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An Orc Adventurer

Adventurers are Orc NPCs who are found randomly in a range of ruins, forts and caves throughout Cyrodiil. They will always be named "Adventurer." They have been sent out by Gortwog to seek treasure for the glory of Orsinium. Each Adventurer will be 2 levels lower than the player, and can be a Warrior (4 in 6 chance), Spellsword or Battlemage (each 1 in 6 chance).

They are friendly to the player and are typically found sleeping, eating and searching their current location for treasure. They will attack creatures they encounter in the dungeon, and may also loot chests and pick up items they find laying around. As such, if you are coming across empty chests or can't find items that should be in the dungeon, check to see if there is an Adventurer in your location who is carrying the missing treasure.


Here is a list of all the IDs for six types of Adventurers

AdventurerOrcBattlemage01 0018ABFC
AdventurerOrcSpellsword01 0018ABFB
AdventurerOrcWarrior01 0001F1A8
AdventurerOrcWarrior02 0018ABFD
AdventurerOrcWarrior03 0018ABFE
AdventurerOrcWarrior04 0018ABFF



All adventurers wear leveled armor: boots, cuirass, greaves and helm; warriors additionally have a shield.

Level Quality
1 Fur (Boots), Leather (All)
4 Iron
8 Steel
12 Chainmail
16 Dwarven
20+ Orcish

For shields:

Level Quality
1 Fur Shield
3 Leather Shield
6 Iron Shield
9 Steel Shield
12 Chainmail Shield
15 Dwarven Shield
18+ Orcish Shield


Adventurers all carry an enchanted, leveled weapon.

Level Quality Name
1 Iron Shortsword of Weariness
War Axe of Frost
Mace of Embers
3 Iron Warhammer of Frost
Claymore of Weariness
Battle Axe of Embers
6 Steel War Axe of Jolts
Shortsword of Numbing
Mace of Diminishing
9 Steel Longsword of Diminishing
Warhammer of Diminishing
Battle Axe of Diminishing
12 Silver Longsword of Depletion
War Axe of Sapping
Mace of Jinxing
15 Silver Claymore of Jinxing
Warhammer of Depletion
Battle Axe of Sapping
18 Dwarven Mace of Enfeeblement
War Axe of Enfeeblement
Longsword of Enfeeblement
20 Dwarven Claymore of Pain
Battle Axe of Cold
Warhammer of Enfeeblement


About one time in four, an adventurer will possess something from the following list.

Item Chance Detail
Gold 7.1% 20 + 25×(Level-1)
Common Ingredients 3.6% One of Alkanet Flower, Arrowroot, Bonemeal, Ginkgo Leaf, Ginseng, Garlic, Flour, Leek, Mandrake Root, Rat Meat, Rice, Root Pulp, Tobacco, Wheat Grain.
Rare Ingredients 3.6% One of Bloodgrass, Dragon's Tongue, Glow Dust, Harrada, Redwort Flower.
Common Ingredients 7.1% Same list as above.
Leveled Gems 1.4% Anything from flawed pearls up to flawless diamonds. May also have silver or gold nuggets.
Leveled Jewelry 3.6% Anything from a bronze amulet up to an ebony diamond ring.

Common Adventurer quotes[edit]

  • "I scour the land, seeking fortune for Gortwog and Orsinium. Someday all will recognize the true wealth of the Orcs!"
  • "You too seek wealth, do you not? May you find it, and may tales of your journey be legendary."
  • "Well met, traveler. Are you seeking treasure as well? Gortwog demands riches, so all of Tamriel will respect Orsinium."
  • "So we search the lands and bring home whatever we find. This makes Gortwog happy."
  • "I must return to my task, for Gortwog waits. May you find all that you seek, traveler."

Adventurer Locations[edit]

Players have a 25% chance of meeting an Adventurer in the following locations:

Players have a 10% chance of meeting an Adventurer in the following locations:


  • Books in the game provide some background on Orsinium and Gortwog. How Orsinium Passed to the Orcs tells how a few years ago (3E 399) Gortwog gro-Nagorm came to be king of Orsinium and warlord of the Orcs (this also happens to be a heavy armor skill book). Also, several books mention the much earlier siege of Orsinium (1E 950 to 1E 980) when the orcs had previously been driven out of Orsinium.
  • The names Orsinium and Gortwog may also be familiar to players of Daggerfall, where they appeared in several quests (Dust of Restful Death, Barenziah's Book, and Orcish Treaty).
  • Killing an Adventurer counts as murder unless you are in sneak mode and nobody sees you (even the Adventurer himself). This murder will trigger the Dark Brotherhood quest line if it is your first murder. However, there is no bounty for murdering an Adventurer in a dungeon.