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Exchange a Dwemer lexicon for knowledge on the Celestials.
Zone: Craglorn
Quest Giver: Centurion Control Lexicon
Location(s): Rkhardahrk, The Seeker's Archive
Prerequisite Quest: The Seeker's Archive
Reward: Very Low Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very Low XP
ID: 5758
Required Level: 50
Will Hermaeus Mora accept your offering?
Hermaeus Mora asked me to bring him unique relics from across Craglorn in exchange for knowledge of the Celestials.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Find the lexicon inside Rkhardahrk.
  2. Take the lexicon to Hermaeus Mora at the Seeker's Archive.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

When you head inside the Dwemer ruin Rkhardahrk, you will find a strange lexicon in the last room, the same room where the Last Sentinel is. The lexicon contains pictures of a man who seems to be teaching a centurion.

Take the lexicon to Hermaeus Mora at the entrance of the Seeker's Archive to hear whether he accepts this offering.

"Knowledge for knowledge. That is my price.
What have you brought me, Seeker?"
I found this Dwemer lexicon in Rkhardahrk.
"The Dwemer knew things you cannot even dream.
Here is your reward: the Celestials are bound to this realm by their Apex stones. These stones were constructed using knowledge stolen from the Dwemer. To defeat the Celestials, you must find the stones."


Quest Stages[edit]

Strange Lexicon
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
☑Finishes quest I found a Dwemer lexicon in the ruins of Rkhardahrk. I should take it to Hermaeus Mora in the Seeker's Archive.
Objective: Bring Lexicon to Hermaeus Mora