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The Vosh Rakh are a group of extremist Trinimac worshippers who have recently appeared in Wrothgar.


Named Members
Forge-Mother Alga (Leader)
Azhnura the Proselytizer
Elder Azulg
Elder Akarah
Elder Uznom
Elder Yozth
Graguz Fire-Caller
Glothun the Recruiter
Penitent Vumnish
Ushenat Ice-Bringer
Generic Members
Vosh Rakh Archer
Vosh Rakh Blade Bearer
Vosh Rakh Conjurer
Vosh Rakh Convert
Vosh Rakh Cultist
Vosh Rakh Devoted
Vosh Rakh Disciple
Vosh Rakh Illusionist
Vosh Rakh Overseer
Vosh Rakh Penitent
Vosh Rakh Sentinel
Vosh Rakh Storm-Bringer
Vosh Rakh Taskmaster
Vosh Rakh Warrior