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Find out who the Dominion are making deals with in Alten Corimont.
Zone: Shadowfen
Objective: Alten Corimont — Investigate the Dominion's influence in Alten Corimont.
Quest Giver: Kara, Neeta-Li, Senil Fenrila
Location(s): Alten Corimont
Next Quest: Last One Standing
Reward: Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: 1837 XP
ID: 3674
A secret meeting
Some pirates in Alten Corimont captured one of the vicecanons' assistants from Stormhold. [if taken from a pirate]
Shadowfen's Vicecanons are concerned about the Dominion running supply lines for their troops through Alten Corimont. [if taken from Senil]

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Senil Fenrila in the Alten Corimont stockade.
  2. Talk with and fight a Rowdy Pirate in the Ship's Hold Inn on the Blasted Breton.
  3. Talk to One-Eye in the captain's quarters of the Blasted Breton.
  4. Talk to Wayiteh on the deck of the Blasted Breton.
  5. Spy on the meeting between the pirates and the Dominion.
  6. Report what was eavesdropped to One-Eye on the Blasted Breton.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Locate Senil Fenrila in the stocks at Alten Corimont, and speak to him to start the quest:

"Gods, why did I ever set foot in this stinking pit? Was it duty or stupidity?
Come to mock me like the rest, have you? Well, fear not. I've no dignity left."
Why are you in the stocks?
"For the crime of believing pirates cared about the welfare of the Pact.
Rumors say the Dominion is smuggling in supplies through this miserable landing. My questions were not welcome. The so-called leader had me seized and put out here to rot."
Maybe I could speak to the leader on your behalf.
"Or maybe you could join me here. No?
If you insist, you'll have to get her attention. A few well-placed punches should get you an audience. You might try going to the beached ship and knocking heads with one of the drunken rowdies there."
I'll see what I can do.'

Locate and board the beached ship. Inside, you'll find a Rowdy Pirate. Speak to them:

"Whatever it is, I don't give a rat's tail. I just want to finish my drink."
I'm looking for the leader of this place.
"One-Eye don't take visits with nobodies like you. Get lost, before I make you disappear."
Answer my question before things get nasty.

The pirate will engage you in combat. You may be familiar with brawls in games like Skyrim, where you are required to use your fists; there is no such requirement here. Use whatever lethal weapons and deadly skills you like; the pirate will survive the brawl regardless. When you have subdued them, speak to them:

"I can see you mean business! I won't press my luck."
I want to talk to One-Eye. Now.
"I surrender! She's on the upper deck in the captain's quarters. The guards won't give you trouble if you don't make any.
Hope your business is worth the pain you're headed for."

Head upstairs and speak to One-Eye:

"You haven't introduced yourself, outsider. I don't care if you're brave or foolish. Don't waste my valuable time.
State your purpose. Why should you stand before One-Eye?"
Senil Fenrila asked me to speak to you about his current state.
"The sniveling Dark Elf? He needed the fresh air. His words were addled. Telling everyone how I should run my town.
As for his concerns, the Dominion deals with the Khajiit, not us. And for the moment, she is protected."
Who's the Khajiit?
"A pretender, that's all. She skulks in the shadows, afraid to challenge me, but she pays her spies well.
I'd like to see that mangy cat as a new rug on my deck. I want her paychest in my hold! That would solve your problem, would it not?"
What can I do to get you to free Senil?
"Senil insults me with his fancy words and sense of superiority. Still, I could look the other way.
What's this Khajiit getting out of her deals with the Dominion? Find out where and what. Then we will talk more about Senil's freedom."
We have a deal. Where should I start looking?
"Everyone knows I'll pay well to know this Khajiit's plans. Plenty of bites, but no meat.
Right now, there's another wharf rat waiting outside. See what that squealer has to say. If it sounds useful, give him this reward."

As you exit dialogue, One-Eye will give you an item, and caution you, "Mind you don't go running off with this." Locate her informant, Wayiteh, and speak to him:

"I speak to One-Eye, and only her."
If you want to get paid, you'll speak to me.
"You have it? Daril? Yes, I smell it on your fingers. Fresh and sweet, nice like rain. You didn't open it, did you? Maybe take some for yourself?
Please, I need it. Can I have it? I know things."
First, the information.
"Oh. It's words you want. Yes, the Khajiit, she has a name: Tsanji. There's a meeting. One of her kits and ... and a foreigner. Soon, very soon! They meet in the warehouse south of here.
You get there first. Spy on them! Good, yes? Now give me daril."
Here. Take it.
"Yes. This is just what I need.
Now leave me with my prize. Many days of pleasure ahead."

Head to the warehouse and locate a Large Crate. Activate it to hide and eavesdrop on the Dominion meeting. Note that opening any menu or focusing chat will reveal you and force you to try again, after a short cooldown. The conversation proceeds as follows:

Renrijra Pirate: "Got the coin? The boss don't buy promises."
Dominion Emissary: "It arrived on our ship. You'll all be very rich very soon."
Renrijra Pirate: "Then we've got your supplies: weapons, food and drink, medicine ... and protection."

Once you've finished listening, return to One-Eye and speak to her to complete the quest:

"And what do you bring me? It better be something of worth. I don't pay layabouts for rotten fruit.
That's bad for my reputation, but it's worse for the layabouts. I'm sure you understand."
This Khajiit is selling the Dominion weapons and protection.
"Fah, of course she'd sell them weapons. But protection? That's my business. Nobody but me offers protection here.
Seems like your Dark Elf friend was correct. Some of the lads are aiding the Dominion, and they're doing it without my say-so."
So you'll free him and put a stop to this?
"He can stay there a while longer. That would make it easier for you to work on my side, wouldn't it?
And after you help me rid my town of this Khajiiti upstart, we'll both have what we want."

Quest Stages[edit]

Warm Welcome
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should find out what the Dark Elf was doing in this dangerous town. Perhaps I could find out how he ended up in the stocks.
Objective: Talk to Senil Fenrila
I need to get this "leader's" attention by roughing up some of her pirates. Senil Fenrila said I could find them drinking in the town's bar, in the hold of a beached ship.
Objective: Get an Audience with Alten Corimont's Leader
The person I'm looking for is called "One-Eye." I won't be able to gain an audience with her without some violence.
Objective: Challenge a Rowdy Pirate to a Fight
I won the right to speak to One-Eye, the leader of Alten Corimont. Her thugs said she would be in the captain's quarters of the beached ship, on the main deck.
Objective: Talk to One-Eye
I need to speak to the contact One-Eye found. I should see what he knows about the new Khajiit pirate in Alten Corimont. He should be waiting on the main deck of the beached ship.
Objective: Get Information from One-Eye's Contact
The warehouse probably has some crates I could hide in while listening to the meeting.
Objective: Find a Suitable Hiding Spot
I learned the name of this Khajiit pirate leader: it's Tsanji. Wayiteh told me one of her pirates would be meeting with a Dominion contact in the warehouse very soon. I should hurry there and find a suitable hiding place.
Objective: Eavesdrop on the Meeting in the Warehouse
Tsanji has made a deal with the Thalmor, the military force of the Dominion in Shadowfen. One-Eye should hear about this immediately.
Objective: Talk to One-Eye
☑Finishes quest It seems Tsanji made a deal with the Thalmor, the military force of the Dominion in Shadowfen. One-Eye should hear about this immediately.
Objective: Talk to One-Eye
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