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Madam Firilanya is the NPC hireling that sends you Clothing materials via the in-game mail. She is an Altmer and a well-connected traveling merchant, whose business has taken her to Anvil, Black Marsh, Skyrim, Rivenspire, Vvardenfell, and elsewhere.

Firilanya is a fairly hardy individual, unbothered by the rigors of travel and very capable of handling herself in dangerous situations. She is equally crafty as a saleswoman, to the point of making business arrangements with goblins. She is generally open-minded toward foreign cultures; she does her best to learn the local customs in any given location she travels to, and she likewise does what she can to accommodate foreigners, to the point of letting those who struggle with Altmer names call her "Miss Firi" or "Madam Lanya." Her open-mindedness doesn't override her principles; she harbors a burning hatred for House Telvanni due to its support of slavery.