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(Mage-type Roleplaying)

Sorry if this is a bad role-play this is my first one,but I'll try my best.

As the new arch-mage when you vanquish Mannimarco you are now the leader of mage's guild obviously. You should start teaching the young apprentices about magic,Hannibal Traven wasn't that good of a leader but it's your chance to reddeem the mage's guild.

You should start by:

  • Having an apprentice accompany you into the woods lecture them and show them your skills and give them a chance to test their skills against everything the wild can throw at you.
  • Have a schedule like a normal person,eat,sleep,and take apprentices out into the wild at certain times.
  • Spice up the arcane university put some books(and if you're a pc player,post your own notes)all over the university.
  • Frame your artifacts and prized possessions in your room to show off your skills.

If you have a pc try giving the scholars and apprentinces unique names.


(Fighter-type Roleplaying)


Lords can have many different types of kingdoms,therefore you have many,many options try every kind and see what you like best.

Fort/Ruin Ruler

This type of Lord has many places to choose from,my favorite is Vilverin(the one across from the beginning sewers)because it has a bed and several cool places to position your friends. Before you of course need to ccompletely clear the chosen spot of enemies. You may also try to charm them into liking you with careful use of illusion magic, and have an own army. Then,gather your favorite followers and bring them to your new digs. Ayelid ruins I personally think are better because it is an ancient city it has many traps and sniper spots,Although you can be an uber fort/ayelid ruin emperor and rule every single ruin/fort in Cyrodill.

Vampire Patriarch

This is interesting because if you are on PC(I'm not but I have seen and played on PC before)you can put yourself in into the vampire faction so they don't attack you and you can make a vampire army. Of course you have to be a vampire to be this lord-roleplay you can have benirus manor as a base because of the creepy hidden chamber and move your followers there and pretend that they are out finding blood or waiting for orders from their leader(you),Many possibilities for this roleplay await.


For this you need to pick your favorite city preferably bravil(Count Regulus Trentius and his son are killable)but you can try to pin an essential count(ess)in a prison you overthrew them but are merciful so you kept them alive which is ideal for a good aligned character. Kill any non-loyal citizens to make an example of them and going out and getting max disposition with other NPC's,if you have traveling characters in your city you can pretend that they are spying on other cities and "infiltrating" them. You can either stick with one city to be like an actual count or you can be a high-chancellor or emperor and gain control of other counties,endless possiblities.

Daedric Lord

Become a daedric lord,by,enchanting an item with custom abilities and name it something cool or after your daedra name think of a cool name and what you power or domain is be creative don't have the same abilities or domain as a divine or daedra lord. For example I made a Breton and his domain was war and royalty so he could charm by 50 for 5 seconds and had an ice,fire,and lightning area of effect spells,and can fortify blade skills,be creative.


(Fighter-type Roleplaying)


The jedi are the iconic image of the epic star wars saga,they have many skills and are very possible to play in Oblivion

Major Skills:Blade(we all know why),Mysticism(telekinisis is like the force),Acrobatics(The jedi are able to jump very high),Athletics(A jedi has to be fit),Alchemy(Jedi can also channel the force by being able to operate on various machinery or piloting different vehicles),Speechcraft(jedi are very charismatic and can be excellent politicians),Alteration(opening locks and you can say that when you overencumber someone it's like you used to force to weigh them downP

Races:Any really although wood elves are good because they're nimble and bretons are ideal

equipment:tattered robe and hood are good as well as mage's robe and hood,you can wear normal clothes and white and brown moke robes are decent but whatever you wear make sure it's cheap.

factions:avoid dark brotherhood and thieves guild,join the mage's guild or knight errant of Leyawwin.

Weapons:Akaviri Katana is good and for effect enchant it with fire or lightning to make it like a lightsaber.

Tasks:help out with good quests and clear the pirates out of the waterfront and use it as a headquarters for peace.

Lifestyle:give beggars money eat a meal once every other day take peaceful actions during quests and whenever you have to kill a bandit or pirate give them a flower on their corpse.


(God-type Roleplaying)

Sheogorath is a very easy roleplay even without Shivering Isles but it's more "authentic" if you have it.

