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Regional Champion[edit]

(Fighter-type Roleplaying)

Race: any race will do skills:depends on style of gameplay Regional Champion

Race: Depends on region (e.g. Blackwood means use a argonian or Khajitt or Gold Coast means use Breton or redguard) skills: any you desire Back Story: In cyrodiil there are multiple regions as shown here [1] You choose a region and become its greatest hero (e.g. a Redguard could choose The gold coast and do all quests clear all dungeons and the such) Get to know all dungeons and villages, however dont overdo the heroics! No mortal could probaly clear 5 ayleid ruins 3 forts and close an oblivion gate and be back for dinner on time in a single day. Do about a dungeon every 2 days, 1 day for preparing and the other for resting and celebrating a victory unless you lost of course. You are a servant to your region, always be friends with the count(ess) and pretend that he/she told you that a certain fort or ruin was a threat to the security of (insert generic name here) and you need to wipe it out. Example: Cyrus the redguard is told by the countess of anvil to clear out fort strand because the marauders there are planning to attack the city. Also there are stages in your journey.

1.Squire You are beginning your adventure as a lowly squire.You are basically a man servant for the knight you choose.(who you choose should be one of the people in the local fighter's guild hall or the city watch captain) Do tasks such as get a book from the store or deliver weapons to the guard. Sometimes he may need you to do something dangerous such as try to get some ingredients from a cave up north but its infested with goblins,monsters and the such. Time to prove yourself! When you feel the time to end this period has come you have to make up the final task such as clear out a cave of bandits and kill their bandit boss. You should have low level equipment at this time and iron or leather armor.

2.Knight You have been knighted and are ready to serve your region with pride! This is the period where you meet the ruler of your city and swear your sword arm to him or her. Also you must meet a follower who will be your brother in arms. You are regularly charged with clearing the smaller dungeons, delivering messages, and finding and killing devious villains such as a marauder warlord who has gone to far or a certain necromancer who is trying to become a lich. I also recommend that you join the fighter's guild so that you can pretend that its the knight order house and the residents are fellow knights.As before you choose when it ends by doing a final task as a knight Your equipment should be either chainmail or steel armor. You should also pick up your first follower at this point.

3.Hero You are a hero in the eyes of the people and are adored by them. This is the period where you attain your second follower which should give you 2 followers who are heroes beside you. You are taking on bigger challenges by doing medium level dungeons and protecting the interests of your region.Your armor should either be of mithril or dwarven

4.Champion The ruler has watched you with interest and has has given you a challenge. You must take on a large dungeon to destroy the greatest threat in the region when you face the boss raise your difficulty slider. When you come back you are greeted the new champion by the people. You are now the leader of the local knight order and can recieve your new house! (imperial city champions just use Ra'jhan's house in the elven garden.) You are now the champion and will be forever remembered. But you still have to do tasks for the ruler! You can use any armor you want, custom or not, and tales of your deeds grows. You might be contacted by other cities and counts to do tasks for them.

5.Retirement Your career has finally ended. The dungeons are silent and you are tired. The time has come for the dissolution of you adventure party. Since you retired you can put 1 as the new knight commander and another as the leader of the local mages or a chapel priest. However this period is about relaxment but the fun isnt over. Always talk to the ruler of the city. every week or so go out in the wilderness to remember your many adventures and memories of the past. But wait you hear a knock on your door. Its a young lad but he looks about ready to explode. He wants to be the new champion and your the one whos going to train him. Take him around show him the ropes and lead him to victory. Always meet with your past followers and remember the glory days when they were invincible. And as you retire you hear there's a portal near bravil. You take a boat and hear the voice of the mad-god call you. Or you hear tales of mad prophet in anvil. Another adventure begins.