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There are whispers among the Soul Shriven that the Planar Vortex and the Endless Stair were built for Molag Bal by the Mad Architect himself.
Quest Hub:
The Endless Stair
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Coldharbour (Neutral)
Discovery ON-mapicon-DaedricRuin.png Leveled XP
ON-mapicon-Wayshrine.png Leveled XP
Completion Objective
Leveled XP
Fist of StoneColdharbour
Northern Coldharbour
The Endless Stair

The Endless Stair is Molag Bal's citadel in northern Coldharbour. It serves as his last garrison of defense for the Planemeld. The Endless Overlook can also be found here.

Related Quests[edit]

  • The Endless Stair Objective: End the threat of the Planemeld once and for all.
    • ON-qico-Zone Story.pngThe Final Assault: Launch an assault on the Endless Stair and destroy the Planar Vortex.

The Endless Stair[edit]

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The Labyrinth[edit]

Gate Bridge[edit]

Statue Room[edit]

Planar Vortex[edit]

The Planar Vortex

According to the Groundskeeper, Molag Bal is using this interstices of space and time as the primary staging ground to meld Nirn with his realm. There are a number of Imperial and Daedric-style buildings, as well as a constant mix of environment from both Tamriel and Oblivion.


Endless Stair Wayshrine

Endless Stair Wayshrine is located south of the stronghold, just north of the entry gate outside the Reaver Citadel Pyramid.


A map of the Planar Vortex
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