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This page lists user-created ideas for roleplaying in Oblivion.

These ideas have been created by individual users, with no community input. Therefore, the quality of these ideas may vary widely.


This category has the following 11 subcategories, out of 11 total.

  • Assassin
    Make a living by killing people
  • Criminal
    Thieves and other criminals live by their own "laws"
  • Fighter
    Sometimes violence is the answer
  • Guard
    Use your skills to serve and protect - or harass and oppress - the citizens of Cyrodiil
  • Jobs
    Choose an occupation to provide your income
  • Lifestyles
    Decide what type of lifestyle you wish to lead
  • Mage
    Manipulate magicka in whatever way you desire
  • Religious Enthusiast
    Let your religious beliefs guide you
  • Ruler
    Become the leader of a group, a town, a city, or an empire
  • Scientist
    Experiment to increase your knowledge
  • Wilderness Dweller
    Detach yourself from normal society

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