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Captain One-Eye
Home Settlement Alten Corimont
Location The Lost Fleet
Race Argonian Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Captain One-Eye

One-Eye is an Argonian pirate captain in charge of Alten Corimont in Shadowfen. She can later be found at the Lost Fleet in Coldharbour, where she is a possible ally.

Related Quests[edit]



Warm Welcome[edit]

After you've received her location from one of her pirates:

"You haven't introduced yourself, outsider. I don't care if you're brave or foolish. Don't waste my valuable time.
State your purpose. Why should you stand before One-Eye?"
Senil Fenrila asked me to speak to you about his current state.
"The sniveling Dark Elf? He needed the fresh air. His words were addled. Telling everyone how I should run my town.
As for his concerns, the Dominion deals with the Khajiit, not us. And for the moment, she is protected."
Who's the Khajiit?
"A pretender, that's all. She skulks in the shadows, afraid to challenge me, but she pays her spies well.
I'd like to see that mangy cat as a new rug on my deck. I want her paychest in my hold! That would solve your problem, would it not?"
What can I do to get you to free Senil?
"Senil insults me with his fancy words and sense of superiority. Still, I could look the other way.
What's this Khajiit getting out of her deals with the Dominion? Find out where and what. Then we will talk more about Senil's freedom."
We have a deal. Where should I start looking?
"Everyone knows I'll pay well to know this Khajiit's plans. Plenty of bites, but no meat.
Right now, there's another wharf rat waiting outside. See what that squealer has to say. If it sounds useful, give him this reward."

After finding information for her:

"And what do you bring me? It better be something of worth. I don't pay layabouts for rotten fruit.
That's bad for my reputation, but it's worse for the layabouts. I'm sure you understand."
This Khajiit is selling the Dominion weapons and protection.
"Fah, of course she'd sell them weapons. But protection? That's my business. Nobody but me offers protection here.
Seems like your Dark Elf friend was correct. Some of the lads are aiding the Dominion, and they're doing it without my say-so."
So you'll free him and put a stop to this?
"He can stay there a while longer. That would make it easier for you to work on my side, wouldn't it?
And after you help me rid my town of this Khajiiti upstart, we'll both have what we want."

Last One Standing[edit]

Continuing from the last conversation in Warm Welcome:

"So now we understand each other. My problems are your problems.
The crews in this town are loyal to one thing: gold. This Khajiit has been buying a little too much loyalty. She might even think she can threaten my power."
What can you do about it?
"Me? I won't do anything. However, someone else could deliver a good lesson.
The docks crawl with foreign 'merchants' tempting the local crews with their sweet High Elf gold. A little bloodshed will send them a message."
You want me to beat up some pirates?
"Fah! They're no good to me injured. But the Dominion lackeys are another matter.
Put the fear of One-Eye and her crew into them. That should loosen some tongues. Then find out where our Khajiit is hiding."
Not a problem.

After you locate and arrive at the entrance to Tsanji's Hideout:

One-Eye: "Here all along, was it? By Sithis, it was right under my feet!"
One-Eye: "It's about time someone paid that Khajiit a visit."

If spoken to at that point:

"Kaoc! Right under my snout. Kill her and any of her thugs in your way.
And don't get greedy. Don't try to sneak off with that Dominion paychest. That's mine! It's my payment for freeing your Dark Elf friend."
I'll take care of her.
"That soothes like a soft rain in the night. Her death will remind these mammal-lickers who's in charge here.
Then we will talk about your Dominion problem."

A Pirate Parley[edit]

After completing the heist:

"So the Khajiit didn't lie. I pegged you to make off with the money. I misjudged you.
Here's your Dark Elf. I expect the Dominion's prize will be delivered as payment for my largess. And I have yet another present for you."
What would that be?
"A High Elf has come visiting, demanding a supply line through Alten Corimont. She's willing to pay handsomely for the privilege.
Clearly she is a Dominion commander. If she dies, there is no one to execute their plans here ... and I will have her gold."
Where is she now?
"She's in a cabin on the lower deck, waiting for me to return. If someone else arrived instead of me, I'm sure they could take care of this problem.
I, of course, would never strike down a guest."

After killing the guest:

"A little messy, but sometimes you have to take the low road, right?
One of your vicecanons is waiting for you. I'll let them stay as long as you're vouching for their behavior. This is still my town, understand?"
Where are they in town?
"They're on the upper deck. Follow me."

