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Senil Fenrila
Home Settlement Alten Corimont
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Ebonheart Pact
Senil Fenrila

Senil Fenrila is a Dunmer gerent of the Pact working under Vicecanon Servyna. He's being held in stocks by the pirates of Alten Corimont.

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Quest-Related Events[edit]

Warm Welcome[edit]

"Gods, why did I ever set foot in this stinking pit? Was it duty or stupidity?
Come to mock me like the rest, have you? Well, fear not. I've no dignity left."
Why are you in the stocks?
"For the crime of believing pirates cared about the welfare of the Pact.
Rumors say the Dominion is smuggling in supplies through this miserable landing. My questions were not welcome. The so-called leader had me seized and put out here to rot."
Maybe I could speak to the leader on your behalf.
"Or maybe you could join me here. No?
If you insist, you'll have to get her attention. A few well-placed punches should get you an audience. You might try going to the beached ship and knocking heads with one of the drunken rowdies there."
I'll see what I can do.

You can ask him more questions about the situation.

"What was I thinking? Look at this place–a few shabby buildings and a wreck of a ship. It's not a town. It's an overgrown tavern.
The ship's hold is filled with drunks looking for a fight. Such are the fine citizens of Alten Corimont."
What's the Dominion doing in Alten Corimont?
"Be quiet, unless you want to join me.
These pirates are smuggling weapons and supplies to the Dominion troops in Shadowfen. If we don't shut down their operation, the Dominion's skirmishes will turn into a full-blown battlefront."
Why would the pirates work for the Dominion?
"Greed. I foolishly thought that since most of the pirates are Argonians, they'd hate the Dominion.
But coin and old hatreds speak louder than words in this town, as you can guess. Little more than animals, they are."

Last One Standing[edit]

When spoken to after One-Eye leads him to Tsanji's Hideout:

"Please get me out of here! Do whatever she says.
You can't imagine the indignities she's promised me if you fail."

A Pirate Parley[edit]

After One-Eye provides you with information on a nearby Dominion commander, Senil pipes up.

Senil Fenrila: "I must inform the vicecanon of this situation!"
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