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Home City Elden Root
Location Aldmeri Dominion Undaunted Enclave (Elden Root)
Daggerfall Covenant Undaunted Enclave (Wayrest)
Ebonheart Pact Undaunted Enclave (Mournhold)
Race Orc Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Undaunted

Bolgrul is an Orc Undaunted who can be found at the enclaves in Elden Root, Wayrest and Mournhold. He is responsible for offering daily delve quests.

Related Quests[edit]


Accepting a quest for the first time:

"Nothing about you says "risk" or "challenge" … especially not "punch a troll in the face while wearing a crown made from your own trousers."
If you care to prove me wrong, I can introduce you to my two best friends—gold and bragging rights."
I'm still here.

If you speak to him before starting/after completing the day's quest, he can say:

  • "I've seen tougher meat horked up by a mama wolf for her cubs. Well... you may have a bit of gristle to you. And I might have some work."
  • "You don't look the type to wrestle a snow bear into submission. Maybe a snow bear's cub. Well, I have a cub-sized problem. Just for you."
  • "For those of us from the north, diving naked into the Sea of Ghosts is a rite of passage. It really separates the reckless from the meek. Still not sure where you fall."
  • "I always thought you'd be a glutton for a glorious reputation.
    You're in luck. The work I have today is moderately glorious."
  • "You again. Thought you'd had enough—that you couldn't cut it.
    Can you? Because I have something that requires a lot of cutting."
  • "You're back. Rumor was you'd be too timid to return.
    Best to disprove rumors through action, don't you think?"

If you speak to him while the quest is in progress before you have completed the objectives:

"Look, you wanted something to do. I gave you something, so go do it.
Unless you can't handle it. You going to confirm my suspicions or prove me wrong?"

Speaking to him before turning in a quest:

  • "You're back. And you have all the pieces you left with. Unless you had an extra finger and now you don't? In which case, cheer up, no more gold spent on custom gloves."
  • "Anyone ever dare you to eat a live slaughterfish? Remember to knock its teeth out first. Other than that, I have no regrets."
  • "You missed it. Three Undaunted just had an arm-wrestling contest, all at once. They called it a draw when they each dislocated a shoulder."
  • "Took you long enough. I could have jogged to the White-Gold Tower and back by now. And these aren't even my original kneecaps."
  • "You have the stench of success about you. Blood, sweat, some kind of musk... as though you dove into a snow bear's mouth and stabbed your way out."
  • "Now that's the face of someone come to collect their reward. Or you just ate a sweetroll. So which is it? I'm bad with faces."

Quest-Related Dialogue[edit]

Ancestor Wards in Deshaan[edit]

Go on, I'm listening.
"There's a place called the Corpse Garden which …. Look, I don't name these things. Local bumpkins hear noises in old tombs and give them flowery labels.
This time, the bumpkins are right. The Corpse Garden is actually full of angry spirits."
What do you want me to do?
"Take these ancestor wards and place them around the tomb. It should confuse the spirits and prevent them from trying to leave.
Oh, find the toughest spirit and smash it to powder—or goop. Preferably while the others are watching."

If you've done this quest before:

The ancestor wards you placed in the Corpse Garden aren't working. Not your fault—the angry spirits learn to ignore them over time.
I need you to place some more around the tomb. And make an example of the toughest spirit inside. Can you handle that?"
All right, I'll do it.

Returning to Bolgrul:


Returning to Bolgrul:

"Good. The local bumpkins can return to calling it "Grandmother's Respite," or whatever fool name they used to give it.
Until the ancestor wards fail. And when they do, I'll have more work for you"

Ancient Armaments in Bangkorai[edit]

Are you saying you have work?
"I might be.
Some collectors want to study old armor and weapons from the Crypt of the Exiles. Not full sets, you understand? Just the bits and pieces that haven't fallen to dust."

