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The Knights of the Hawk (also called the Order of the Hawk) is a Knightly Order located in the County of Santaki, and a political faction associated with the region.

The noble warriors of the Order of the Hawk are the protectors of the town and royal family of Santaki. Many have trained since childhood to join this knightly order, for the honor and prestige. Knights of the Hawk are chosen from the finest, noblest warriors in Santaki.

Knights of the Hawk Overview[edit]

Note: although the Order's region is Santaki and text sources all reflect this, it is actually located in Antiphyllos in-game. See below for more information on how this affects gameplay.

Political Affiliations[edit]

Led By Santaki

Garrison Locations in Antiphyllos[edit]

Location Garrisons
Antyphyllos 2
Jalallaara 1


For Members[edit]

Despite the fact that the Knights of the Hawk is associated with Santaki, any reputation gains you receive after a successful quest (or losses after a failed one) go to Antiphyllos, its court, and its people as seen in the table below:

Successful Quest

Faction/Person Reputation Gain
Generic Knightly Order +5
Order of the Hawk +5
Antiphyllos variable
Court of Antiphyllos variable
People of Antiphyllos variable

Failed Quest

Faction/Person Reputation Gain
Generic Knightly Order -2
Order of the Hawk -2

For Non-Members[edit]

For non-member quests, the reputation gains or losses are the same as for the other knightly orders. However, if a quest grants you additional reputation gains with the people or the nobility of the region, it goes not to the People or Court of Santaki, but instead to the Dark Brotherhood and its associated factions.

Garrison map Blocks[edit]


  • Since the Knights of the Hawk is the knightly order of Santaki, as a member you will be given free stays at the inns of the region. In Antiphyllos, however, you must pay the normal fee.
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