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Velyanthe: 27 December 2013
RobinHood70: 10 January 2014
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Jeancey: 11 February 2014
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Welcome to the UESP Community Interview page! Since 1995, UESP has been a labor of hard work, heart, and dedication, and we strive to make sure that its wiki articles are informative and its forum discussions are engaging. It takes a large and passionate community to make UESP what it is - and now it's your turn to meet the folks behind the scenes!

Meet Damon (formerly Eric Snowmane), Blocker, Patroller and Mentor at UESP! To learn even more about them, visit their user page.

What's your role around UESP?

I'm a semi-retired Patroller, Blocker, Mentor, I hang around IRC as a consultant if somebody wants aid with something, and I am one of (at the time I appear to be the sole) manager of the UESP Facebook and Twitter pages. What I mean when I say I'm semi-retired is that while I don't edit every single day or commit to projects anymore, I still look at the wiki and my email daily and am still willing to actively mentor and communicate with users related to whatever they want my input on.
On to what all these fancy ranks mean, basically, it's my job to verify that every edit made to the site is professional, clean, and not vandalism as a Patroller, my blocker rights enable me to give out temporary blocks in the event that an admin is unable to respond to a serious issue and a temporary action needs to be made, as a mentor, I am willing to answer any question that a new or experienced UESPer wants to put forward, and as I said above, I post 90% or more of the content on the UESP Facebook and Twitter pages.

How long have you been involved?

I have been involved with the Wiki since September 2011, shortly after I purchased Oblivion.

What's your favorite part of the site?

My favourite part of the site has got to be the IRC network, because although not an actual part of the uesp.net domain, it's still where we all can come together as friends and interact with each other in a way that wouldn't necessarily be possible otherwise.

Favorite Elder Scrolls game? quest? faction?

My favourite Elder Scrolls game has to be Morrowind (TES 3). I got into that game and its deep, rich story and culture in 2008 as my initial exposure to the series, and even though other games look prettier now, it still holds that special, sentimental place in my heart.

You meddled with the Daedric Princes, and now one NPC is forced to be your sidekick. Who would you choose?

I would choose to have a Telvanni mage at my side, preferably Aryon, since he is a young, but wise and open wizard, and we could probably accomplish great (and evil) things together.

Tell us one of your favorite things about Tamriel.

The city of Vivec. It's such a wondrous thing to be surrounded by high walls and water, and to see the ultimate power of a demi-god through his act of suspending a meteor over the city.

Tell us one thing that you've learned while being a member of UESP.

Technically or series related?
I've learned almost all of my extensive MediaWiki knowledge through UESP, as it's one of the few wikis I've stuck around for more than a week.
Game related, I can't begin to say, because I've almost addictively studied the lore of the series - even games I don't own - because I so greatly enjoy the depth of the series and the effort Bethesda put in.

What would you like to say to UESP readers and fans?

I want to put in the usual shameless plug that we are second to none to other Elder Scrolls related sites, because we have extensive knowledge of everything TES, whereas others don't usually have everything, only the most recent things.
And, a shameless plug that I'll be your mentor, if you want me to walk you through things to do on the site, should you be interested in helping us to continue to make UESP the greatest source for The Elder Scrolls. New users, I swear I don't bite... Much ;)
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