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The Knights of the Owl is a Knightly Order located in the March of Glenpoint, and a political faction associated with the region. The Knights are the traditional guard and militia of Glenpoint, and the finest warriors in the region.

Knights of the Owl Overview[edit]

The Knights of the Owl are responsible for protecting and fighting for the royal family of Glenpoint. Only those of the most refined fighting skills and dedicated to the welfare of Glenpoint are considered for inclusion in this knightly order. Their knights are the royal escorts of the Baron and treated with unparalleled respect in all of Glenpoint.

Political Affiliations[edit]

Led By Glenpoint

Garrison Locations[edit]

Location Garrisons
Arkhead 1
Arkmoth End 1
Fontfort 1
Glenpoint City 2
Horing 1
Knightstower 1
Oxtown 1
Singfort 1
Singmore 1

Garrison Map Blocks[edit]

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