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"The Seeker's Archive"—a curious name for something that appears to be a Yokudan temple. A dry, dusty draft seeps out from beneath the door, bearing the scent of a thousand, thousand libraries ….
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Quest Hub:
The Seeker's Archive
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Discovery Leveled XP
Completion Objective
Leveled XP
Belkarth RegionCraglorn
The Seeker's Archive at night

The Seeker's Archive is an ancient library in Craglorn.

Related Quests[edit]

Shops and Services[edit]

  • Six-Whiskers Haggle Wagon — A general goods stall run by Sabashur-dar. Merchant


  • Prior to Update 12, this location used a ON-mapicon-Keep.pngFort map marker.


A map of The Seeker's Archive upper level
A map of The Seeker's Archive lower level


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