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(Fighter-type Roleplaying)

There is a very broad roleplaying opportunity with the Blades. When Jauffre gives you the opportunity to Join the Blades, accept.

Live at Cloud Ruler Temple. Set up a room there and make it your home base. Every morning get up early and go have breakfast. Suit up in your armor and head down to the armory for some Blade, Blunt, Hand-to-Hand or Bow practice. You could also Roleplay that you're the Official Battlemage, Archer or any other Official charge of the Blades and do your other training duties. Greet your brothers and sisters and go on duty: patrol the interior of the temple, the walls outside, or even around the border of the temple itself. You could have a night shift and watch the wilderness from the wall towers, shooting fireballs to light up the ground if you see something. Pretend you are training the two Blades that are practicing on the patch of grass.

There are eight people around Cyrodiil who are affiliated with the Mythic Dawn cult, being Sleeper-Agents. As a Blade, it is your duty to fight this organization. At night, or when they aren't at home, search through the homes of people you suspect. If you find copies of the Mythic Dawn Commentaries or Red robe uniforms, then you know you have a Mythic Dawn faction member. Track them down and assassinate them. Confront them in full Blades gear and drop their Mythic Dawn gear in front of them. When no one can see you, cut them down (although chances are they will attack you upon sight if you have completed Dagon Shrine thus giving you a right to defend yourself).

Get a full suit of Blades armor, complete with Blades Shields, either an Akaviri Katana or Akaviri Dai-Katana and the Draconian Madstone, in the East Wing armory. You should enchant all of your armor with Transcendent Sigil Stones, also if you don't like to use Akaviri Katana or Dai-Kai because it doesn't do much damage you could use the Ebony Blade or Goldbrand; Unfortunately you have to associate with a Daedra Cult, but you could just infiltrate the Cult and then kill the cult members. Wear this often. Get a set of cover clothes. A regular-looking set of shirts, shoes, and pants for when you need to hide your identity. It doesn't need to be high-class or low-class. Middle-class might be good. But if you want, just use whatever you want. Blades aren't supposed to advertise their identity to the world, as every Blade you can talk to will tell you.


(Scientist-type Roleplaying)

Be Frankenstein and create your very own monster. Choose a Follower and equip him with all bound armor enchantments, named things like "Chest of Frankenstein" or "Frankenstein's Feet".


(Mage-type Roleplaying)

Become a Temptress who seduces her enemies. Use Illusion to charm and control your subjects. Have men followers only. Become extremely jealous towards women, and secretly kill women who take looks at your men. Have a boyfriend in every city. With the console, you can make the castle yours to own, with all those guards outside (or inside) your room.