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Home City Rimmen
Location Job Brokers' tent
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Jo'isi is a Khajiit found in the Job Broker's tent in Rimmen who serves as an introduction to the various daily quests available from Nisuzi, Ri'hirr, and Battlereeve Tanerline. She is the author of Elsweyr Needs You! which can be found in multiple settlements.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Dialogue[edit]

"Ah! Greetings, walker! Have you come seeking work? There is much to do here in Elsweyr. Much to do!"
Yes, I saw your job posting. What kind of work are you offering?
"All manner of work, rhook!
Nisuzi offers tasks that you can tackle alone, Ri'hirr gathers groups of warriors to face great beasts and savage warriors, and Battlereeve Tanerline conscripts heroes for the most dangerous task of all—Dragon hunts!
Sounds good. I'm interested in those jobs.
"Excellent! Please, speak to my associates and they'll help you get started.
Here's a small retainer to keep your interest. Generous, yes? Ha! Good hunting, walker."
What more can you tell me?
"Well, that depends. Who do you want to know more about, Ri'hirr, Nisuzi, or Battlereeve Tanerline?"
Tell me about the jobs Nisuzi offers.
"Nisuzi is a Baandari, and the Baandari always need something!
The work you will do for her will likely take you to the caves, mines, and sunken ruins of Elsweyr. Dangerous work, but not so dangerous that you couldn't accomplish it on your own."
You said Ri'hirr offers jobs that require multiple warriors?
"Yes, walker! Ri'hirr speaks for Rimmen's elders and clan mothers, and they expect a great deal from us.
Some threats are too great to face alone. Massive beasts, cruel necromancers... All kinds of horrors! But if you succeed, Old Ri'hirr pays well."
Battlereeve Tanerline wants people to kill Dragons?
"Well, everyone wants people to kill Dragons. They're a nuisance! But Battlereeve Tanerline actually pays heroes to do it.
Fair warning, though: no one can face those beasts alone. Seek out other warriors before you attack, or you will wind up a crispy chicken, yes?"
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