Race(s):Imperial that looks like SI Shogorath predecessor or any race since he is not an actual imperial as in the aricle he is deadric prince race not imperial.

Class:Custom with 'daedra','Sheogorath or 'madgod' as class. Magic Spec. with;Blade(backup),Conjuration(your a deadra prince),destruction,Alchemy(make potions with names like Sheograth's blood or Madgod's esscence),illusion,Speechcraft(Shogorath is an interesting talker) and mysticism(trap souls and telekinisis is like when you attack Sheo(original)he teleports you)

If you have SI

  • Get to Madgod rank and wear the regalia at all times.
  • Use Wabbajack and the staff of madness reguraly.
  • Sit on your throne!
  • Defend your realm
  • Have an escort with you constantly.
  • I suggest becoming duke(or duchess)of Dementia so you can have her quarters so you can have bed to sleep in.
  • When you go into town announce your presence YOUR A GOD! Pretend people are bowing to you and saying,"all hail shogorath"
  • Pretend to send guards to wipe out heretics you need to keep your image.
  • When you get ushnar's dog pretend it was an offering from the orc

If you don't have SI

  • Wear high-class clothing to make up for a regali,get up to apprentice in the mage's guild so you can enchant it and name it Madgod's suit or something. Seriously though SI is awesome
  • Use Wabbajack

  • aybe you want to become ultima madgod and gain all of you bretheren's artifacts
  • Become head in all of the guilds in Cyrodill (except for blades and nine divine factions)
  • Have at least 10,000 septims with you at all times.
  • Have all the best houses in Cyrodill and decorate it with sheogorath decor
  • Maybe you want to add something to your throne room in SI like heretic and order robes in the fire? Maybe put shards of order on the railings to show how many order soldiers you destroyed!
  • With the PC version of the game, you may have your very own Champion! First, you should have Talkie Toaster's Companion Mod. Then search for a suitable candidate to be a Champion. Use the console to get his health high up, aswell as the skills. Then, make sure you've alot of Madness ore or Amber. Go to the smith and forge the armour and weapons (preferably with matrixes) After that, you have a new Champion! Make sure that HE fights, not you.

Mountain man[edit]

(Wilderness Dweller-type Roleplaying)



Race:Wood elf,Dark elf or Redguard

Class:Ranger:Spec-Stealth,Skills-Marksman,Stealth,Light armor,Blunt/Blade,Mysticism,Alchemy

  • Wear clothes that look like the Imperial legion foresters.
  • Use fur and leather armor only
  • Find a hideout like Atrene Camp or the home for the sunken one quest.
  • You're a kind person who cares about nature and most of its creations so avoid killing animals but exterminate monsters and bandits for their presence defiles the wilderness.


Race:Breton,altmer or dunmer

Class:generic mage or custom with whatever you want

  • Practice your magic constantly,you have no respect for anyone they are all to stupid their intelligence is inferior.
  • Have a wicked hideout like Drakelowe,Arkved's tower or Atrene camp
  • Decorate your home with alchemy ingredients and different assortment soul gems especially black soul gems.
  • BE EVIL!!!

DB Assassin[edit]

(Assassin-type Roleplaying)

DB Assassin

Race: Khajiit, Argonian, Dunmer or Bosmer

Class: Generic Assassin or if custom class use Alchemy (Poisons), Marksman (Sniping), Blade (Melee Foes), Sneak (The focal tool of an assassin), Illusion (Chameleon and Invisibility), Light Armor (For up close targets), Athletics (if you require a quick escape). W/Speed and Agility

  • only wear you're DB armor in the sanctuary or on a contract.
  • Always strive to earn a bonus

Role: You are naturally an assassin for the DB. You kill with speed and precision not strength and when you murdered someone the DB was eager for your gift.

Initiation kills; Mephala’s quest and the NPc's highwayman (kill him before he initiates conversation) or Arnora.

Equipment: Shrouded Armor and Hood when on a contract or at the sanctuary and wear lower-class or middle-class attire when not or if you're like noble upper-class clothing.