If you've done this quest before:

"Some more collectors asked me about your last trip to the Crypt of the Exiles. That means more work for you. Remember to slay the toughest creature you find inside—that will break the curse on the armaments.
Think you can handle it?"
Why wouldn't collectors want full sets of armor and weapons?
"Because most of what's in there is cursed, including the bits and pieces. But if you slay the toughest creature you find in there, you'll lift the curse. Probably.
So? Think you can handle it?"
All right, I'll do it.

Returning to Bolgrul:

I brought back fragmented arms from the Crypt of the Exiles.
"Did your eyes start bleeding recently? You didn't cough up any beetles, did you? Good, good … sounds like you avoided the curse.

Ayleid Trinkets in Grahtwood[edit]

"Wormroot Depths is home to a surprising number of Ayleid trinkets. The cult infesting the place must have unearthed them.
I want you to go there and get me some souvenirs. A matching set that would look good in a display case. Surprise me."

If you've done this quest before:

"Friend of mine likes the matching set of Ayleid trinkets you brought me from Wormroot Depths. Asked me where I could get more.
Well? Think you can smash the toughest Daedra inside and grab a matching set of trinkets on your way out?"
"Around Wormroot Depths. Off the cultists. Doesn't matter, as long as there's no blood on them before you hand them over.
And while you're there, send the toughest Daedra they've summoned back to Oblivion. If you can manage."

Returning to Bolgrul:

"Impressive. These are all fit for display—once I scrub the dirt off. Filthy cultists don't know culture when they see it.
Here, you earned this."

Culinary Justice in Greenshade[edit]


If you've done this quest before:

"No idea. Don't know much about Wood Elf justice, don't care to think about it.
I also didn't ask why they want the Heritance leader's liver. But they do, so ... wear thick gloves."

Returning to Bolgrul:


Cursed Baubles of Stormhaven[edit]

I'm looking for work.
"I know someone has hired you to pull relics out of old ruins. I might be the first who pays you to return them.
So the Daedra inside Norvulk Ruins cursed these baubles. The only way to break the curse is to return them."

If you've done this quest before:

"Good, because more Daedra have infested Norvulk Ruins. They're back to spreading cursed baubles throughout the land.
I want you to slay whatever Daedra is behind this plan and return these relics to their altars. That should break the curse."
Will I be cursed?
"No—probably not. Just get them back to the altar from which they came.
Oh, and kill the Daedra behind this. Already lost three Undaunted to its scheme."
All right, I'll do it.

Returning to Bolgrul:

I returned the cursed items to Norvulk Ruins.
"Good. That should be enough to break the curse.
But if your teeth fall out and you start to vomit bile, you should stop by your local Mages Guild. As a precaution, you understand."

Darkness Blooms in Rivenspire[edit]

Keep talking.
"Ever hear of Orc's Finger Ruins? Not my favorite name, but that's where the moonflower blossoms grow. They smell nice—real nice.
I want you to find the biggest one you can and pluck it right off its stalk."

If you've done this quest before:

"More bandits spotted in Orc's Finger Ruins. Seems they remember you from last time, and none too fondly.
I dare you to find moonflower blossoms in the ruins, eat the biggest you can find, and show the bandit leader you have guts—even when they're gurgling."
Picking a flower doesn't sound like a challenge.
"It isn't. That's why you're going to eat it whole before you take on the bandit leader in those ruins.
It's not poisonous. Well, not too poisonous—just enough to fill your nose and your guts with quicksand. Go on, I dare you."
All right. Deal.

After killing Fingaenion Forestsmasher while poisoned, return to Bolgrul.

I ate the moonflower blossoms and defeated the bandit leader.
"I know. I can smell it on your breath from here.
Impressive. Less impressive than when I walloped a whole camp of bandits with their own stew pot and ladle ... after drinking all their ale. Still, impressive enough for a reward."

Dwarven Relics of Stonefalls[edit]

"A pair of Dark Elf siblings want dwarven relics. The brother wouldn't stop talking about mechanisms, articulation, and other things I care nothing about.
The sister was another story. She said the Inner Sea Armature was a good source."

