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Striking Locale:
Xinchei-Konu Monument
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Discovery Leveled XP
Completion None
North of Lilmoth
Xinchei-Konu Monument

Xinchei-Konu Monument is an ancient Argonian calendar located in Murkmire.

Related Quests[edit]


Missing Tablets[edit]

Following the Monument of Change quest, you can search for the remaining stolen tablets. The Vakka Tablet is obtained from Swallows-the-Sun during the aforementioned quest. The remaining tablets are as follows:

Name Location Notes
Hist-Deek Tablet South of Alten Meerhleel, in the water by a ruined hut and a dead Blackguard, guarded by an Argonian Behemoth (map)
Hist-Dooka Tablet Inside Echoing Hollow, on the floor in the main room (map)
Hist-Tsoko Tablet South of Blackrose Prison, in the sea below the cliffs (map)
Nushmeeko Tablet Inside the unmarked Wither-Vault, accessible during or after Whispers in the Wood quest. (map)
Shaja-Nushmeeko Tablet North-west of Dead-Water Village, dropped by Belly-of-Stone Miregaunt (map)
Sisei Tablet North of The Dominus Fatum, near the top of a xanmeer (map)
Saxhleel Tablet South of the Teeth of Sithis, dropped by Roots-That-Stumble Miregaunt (map)
Thtithil-Gah Tablet Inside an abandoned Imperial-style building, east of Lilmoth. (map)
Thtithil Tablet South of Bright-Throat Wayshrine, near a ruined altar (map)
Xeech Tablet North of Sweet Breeze Overlook, at the top of a xanmeer (map)
Xulomaht Tablet South of Root-Whisper Village, dropped by Breath-Like-Decay Miregaunt (map)



There is one Achievement associated with this location:

Achievement Points Description Reward
ON-icon-achievement-Chronic Chronologer.png Chronic Chronologer 15 Collect and restore all the stone tablets in the Xinchei-Konu, an ancient Argonian calendar Replica of the Xinchei-Konu
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