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Recover the Crown of Bones and remove the curse of the Lost Fleet.
Zone: Coldharbour
Objective: The Lost Fleet — Uncover the secret of the Lost Fleet.
Quest Giver: Captain One-Eye
Location(s): The Lost Fleet
Prerequisite Quest: A Graveyard of Ships
Reward: Privateer Clogs
372 Gold
Captain One-Eye was forced to kill her own crew, and now she's vowed to destroy the apparition that controlled the cursed sailors.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Captain One-Eye.
  2. Enter the hold of the Golden Era.
  3. Go to the Coral Tower.
  4. Find the Admiral of the Lost Fleet.
  5. Talk to Captain One-Eye.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

After completing A Graveyard of Ships, talk to Captain One-Eye. Much like you, she was attacked by her own crew and was forced to kill them after a projection of the Admiral appeared. Immediately after agreeing to assist her, an Argonian Skeleton appears.

It demands to know why you and One-Eye have entered The Lost Fleet, and tells you to kill the Admiral. It claims that he wants to build a coral tower using the skeletons to reach the whirlpool in the sky from which all ships fell into Coldharbour. He controls the skeletons using a relic of Molag Bal, the Crown of Bones. To find the Admiral, you need to find the skeleton's journal, which it hid in The Golden Era's hold.

After informing you of all this, the Admiral's projection appears again and compels the Skeleton into attacking you. However, before it can make any move, Captain One-Eye dispatches it. Talk to her quickly and enter The Golden Era's hold. Read the journal to obtain a key hidden within. Talk to One-Eye near the exit to be given the task to use the key to unlock the Coral Tower and destroy the Admiral. One-Eye, meanwhile, wants to free the skeletons, who she views as distant relatives, from the Admiral's influence.

Enter the Coral Tower and kill the Admiral on the upper gantry, collecting his crown. Then talk to One-Eye outside the tower. She intends to use the Crown to make an army of the Lost Fleet's skeletons.

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  • After entering the lower deck of The Golden Era, trying to enter the door to retrieve the journal will simply put you back in the lower deck, and not in the log room. ?
    • Dying and resurrecting fixed this.

Quest Stages[edit]

Between Blood and Bone
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Latest start An Argonian Skeleton has appeared before us. It has something it wants to say.
Objective: Listen to the Argonian Skeleton
An Argonian Skeleton has appeared before us. It has something it wants to say.
Objective: Talk to the Argonian Skeleton
One-Eye killed the Argonian Skeleton after the apparition of the Admiral ordered it to attack. I should talk to her to coordinate our next move.
Objective: Talk to Captain One-Eye
The Argonian Skeleton's journal holds the secret to finding the Admiral. He hid the journal in his ship, the Golden Era, now part of the skeleton village. Captain One-Eye has gone on ahead to look for the journal. I should meet her there.
Objective: Enter the Golden Era's Hold
I entered the Golden Era's hold. The Argonian Skeleton said he hid his journal somewhere inside. I'll try to find it.
Objective: Find the Journal
Captain One-Eye came in the doorway. I should speak to her.
Objective: Talk to Captain One-Eye
Captain One-Eye wants me to use the key to open the tunnel that leads to the Coral Tower.
Objective: Enter the Tunnel
With the path cleared, I'm free to make my way to the Coral Tower.
Objective: Go to the Coral Tower
Hidden Objective: Defeat the Admiral's Skeleton Crew
I found the Coral Tower and should now enter.
Hidden Objective: Listen to the Lost Fleet Admiral
Objective: Enter the Coral Tower
Captain One-Eye asked me to get the Crown of Bones from the Admiral. Meanwhile she will be searching for other undead "relatives" from Alten Corimont.
Objective: Get the Crown of Bones
☑Finishes quest I defeated the Admiral and retrieved his Crown of Bones. I should find Captain One-Eye and see how the rest of her plan turned out.
Objective: Talk to Captain One-Eye
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