If you've done this quest before:

"Another request from the Dark Elf siblings for dwarven relics from the Inner Sea Armature.
Oh, and the Dwarven creature you smashed is no longer smashed. So ... smash it again. With any luck, it will stay a pile of cracked brass and oil this time."
"Just what you can carry. And be sure to find the largest Dwarven ... creature? Is that the right word?
Doesn't matter. Smash the toughest Dwarven creature you find in there. The siblings want to map the place once the larger dangers are handled."

Returning to Bolgrul:

"Well, isn't that an impressive bag full of junk. It's amazing what people are willing to pay for trash these days.
But those Dark Elf siblings pay well. Here's your share."

Give and Take in Shadowfen[edit]

I'm still here.
"An Argonian tribe in Atanaz Ruins raided their neighbors. Took some old relics, killed a few people in the process.
I don't have a soft spot for raiders. Brings up bad memories. So I want you to go to the ruins and recover what they stole."

If you've done this quest before:

"The Argonian tribe in Atanaz Ruins is raiding again. Whatever monstrosity you killed before must have laid eggs, because they've taken to worshiping another one.
Go there, kill it, and recover what they stole. All right?"
I can recover stolen relics.
"That's not all. Seems there's some sort of creature locked up in the depths of the ruins. They may worship the thing, use it as an excuse to raid—I don't really care.
I want you to kill it so they stay home for a good long while. You understand?"
All right, I'll do it.

Once you have recovered the relics from the Atanaz Ruins, return to Bolgrul.

I recovered the stolen relics from Atanaz Ruins.
"Good. I'll get these back to their owners and let them know the tribe in Atanaz Ruins won't cause them any more trouble.
If they do? I'll send you to cause trouble right back."

Icy Intrigue in Eastmarch[edit]

I'm ready for a challenge.
"Good. A client approached me today. Seems they thought Chill Hollow would be the perfect place to hide caches with documents of ... let's say, "a political nature."
But the place was haunted, so it is now a literal dead drop."

If you've done this quest before:

"The client who hid documents in Chill Hollow hired me again. Seems you're the best courier—the only courier—to return from there.
Find the correct cache and bring me what's inside. Oh, and destroy the toughest creature you find."
What does this "client" need me to do?
"Grab the hidden package and bring it to me. The other caches are trapped decoys, so watch yourself.
While you're there, destroy the toughest creature you can find. It's a matter of principle."
All right, I'll do it.

When you have retrieved the package, bring it back to Bolgrul.

I found the Hidden Package.
"That's good. Don't know what's inside and I don't really care. All I know is that the client is willing to pay.
Here, you earned it."

Inflamed Pyres of The Rift[edit]

I'm listening.
"The draugr in Shroud Hearth Barrow are scaring the locals. Time to knock the dust out of their heads."

If you've done this quest before:

"The draugr in Shroud Hearth Barrow are causing more problems. Head there, light the memorial pyres to enrage the draugr, and smash the toughest one you can find.
If you can handle it."
You want me to kill draugr?
"Not exactly. I want you light the memorial pyres in the barrow. I don't know why, but it really angers the draugr.
While the pyres are lit, find the toughest draugr around and pound it until it stops. If you think you can handle an enraged draugr."
All right, I'll do it.

Returning to Bolgrul:

I defeated the toughest draugr in Shroud Hearth Barrow.
"Ha! That burning incense twists their smallclothes something fierce—if they had any left.
Don't know why, don't care. But I'm glad they spent their last moments in extreme frustration."

Mascot Theft in Reaper's March[edit]

I might be available.
"I want to break the spirit of some skooma peddlers based in Claw's Strike. Seems they have a … I guess you'd call it a mascot. "Tasty-Legs," they call it, and they love the little beast.
I want you to take it from them and bring it to me."

