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Galvanic Storm Steed[edit]

ON-icon-mount-Galvanic Storm Steed.png
The Galvanic Storm Steed fuses the power of a Storm Atronach from Oblivion with the bloodline of the Yokudan Chargers, the famous war horses of the Redguards, to create an incomparable mount.

Galvanic Storm Steed is a mount available from the Crown Store via Scalecaller Crown Crates as a Radiant-Apex-level reward. Its default name is "Ozone".

Glenumbra Border Wolf[edit]

ON-icon-mount-Glenumbra Border Wolf.png
Though in coloration the Glenumbra Border Wolf resembles certain Breton dog breeds, this sturdy and stoic mount is no dog, and will carry a High Rock courier for leagues through dark night and heavy weather.

The Glenumbra Border Wolf is an upcoming mount. Its default name is "Moor-Rover".

Gloam Wolf[edit]

ON-icon-mount-Gloam Wolf.png
The uncanny Gloam Wolf hails from the Oblivion plane of the Daedric Prince Nocturnal. Sometimes, the Night Mistress will reward a loyal Tamrielic worshiper with a Gloam Wolf Mount sent permanently to Nirn.
Gloam Wolf

The Gloam Wolf was be available during ESO's 2019 Anniversary Jubilee, from April 25th through May 9th as a Crown Gem exclusive. It resembles a Gloam Wolf, seen in service to the Daedric Prince Nocturnal. Its default name is "Blackshadow".

Glowgill Guar[edit]

ON-icon-mount-Glowgill Guar.png
"These Glowgill Guar mounts come from a coastal tribe over near Archon. Handsome, are they not? I've been told they can breathe underwater through those gills, though personally, I have never tested this." —Ukaspa, Stablemaster of Lilmoth
Glowgill Guar

The Glowgill Guar was given away as a Daily Reward in December 2018. Its default name is "Swimmer".

Golden Eye Guar[edit]

ON-icon-mount-Golden Eye Guar.png
A crossbreed of banded and wild guar, as fearsome as it is intelligent and difficult to control.
Golden Eye Guar

The Golden Eye Guar is a green and red guar mount available from the Crown Store for 013001,300 Crowns, and in the Storm Atronach Crown Crates as an Epic-level reward. Its default name is "Shreddie".

Gorne Striped Wolf[edit]

ON-icon-mount-Gorne Striped Wolf Mount.png
The Isle of Gorne off the east coast of Morrowind is home to many strange creatures found nowhere else in Tamriel. One of these is the giant Striped Wolf, packs of which terrorized the island's settlers till they were suppressed in the Troubled House Hunt.
Gorne Striped Wolf Mount

The Gorne Striped Wolf Mount is available in the Dwarven Crown Crates as a Legendary-level reward. Its default name is "Loper".

Goutfang Senche-raht[edit]

ON-icon-mount-Goutfang Senche-raht.png
After spending many years in a Vrin-Thak adeptorium, this powerful Senche-raht decided it was time to work with someone who regularly goes toward danger. She prefers to learn by watching, however.
Goutfang Senche-raht

The Goutfang Senche-raht was available in the Crown Store as a Crown Gem exclusive for 500 gems, from October 10th through October 24th, 2019. Her default name is "Daibayda".

Graysmoke Forge Bear[edit]

ON-icon-mount-Graysmoke Forge Bear.png
In honor of a fallen Warden, a Wayrest blacksmith continues to breed and sell these bears as mounts today. If you happen to notice a Warden watching you as you ride this steed, consider thanking her. She may be the fallen Warden's shade!

The Graysmoke Forge Bear is an upcoming mount. Its default name is "Gutrender".

Gray Yokudan Charger[edit]

ON-icon-mount-Gray Yokudan Charger.png
These chargers are descended from the great gray war-horses of the Ra Gada.
Gray Yokudan Charger

The Gray Yokudan Charger is a grey horse mount previously available from the Crown Store for 00900900 Crowns. Its default name is "Shadow".

Great Dark Stag[edit]

ON-icon-mount-Great Dark Stag.png
The Great Dark Stag is one of the five Aspects of Hircine, invoked as Uricanbeg, "whose hooves drum the Blood Summons."
Great Dark Stag

The Great Dark Stag is available from the Crown Store for 040004,000 Crowns for just one day, for fatal Fredas, every Friday the 13th. It's added that day, and removed on the next one. Its default name is "Get of Uricanbeg". Unlike other mounts, it has no visual upgrades for Riding Skill.

Great Elk[edit]

ON-icon-mount-Great Elk.png
Though the Reachmen of Markarth say they were the first to successfully domesticate the Great Elk of Skyrim and break them as mounts, the Nords of Haafingar say it was really all their idea.
Great Elk mount

A Great Elk mount is available from the Crown Store for 045004,500 Crowns. Its default name is "Chandelier". Unlike other mounts, it has no visual upgrades for Riding Skill.

Green Narsis Guar[edit]

ON-icon-mount-Green Narsis Guar.png
The robust Green Narsis is the standard mount and dray-beast of central Morrowind.
Green Narsis Guar

The Green Narsis Guar is a green guar mount that came with the 2015 "Black Fredas Special!" bundle in the Crown Store, and can also be found in Dwarven Crown Crates as an Epic-level reward. Its default name is "Narsty".

Green-Graht Ghost Cat[edit]

ON-icon-mount-Green-Graht Ghost Cat.png
The Psijic monk who created the spell for conjuring the spirit of a Psijic Senche Exemplar back into the world of the living as a tangible Ghost Cat was a Wood Elf—which probably explains why it manifests as an Y'frren spirit of the Green.
Green-Graht Ghost Cat

The Green-Graht Ghost Cat is a green ghostly senche available in the Psijic Vault Crown Crates as a hidden Apex-level reward. Its default name is "Jade".

Grisly Horse Mummy[edit]

ON-icon-mount-Grisly Horse Mummy.png
Make an entrance with this mummified mount! If you want any shambling to happen, though, that's up to you.
Grisly Horse Mummy

The Grisly Horse Mummy is available in New Moon Crown Crates as a Legendary-level reward. Its default name is "Dirgeborn".

Guar-Lizard Steed[edit]

ON-icon-mount-Guar-Lizard Steed.png
"Some dryskins ask, 'Since a Guar is already a swamp reptile mount, why create Lizard-Steeds shaped like Guar? Isn't that somewhat redundant?' These dryskins are unusually perceptive!" —Ukaspa of Lilmoth
Guar-Lizard Steed

Guar-Lizard Steed is a mount available from the Crown Store via Xanmeer Crown Crates as an Apex-level reward. Its default name is "Jaunty".