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Merchant Outlaws Refuge Merchants (identified in-game as simply "Merchant") are vendors who sell a variety of specialized furnishings associated with Justice Achievements, in addition to the repair kits, potions for attribute restoration, lockpicks and bait sold by general Merchants. They can be found in Outlaws Refuges.

Aldmeri Dominion[edit]

Zone Settlement Store/Location Merchant
Auridon Vulkhel Guard Vulkhel Guard Outlaws Refuge Hazaznaz
Grahtwood Elden Root Elden Root Outlaws Refuge Beekaw
Greenshade Marbruk Marbruk Outlaws Refuge Mizareh
Malabal Tor Velyn Harbor Velyn Harbor Outlaws Refuge Brugagikh
Reaper's March Rawl'kha Rawl'kha Outlaws Refuge Daynila Hlas

Daggerfall Covenant[edit]

Zone Settlement Store/Location Merchant
Alik'r Desert Sentinel Sentinel Outlaws Refuge Abiznaz
Bangkorai Evermore Evermore Outlaws Refuge Khorshina
Glenumbra Daggerfall Daggerfall Outlaws Refuge Alphrennor
Rivenspire Shornhelm Shornhelm Outlaws Refuge Finia Marcott
Stormhaven Wayrest Wayrest Outlaws Refuge Vol Swift-Lift

Ebonheart Pact[edit]

Zone Settlement Store/Location Merchant
Deshaan Mournhold Mournhold Outlaws Refuge Creeper
Eastmarch Windhelm Windhelm Outlaws Refuge Lugdakh the Gutworm
The Rift Riften Riften Outlaws Refuge Skull-Brother Xandier
Shadowfen Stormhold Stormhold Outlaws Refuge Gourdeez
Stonefalls Davon's Watch Davon's Watch Outlaws Refuge Stelvene Lothaire


Zone Settlement Store/Location Merchant
Clockwork CityCrown Store Brass Fortress Slag Town Outlaws Refuge Binsora-la
Craglorn Belkarth Belkarth Outlaws Refuge Grazubesha
Gold CoastDark Brotherhood (Crown Store) Anvil Anvil Outlaws Refuge Maereeda
Hew's BaneThieves Guild (Crown Store) Abah's Landing Thieves Den Tavrina
VvardenfellMorrowind Vivec City Vivec City Outlaws Refuge Quarith
WrothgarOrsinium (Crown Store) Orsinium Orsinium Outlaws Refuge Ulwemir


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All Outlaws Refuge Merchants have a selection of furnishings for sale.

Name Type Cost Notes Description
ON-item-furnishing-Death Marker.jpg Death Marker Undercroft
(Grave Goods)
000050005,000 Gold Achievement: Serial Killer
Yeah, well, they probably had it coming.
ON-item-furnishing-Decorative Safebox.jpg Decorative Safebox Suite
000050005,000 Gold Achievement: Safebox Cracker
In the vicinity of such a master cracksman, it's possible that "safebox" is a bit of a misnomer.
ON-item-furnishing-Decorative Thieves Trove.jpg Decorative Thieves Trove Suite
000050005,000 Gold Achievement: Leave No Stash Behind
Every time you looted one of these, you thought, "I wish I had one." And now you do.
ON-item-furnishing-Faded Fence Banner.jpg Faded Fence Banner Parlor
0001000010,000 Gold Achievement: Black Market Mogul
When you've sold that many stolen items to the fences, the least they could do is give you a banner.
ON-item-furnishing-Mass Tombstone.jpg Mass Tombstone Undercroft
(Grave Goods)
0001000010,000 Gold Achievement: Mass Murderer
A grim memorial to the staggering number of creatures you've massacred in cold blood.
ON-item-furnishing-Mountain of Loot.jpg Mountain of Loot Miscellaneous
0001000010,000 Gold Achievement: Black Market Mogul
Never lack for a packed stack of black market fake drakes.
ON-item-furnishing-Noble Pocket Lint.jpg Noble Pocket Lint Miscellaneous
000010001,000 Gold Achievement: Sneak Thief Extraordinaire
You've picked so many pockets, the ends of your fingers are chapped.
ON-item-furnishing-Outlaw Banner.jpg Outlaw Banner Parlor
000050005,000 Gold Achievement: Legerdemain Rank 20
A banner proudly displaying the covert three-bladed symbol of Tamriel's outlaws. (Wait, that's supposed to be secret!)
ON-item-furnishing-Pile of Coins.jpg Pile of Coins Miscellaneous
000025002,500 Gold Achievement: Felonious Recompense
This replica treasure looks just like a real pile of coins, doesn't it?
ON-item-furnishing-Pocket Change.jpg Pocket Change Miscellaneous
00000500500 Gold Achievement: Purse Snatcher
So now you're a creeping, furtive sneak thief. Wouldn't your parents be so proud?
ON-item-furnishing-Replica Key Blank.jpg Replica Key Blank Miscellaneous
000010001,000 Gold Achievement: Master Burglar
Copy of an item perfect for creating illicit copies of a "borrowed" key, or for fashioning into a bump key.
ON-item-furnishing-Scales of Felonious Recompense.jpg Scales of Felonious Recompense Workshop
000050005,000 Gold Achievement: Felonious Recompense
By now, every fence in every Outlaws Refuge probably knows you by name.