda's Gatehouse and meet up with Vanus Galerion.
Objective: Meet Vanus Galerion Outside
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