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Location Claw's Strike
Species Bantam Guar
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Dawnmead Bandits

Tasty-Legs is a trained bantam guar who is the mascot of the Dawnmead Bandits, a gang of skooma peddlers, that Bolgrul wants to break the spirits of by stealing Tasty-Legs. He can be found in next to Fishbreath in Claw's Strike, though the mascot may also be Pouncer, Sir Scratch-Scales, or Wobble-Claw.

When picked up, he will be in your inventory as a quest item with the description of "A bantam guar with a rope collar. A wooden disc attached to the collar reads, "Tasty-Legs—In honor of the previous Tasty-Legs, who left us far too soon."

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