After completing the quest:

"It's been a pleasure having you work for me. As long as I'm boss of this town, you're welcome in Alten Corimont."


A Graveyard of Ships[edit]

One-Eye in Coldharbour

While you explore Coldharbour, you can come across an area full of shipwrecks. Captain Cold-Eye can be found at her small camp with some others. When you approach her she will be talking to her crew, "Finish your preparations. We head out momentarily."

You can talk with her to see what she is doing here, She will be surprised to see another living person.

"Sithis blind me! Be there other living mortals in this wretched waste? You're the first swab I've seen who still has meat on their bones." (If she hasn't met you before.)
[verification needed — missing dialogue form when you met previously]
How did you get here?
"A whirlpool. It pulled in our ship and dropped us here. We fell right out of the sky!
We went looking for the shipwrecks of the Lost Fleet. Never expected to find them in another world entirely."
Is this all that remains of your crew?
"These and a few others. I sent the rest with my first mate, Jalan, up that canyon to investigate the nearest wreck.
I'm about to lead these lubbers to check out a second wreck. Anything we find will be more than we have now."
Need any help?
"We're off to search the second wreck. I'd be obliged if you could follow Jalan's wake and see what's keeping him. Bring him along to the other wreck, so's I can dress him down for being a lazy lackwit.
If he ain't dead, that is."
I'm curious about something.
"Ask away, mate, but be quick about it. We need to move out soon."
Tell me about the whirlpool that brought you here.
"Many a year I've sailed the seas around Tamriel, but I've never seen its like. It was vast, larger than all Alten Corimont, and it spun up all sudden-like.
No wonder sailors call the waters around Thras the Cursed Sea."
Why did you sail into something called the Cursed Sea?
"We was searching for the shipwrecks of the All-Flags Fleet.
Do you know the legend? Scores of ships lost at sea, each one loaded with loot."
How did you know where to look?
"I found the log of Admiral Olo's navigator. That told me how to find the Thras Archipelago—or where it used to be, before it mostly sank.
Olo had himself a good navigator, all right. Her directions led me right into the maw of that whirlpool."
Why are you interested in these wrecked ships?
"Treasure, of course. It's a legend in Alten Corimont that some of our swabs sailed in the fleet that sacked Thras. The ones who survived came home loaded with loot.
If my ancestors could do it, so can I."
I know a safe haven in this place. I could lead you and your crew to it.
"Aye, that'd be a fine end to our adventure. We find the great Lost Fleet, and then we walk away from it.
We lost too many crewmates finding this place. We owe it to them to do at least a little plundering before we pack it in."

After finding Jalan and witnessing his transformation into a skeleton after touching cursed treasure, you can head to the Bonnie Spriggan to tell One-Eye what happened. You will find her alone and surrounded by broken skeletons.

"Cursed, Daedra take it! Cursed! A curse on all curses!"
The treasure. It's cursed. What happened here?
"My crew. They got excited and rushed to grab the treasure. The gold—it turned them into skeletons!
Then some kind of spectre appeared and ordered my own crew to attack me. I had to kill them, curse the luck."

Between Blood and Bone[edit]

You can continue to talk to her as she plans to avenge her crew.

"Now we find the spook that ensorcelled me crew and destroy it.
Wasting good treasure by putting a curse on it—now that's foul play, by Sithis."
So you saw it, too?
"Aye, that I did.
And I swear on the blood of me crew, that spook will pay for this wicked trick."
I'm with you.

Once you agree to help her, an Argonian Skeleton will enter the ship.

Argonian Skeleton: "You have come to a very bad place."
Captain One-Eye: "Have you come to kill us, Lizard Bones!"
Argonian Skeleton: "No, I come to save you. Listen to me, child."

After talking with the Skeleton who reveals a way to reach the Lost Fleet Admiral, the specter will appear and force the skeleton to attack Captain One-Eye. The skeleton will resist and One-Eye will strike him down. You can then talk to her and discuss what to do next.

"That Admiral spook, Sithis sink him, seems to control all the skeletons."
That Argonian Skeleton wanted to help you.
"And he did. He showed me the Admiral's control isn't absolute.
Meet me at the wreck of the Golden Era and we'll find his hidden journal."