If you've done this quest before:

"The skooma peddlers in Claw's Strike have a new mascot. The mush-brains somehow managed to train another bantam guar. I hear it dances on command.
So kill their leader and take the guar. I bet that will be a sharp kick to their spirits."
Why? Are you going to eat it?
"What am I, a monster? Everyone wants a trained bantam guar. If taking it destroys the morale of some skooma peddlers, all the better.
But to be safe, you should kill their leader. Best to stab both kidneys at once, you know?"
All right, I'll do it.

Once you have rescued the Guar and killed the leader, you can return to Bolgrul.

I recovered the bantam guar from Claw's Strike.
"Good! Hope it didn't cause you too much trouble on the way here.
I'll find a good home for the little thing. One that doesn't involve a skooma peddler's belly."

Molten Pearls of Alik'r Desert[edit]

"You ever hear of the colorful metal chunks known as "molten pearls?" They're actually runoff from an old Dwemer furnace in Aldunz.
I want you to bring me one. First, find the furnace and smash its guardian."

If you've done this quest before:

"I need to get my hands on another molten pearl from Aldunz. That means your hands need to pull the levers used to cool down the furnace, smash its guardian, and reach inside to grab the molten pearl.
Unless you're worried about catching fire."
"Not so fast. There should be some levers nearby—pull them all to cool the furnace. Then it will be safe to grab the molten pearl.
Unless you're too scared to reach your hand inside. Go on, I dare you."

Returning to Bolgrul:

"I brought a molten pearl from Aldunz.
"And you didn't burn a part of yourself off in the process. I'd call that a success.
Well done!"

Red Rook Ransack in Glenumbra[edit]

"Red Rook Bandits holed up in Ilessan Tower, and they're robbing wagons on the road to Daggerfall. Some of what they robbed are heirlooms worth nothing to anyone but the families in Daggerfall.
So I want you to rob them back."

If you've done this quest before:

"The Red Rook Bandits are back in Ilessan Tower, raiding wagons to Daggerfall. Smash whoever leads them and retrieve the heirlooms they've stolen. I want to get them back to where they belong."
You want me to recover some heirlooms?
"I want you to pick a fight with whoever leads those marauders. I want you to win. And then I want you to bring back the heirlooms.
Try not to get any blood on them. It might upset the owner."
All right, I'll do it.

Returning to Bolgrul:

"Good—the Red Rooks are ticks. I go out of my way to squash them. Or have someone else squash them.
I'll get these heirlooms back where they belong. Here, you earned it."

The Spirit Trap in Malabal Tor[edit]

"Shael Ruins is haunted. Don't know why, don't especially care. Something powerful riled up the spirits, which means something worth putting to rest.
So? Think you can handle that?"

If you've done this quest before:

"The restless spirits in Shael Ruins are ... well, they're restless. It's causing problems.
If you still have the guts, here's more spirit traps to place around the ruins. That should bind the spirits—that and killing whatever riled them this time."
"Place these spirit traps around the ruins. It will really hork off the spirits, but should also keep them from wandering away and causing more problems.
Oh, and when you find whatever stirred them up, smash it until it stops moving. If you have the guts."

Returning to Bolgrul:

"So the spirit traps are in place? One of my clan mothers gets a cut for every one we use, so she'll be happy to hear it. And the locals around Shael Ruins, I suppose."

Veiled Darkness in Auridon[edit]


If you've done this quest before:

"You need summoning sigils and some kind of relic to summon that many Daedra. Kill the Daedra for the summoning sigils. When you have enough, throw them on the ritual pyre to weaken the relic. Then you can smash it, and banish them for good."

Returning to Bolgrul:

"Ha! You really showed those Daedra. They'll think twice about coming back to Tamriel.
Or they won't, and we'll teach them again"



  • Bolgrul will always greet you with by saying "I don't have anything for you. Come back tomorrow.", even when he does actually have a quest to give you. ?