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This page lists Spells in the school of Alteration.

SR-icon-book-SpellTomeAlteration.png Spell Name
Skill Level Tome
Magicka Base Cost Skill XP Description and Effect Details Where to Get
SR-icon-spell-Light.png Candlelight
Spell ID00043324
Tome ID0009e2a7
44 21 2.5 Creates a hovering light that lasts for 60 seconds:
SR-icon-spell-Alteration.png Oakflesh
Spell ID0005ad5c
Tome ID0009e2a8
44 103 103 Improves the caster's armor rating by 40 points for 60 seconds:
  • Armor - Oak, 40 pts for 60 secs
  • The Mage Armor perk increases the magnitude to 80 pts (rank 1), 100 pts (rank 2), or 120 pts (rank 3)
SR-icon-spell-Alteration.png Teleport Pet: ArachniaCC
Spell IDFExxx921
0 2.5 Teleports Arachnia the spider
SR-icon-spell-Alteration.png Teleport Pet: Bone WolfCC
Spell IDFExxx806
0 2.5 Teleports Bone Wolf to your side
SR-icon-spell-Alteration.png Teleport Pet: Dwarven MudcrabCC
Spell IDFExxx810
Tome IDFExxx811
50 0 2.5 Teleports pet Dwarven Mudcrab
SR-icon-spell-Alteration.png Teleport Pet: HildaCC
Spell IDFExxx91F
0 2.5 Teleports Hilda
SR-icon-spell-Alteration.png Teleport Pet: Nix-HoundCC
Spell IDFExxx811
Tome IDFExxx813
0 2.5 Teleports Nix-Hound
SR-icon-spell-Alteration.png Teleport Pet: SkritchCC
Spell IDFExxx91D
0 2.5 Teleports Skritch
SR-icon-spell-Alteration.png Teleport Pet: Sweet RollCC
Spell IDFExxx920
0 2.5 Teleports Sweet Roll
SR-icon-spell-Alteration.png Teleport Pet: ThistleCC
Spell IDFExxx91E
0 2.5 Teleports Thistle
SR-icon-spell-Light.png Magelight
Spell ID00043323
Tome ID000a26e2
87 84 12 Ball of light that lasts 60 seconds and sticks where it strikes:
SR-icon-spell-Alteration.png Stoneflesh
Spell ID0005ad5d
Tome ID000a26e3
95 194 194 Improves the caster's armor rating by 60 points for 60 seconds:
  • Armor - Stone, 60 pts for 60 secs
  • The Mage Armor perk increases the magnitude to 120 pts (rank 1), 150 pts (rank 2), or 180 pts (rank 3)
DB-icon-spell-Ash.png Ash ShellDB
Spell IDxx017731
Tome IDxx0177ac
425 251 251 Targets that fail to resist are immobilized in hardened ash for 30 seconds:
  • Ash Shell, for 30 secs
SR-icon-spell-Detect Life.png Detect Life
Spell ID000211ee
Tome ID000a26e7
332 100/s 6.5/s per target Nearby living creatures, but not undead, machines or daedra, can be seen through walls:
SR-icon-spell-Alteration.png Ironflesh
Spell ID00051b16
Tome ID000a26e4
341 266 266 Improves the caster's armor rating by 80 points for 60 seconds:
  • Armor - Iron, 80 pts for 60 secs
  • The Mage Armor perk increases the magnitude to 160 pts (rank 1), 200 pts (rank 2), or 240 pts (rank 3)
SR-icon-spell-Telekinesis.png Telekinesis
Spell ID0001a4cc
Tome ID000a26e5
326 170/s 170/s Can pull an object to you from a distance. Add it to your inventory or throw it:
SR-icon-spell-Telekinesis.png Telekinesis ArrowsCC
Spell IDFExxx829
Tome IDFExxx82B
341 50/s 0/s Releases suspended Telekinesis Arrows:
SR-icon-spell-Alteration.png Transmute
Spell ID00109111
Tome ID00109112
200 100 15 (scripted) Transmutes one piece of unrefined Iron ore to Silver, or Silver ore to Gold if the caster is carrying any:
SR-icon-spell-Alteration.png Waterbreathing
Spell ID0005d175
Tome ID000a26e6
340 222 222 Can breathe water for 60 seconds:
DB-icon-spell-Ash.png Ash RuneDB
Spell IDxx0177af
Tome IDxx0177b5
635 418 418 Cast on a nearby surface, it explodes when enemies are nearby, immobilizing them in hardened ash for 30 seconds:
  • Cast on ground
  • Ash Rune, 50 pts for 1 sec
SR-icon-spell-Detect Life.png Detect Dead
Spell ID000211ef
Tome ID000a26ea
600 148/s 9.25/s per target Nearby dead can be seen through walls:
SR-icon-spell-Alteration.png Ebonyflesh
Spell ID0005ad5e
Tome ID000a26e9
650 341 341 Improves the caster's armor rating by 100 points for 60 seconds:
  • Armor - Ebony, 100 pts for 60 secs
  • The Mage Armor perk increases the magnitude to 200 pts (rank 1), 250 pts (rank 2), or 300 pts (rank 3)
SR-icon-spell-Paralyze.png Paralyze
Spell ID0005ad5f
Tome ID000a26e8
685 450 450 Targets that fail to resist are paralyzed for 10 seconds:
SR-icon-spell-Alteration.png Dragonhide
Spell ID000cdb70
Tome ID000d2b4e
1389 837 837 Caster ignores 80% of all physical damage for 30 seconds:
SR-icon-spell-Paralyze.png Mass Paralysis
Spell ID000b62e6
Tome ID000dd646
1280 937 937 All targets in the area that fail to resist are paralyzed for 15 seconds:
SR-icon-spell-Illusion Dark.png Equilibrium
Spell ID000da746
Tome ID000f4997
N/A 250 -25/s + 25 health/s 0.01/s Convert 25 points of health into magicka per second. Caster can be killed by this effect:
  • Not available for purchase
  • Can be found in Labyrinthian Chasm
  • Affected by difficulty, which means you will drain more than 25 health if you play on expert or master and less if you play on apprentice or novice, but always will get 25 magicka per second.

