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The sign of the School of Julianos

The School of Julianos is no mere temple, dedicated to mindless obeisance to a distant and hazy God figure. Julianos is a God, to be sure, but foremost he is a symbol of learning, logic, philosophy, and wisdom. The School espouses no moral philosophy other than the goodness of knowledge. As the great Psijic once said, the power of ignorance can truly shatter mithril like glass. That is their enemy. Scholarship is a long and difficult journey, and Julianos does not tolerate those who wish to shorten it. However, He does bless those who generously donate to His School with a temporary increase in their magical skills. While they advocate literacy and education for all Tamrielans, their policy for those who wish to join the School itself is very stringent. They have little time to waste training the slow and the lazy.

School of Julianos Overview[edit]

Statue of Julianos, God of Logic and Wisdom

Political Affiliations[edit]

Political Factions
(by influence)
School of Julianos
Knights Mentor
Crafters of Julianos
Smiths of Julianos
Summoners of Julianos
Teachers of Julianos
Allies Clavicus Vile
Enemies Mages Guild


Your rank in the School of Julianos is determined by a combination of your reputation with Julianos and your two highest associated skills:

Rank Rank Title Reputation High skill Low skill
0 Novice 0 22 4
1 Initiate 10 23 5
2 Acolyte 20 31 9
3 Adept 30 39 13
4 Curate 40 47 17
5 Disciple 50 55 21
6 Brother 60 63 25
7 Diviner 70 71 29
8 Master 80 79 33
9 Patriarch 90 87 37

Temple Skills[edit]

The following skills are used to determine your rank in the School of Julianos:


Advancing in rank within the School of Julianos affords the following advantages:

Benefits by Rank
Rank 0 Access to Library
Rank 2 Heal all wounds, no cost
Rank 3 Access to Magical Item Merchant
Rank 4 Access to Soul Gem Merchant
Rank 5 Access to Item Maker
Rank 6 Access to Daedra Summoning

Regional Temples[edit]

The following regions have Julianos as their chosen deity:


If you are of at least Acolyte rank, your health will be fully restored if you speak to another member of the School.

Crafters of Julianos[edit]

Crafter of Julianos

The Crafters of Julianos sell various sorts of enchanted items to members of Adept rank or higher within the School. As a (perhaps unintended) side effect, they also sell soul gems, and sometimes even filled soul gems, to members of at least Curate rank.

Like any other faction, your reputation with the Crafters will affect the price of their services.

Smiths of Julianos[edit]

Smith of Julianos

The Smiths of Julianos are the people that create enchanted items within the School. These services are available to members of Disciple rank or higher.

With the help of the Smiths, you can make your own custom magic items. However, this procedure is very expensive and you must possess an adequate item to serve as a blank as well as the considerable amount of gold required.

Because the cost for creating such an item depends entirely on any applied magical effects, your reputation with the Smiths will not affect the price of their services.

Summoners of Julianos[edit]

Summoner of Julianos

As their name implies, the Summoners of Julianos will summon a Daedra Prince for you if you hold the rank of Brother or higher. In order to use these services, you must first possess the immense amount of gold required to make the attempt. Summonings can only take place on certain days of the year. Your reputation with the Summoners will affect the price of their services.

Teacher of Julianos[edit]

Teacher of Julianos

The Teachers of Julianos offer training in skills related to the School. The cost of a training session is dependent on your character level, 100 gold per level to be precise. The Teachers will also train non-members, however this will cost 400 gold per character level. Like all trainers, they can only train a skill up to 50%.

Teachers offer training in the following skills:

Temple Blessers[edit]

Blesser of the School

The Temple Blessers collect donations for the Temple. Large donations will improve your reputation with the Deity and may grant a temporary Attribute boost.

Temple Healers[edit]

Healer of the School

Temple Healers can cure every known disease, including the early stages of vampirism and lycanthropy. These services are available even to non-members. The costs of these services depend on your Mercantile skill, the severity of the disease, and your rank within the Temple. Additionally, these prices may be discounted (or free) on certain holidays.

Healers will also restore any damaged Attributes for free, however this service is only available to members of the Temple.

Temple Missionaries[edit]

Missionary of the School

The Temple Missionaries are the devotees who offer quests for the Temple, and reward you for successfully completing them. Missionaries may offer a multitude of quests for Temple members (including one Temple-exclusive quest), and a few for non-members.