Other options

  • You may wish to just get to the purification and kill Ocheeva and become the new master of the Cheydinhal sanctuary. Keep everyone else alive and kill misc. Npc's and sell their gear for payment like you're doing contracts.

Assassination Jobs[edit]

(Jobs-type-type Roleplaying)

These are dark brotherhood assassin jobs that you can do either when you reach listener rank or (if you're following my other DB roleplay) when you kill Ocheeva and become new master of Cheydinhal sanctuary.

Supreme Rulership

Client: Night Mother or Sithis

Quest Giver: Night Mother or Sithis

Reward: Glory! (No Bonus)

Requires: The main questline completion, Listener Rank

Quest: The Night Mother has always known of your relation with martin and Uriel Septim and since Martin is gone the dark brotherhood shall claim Cloud ruler temple. You must go and kill all blades within the temple and name cloud ruler temple for Sithis. Once you finish murdering every blade bring 1 or 2 Dark brotherhood murderers to the temple (take one there kill him then bring the other one and the one you killed will respawn and as long as you don't talk to him he won't return to the sanctuary) You can also put human heart bones and skulls everywhere in the temple and remove (sell if you want) the katanas and armor of the blades. And once you have completed this task the most fortified citadel in Cyrodill now belongs to the dark brotherhood!


  • This is purely roleplaying.
  • no reward glory and favor with the NM and Sithis.

City of Sithis

Client: Night Mother or Sithis

Quest Giver: Night Mother or Sithis

Reward: the city's spoils are for you

Requires: listener rank

Quest: The city of Bravil is the ideal locality for Sithis to take over. Your orders are simple, go to Bravil slay the Count and boom! The city is now the dark brotherhoods.


  • Roleplaying only


Client: Anonymous citizen

Quest Giver: Arquen, the Night Mother or Sithis

Reward: 1000 gold (Sell her stuff or add with console)

Requires: Nothing

Quest: Go to Gottlesfont priory and eliminate all inhabitants.


  • Roleplaying

Mage Lord[edit]

(Mage-Type-type Roleplaying)

Mage-Lord Roleplay

Race:Altmer,Breton or Dunmer all work great for this.


Birthsign:Mage,Apprentice or Atronach

Details:This Roleplay is a mage-type where you use magicka to further your goals in several ways. You use ancient ayelid and deadric magic to become more powerful. Your character can either choose to be Good or evil. If you choose good you should join the mage's guild while,if you're evil you can be a Dark Brotherhood Mage like Mraj'Dar. Your can maybe choose to become a mercenary and join Fighter's guild but you need to be able to make custom spells so you can be a Apprentice in mage's guild just for the altar of spellcrafting(Unless you have wizard's tower). If you choose to be a mercenary don't become fighter's guild master,you never see other guild masters as mages. Alternatively,your character can get to the blackwood company and stay there(don't do hist quest).


  • Use alchemy often to experiment with different herbs.

Not much else.


  • You should have a cool place to test your magic if you're not in the mage's guild like fort farragut or Glademist Cave.
  • Have spells like "True Oblivion" "Ayelid Grasp" or "Death Magic"(Drain health for 3 points on self and 50 frost damage at range)



Race:Imperial or Redguard are by far the most favorable

Class:Warrior or create a custom class with (Combat Spec.) (Strength/Endurance and Personality) (Blade,Speechcraft,Heavy Armor,Block,Mercantile,Restoration,Athletics.)

BS:The Lord,tower or warrior.

Details:Your character is a nobleman of Cyrodill and largely respected in the landsmeet. You should complete the main quetline quickly to become Champion of Cyrodill as soon as possible. You should join the blades for the armor set and the akaviri katana. When you complete the main quest or whenever buy rosethorn hall and furnish it completely. Talk about problems with high chancellor ocato such as the Gray fox. And in your downtime you could do the arena or the knights of the nine. Avoid Knights of the white stallion and the order of the virtuous blood. Maybe after or even during the oblivion crisis a civil war strikes between the Nibenay and Colovia and you have to either choose sides or stop the war and if you choose a side try to convince the imperial city to join you. If you side with the nibenay you obviously can't have rosethorn hall try cheydinhal.