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Fighters Guild
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Ebonheart Pact
The Rift
The Riften Fighters Guild

This Fighters Guild is the local branch of the Fighters Guild in Riften.

This guildhall has two floors. The first floor has a foyer and a series of rooms that can be passed through around the hall. The entryways into this part of the guildhall are on both sides of the front door. Quarters on the first floor include a storage room, a training chamber and two resting areas. The storage room contains barrels, crates and sacks - probable sources of provisioning ingredients.

The training chamber, where Falaki resides, is equipped with training dummies. Three weapon stands found here can hold freely available leveled weapons and shields. One resting room has six beds, a wardrobe and a dresser. Another resting area is a bedroom with a double bed and a nightstand. The armsman can be found in the first room on the left. Two blacksmithing anvils found on the first floor are inoperable.

From the foyer, where Thane Viri and Innarrek can be found, two staircases lead to the upper floor. This part of the guildhall is a loft, circling around the building. The hall steward resides here. There are more storage containers and a couple of weapon stands here. Portals are usually summoned on this floor. Two cats live in this guildhall. There is an advanced safebox beside the portal to the Earth Forge.

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Residents and Merchants[edit]

Two Pact Soldiers guard the front door.