Spell Notes

  • The base cost for spells is the amount of magicka that would be necessary to cast the spell at 0 skill without any perks. The magicka cost at 100 skill is 41% less than the base cost; the cost can also be reduced via enchanted apparel and by unlocking various perks. See Spell Cost for the full magicka cost equation.
  • Skill level indicates which skill perk needs to be unlocked to decrease the spell's magicka cost. "N/A" is used for special spells whose cost is not affected by any perks.
  • The "Where to Get" column only lists guaranteed locations for obtaining the spell tomes. Most spell tomes are also available in random loot; see Spell Tome Locations and the table below for details.
  • For higher-level spell tomes to become available for purchase, your skill in the school must be high enough (see the table below). Also, master-level spell tomes can only be acquired once that school's ritual spell quest has been completed.
  • All spell tomes have a weight of 1.
  • Skill XP can be modified by scripts and by the game engine itself under various circumstances. The exact XP you receive may vary from the numbers listed here.
  • Magicka cost and skill XP are rounded down, both in game and on this page. Because of this, you may find that you cannot cast a spell even though it appears you have exactly enough magicka to do so.
Tomes by Level
Spell Level Skill Level Character Level, Boss Chest Character Level, Random Chest
Novice 0 1 1
Apprentice 0 11 10
Adept 40 23 -
Expert 65 35 -
Master 0/90 - -
Master level spell tomes require the appropriate ritual spell quest to be completed to be sold; while the quests have a skill level requirement of 90 to initiate, if you have completed the quest and reset the skill by making it legendary, the spell tome should still be available for sale.