When you have found Tsona-Ei's journal and his key in the Golden Era, One-Eye will enter the hold. You can show her what you found.

"I see your skin is still on your bones. I searched the rest of the ship, but there's no sign of the journal.
Did you have better luck?"
I found the journal.
"Did you indeed? That be well. Let me see it.
I have a plan, but it only includes me."
If you insist. Here's the journal.
Your chances are slim on your own. You should let me join you.
"Hrmm. Maybe I will, at that.
Let me see that journal, mate."
Here it is./If you insist. Here's the journal. (Both options lead to this)
"What's this? Alten Corimont …?
Sithis take it! This is nought but the ravings of a madman. Where's the secret he promised?"
This key came with the journal.
"Ah, that'll be the key that gets us in to the Admiral.
Or rather, you. I need you to get that Crown of Bones thing. I've got another task ahead of me."
You want me to go after the Admiral? I thought you wanted revenge.
"Oh, I do—and I've seen you in action, so I expect to get it.
But the dead skeleton had mates in his crew from my village. That makes them relatives, even ancestors, mayhap. I think I can use that connection to break their bondage. Worth a try."
What do you want me to do?
"The key must open the Admiral's Coral Tower. Take it, enter the tower, and kill the Admiral.
As for me, it's my duty to look up me dead relatives and see what I can do to help them. Even if it's only to lay them to rest."

If you talk to her again before leaving, she will usher you off.

"Go on, mate.
If things go well, I hope to help you when you face the Admiral"

After you have slain the Admiral and taken his crown, Captain One-Eye will be waiting for you outside the Coral Tower with some friendly skeletal Argonian sailors.

"Look what I found: some long-lost relatives. The shock of seeing me has knocked them out from under the crown's control, but it won't last.
That be the crown right there. What're you going to do with it, mate?"
What do you suggest?
"That there Crown of Bones—it's cursed, belike. You could destroy it. That might set the sailors free—or it might destroy them.
I have another proposition for you. Give the crown to me."

From this point you will reach a choice of whether to hand it over or not.

But you said yourself it's probably cursed.
"Aye, but Molag Bal made it for the Admiral, not for me.
I know a trick or two I learned from an old shaman. I think I can use the crown on the sailors, one by one, to set their souls free. But first …."
"But first," what?
"First we goes up against Molag Bal. That's a swab what needs taking down a peg. And I'm just the lizard to do it."
All right, here.

"Stand back then, mate, while I put on the crown.
If I turn on you, strike me down. Do it quick-like, there's a good chum."

Absolutely not.

"Damn and blast. Destroy the thing and be done with it, then."

That's madness. Not a chance./No. Too dangerous.
"I must ask you to reconsider, mate. I've got a quarrel with this here Molag Bal, and I intend to lead these sailors against him.
Afterwards, I'll set them all free. Assuming we survive."
I don't know. This relic is dangerous. (Leads back to But you said yourself it's probably cursed.)
Absolutely not. <Refuse to give the crown.>


One-Eye with the Crown of Bones

If you did hand her the crown, she will put it on and be transformed into a skeleton and their new Admiral.

"Good choice, mate, giving me the crown.
Now I think I'd best be introducing me crew to their new captain"

She appears to have gain the control as the Lost Fleet skeletons will no longer attack you.

However, if you refused to give her crown, she will instead unknown

The Final Assault[edit]

One-Eye at the Endless Stair

Captain One-Eye may be at the portal to the Labyrinth, with some of her Fleet Soldier if you gave her the crown previously.[verification needed — does she appear if the crown was destroyed?]

"The Crown of Bones' power will grant us victory this day!
I can't wait to see what treasures await us inside the Endless Stair."

Once you have received your orders, you can ask the Captain what help she can provide.

"Has the time come to sail into the stormy sea? Do we pillage and plunder the domicile of the Lord of Brutality now?
I'm eager to demonstarte 
[sic] the power of the Bone Crown!"
Do you think the Bone Crown will help?
"You've seen the Crown's power. It will turn the tide of this battle. That's a foregone conclusion!
My pirates are invincible. Even Molag Bal cannot kill death—and that's what we are now. Immortal!"
Will you accompany me on the initial assault?
"A crew is not complete without its captain. They would be lost without me.
So, sadly, I must refuse. But have no fear. When the sky clears and the wind blows strong, my pirates and I will sail to your side. It will be glorious!"
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