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The School of Mysticism is one of the six avenues of magical study. This School experiments with the most arcane aspects of magicka and expanding these "accidents" into a useful if eclectic range of spells. Because the forces being manipulated by Mysticism are dangerous and unknown, the spell effects are purposefully specific. They include Far Silence and Soul Trap among many others. Buying, creating, and casting spells of mysticism are less expensive for mages skilled in this experimental path.

Mysticism's governing attribute is Willpower. The skill is checked whenever you cast a spell from the Mysticism School of Magic.


"Mysticism refers to the School of Mysticism, one of the six avenues of magical study. Mysticism is the most arcane school, and the spells created by its application are as varied as Far Silence and Soul Trap."


The following classes have Mysticism as a skill:


The following factions have Mysticism as a required skill:


Mysticism training is offered by the following factions:

Mysticism Spells[edit]

Spell Range Magnitude Chance of success (%) Duration (in-game minutes) Spell Effect(s)
Banish Daedra On Touch - 10 + 5/per level - Dispel Daedra
Far Silence * Target at Range - 35 + 2/per level 1 + 1/per level Silence
Fenrik's Door Jam Caster only - 6 + 1/per 10 levels 1 + 1/per 25 levels Lock
Holy Touch On Touch - 10 + 2/per level - Dispel Undead
Holy Word Area around Caster - 10 + 2/per level - Dispel Undead
Null Magicka On Touch - 10 + 2/per level - Dispel Magic
Open Caster only - 20 + 2/per level 1 + 1/per level Open
Recall Caster only - - - Teleport
(first cast sets anchor at caster's current position, second cast teleports caster back to anchor)
Silence * On Touch - 35 + 2/per level 1 + 1/per level Silence
Soul Trap On Touch - 10 + 5/per level 10 + 2/per level Soul Trap
(needs empty Soul Gem, or target won't die until spell expires)
Spell Reflection Caster only - 10 + 5/per level 1 + 1/per level Spell Reflection
Tongues Caster only - 20 + 2/per level 1 + 1/per level Increases the chances that a monster with language will not attack
Wizard Lock Caster only - 20 + 4/per level 1 + 1/per level Lock
Wizard Rend On Touch (1-14) + 1/per level 10 + 5/per level (for Paralyze) 1 + 1/per level Damage to Spell Points and Paralyze

* Silence will not work on Spiders or Scorpions.
If spell is successful, the enemy will vanish without leaving a corpse behind. When these spells are used against a quest target, they will result in a quest-breaking situation. See here for further information.