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Help locate a missing noble.
Zone: Glenumbra
Quest Giver: Stibbons
Location(s): Tomb of Lost Kings
Reward: Stibbons' Dapper Chapeau
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
A Daggerfall noble named Lady Laurent seems to be some kind of treasure hunter. She's exploring the Tomb of Lost Kings to find something to add to her collection.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Talk to Stibbons to start this quest. Once you've done so, go into the Tomb of Kings to continue. You will be fighting plenty of level 14 Carious Hunters and Ravagers as you move through this dungeon. Once inside, you must obtain four keys: Key of Crowns, The Key of Flames, Key of Strife, and the Key of Blades.

Key of Crowns

This one is simply a choice between the Cursed Crown of Anton or Jeweled Crown of Anton. Choose one of them.

Key of Flames

In this room you are told that a King must tend to the fires. The goal here is to obtain the key on the back wall that is currently in flames. If you approach the key directly, you are knocked back and cannot get to it. The trick to obtaining the key is to light all four braziers in quick succession before the first brazier is extinguished. If you begin on the far right side as you walked into the room and move in a clockwise directly, you can get all four lit without having to use Stamina to run. Obtain the key from the center of the back wall and move onward.

Key of Strife

In this room you will easily see the key marked but will also see tiny balls of light floating about. The object of this room is to get to the key without getting too close to the balls of light. Should you get close enough, the balls of light actually float you back to the entrance of the room. Once you obtain the key, exit the room and head to the next one.

Key of Blades

On your way to the Key of Blades, and even inside the room for the key, you will see squares of spikes that come up out of the ground. If you watch long enough -- and it does not take long -- you will notice that spikes do not come up through all of the squares. Simply walk over those squares and you are safe. Take the Key hanging from the ceiling and move out.

Placing the Keys

The next task that you are assigned is to place each of the keys. The area to do so is just outside of the Key of Blades room. Place each key on its appropriate sconce (it does not matter in which order). When that is done, you watch a brief cutscene and then are told to speak to the Forgotten Seneschal. The Seneschal asks you to free him from his prison in return for his assistance in getting you there. He tells you that inside the vault are two crowns: One is King Anton's jeweled crown and the other is the curse that binds the ghost there. The Seneschal wants you to take the cursed crown. He tells you that he indeed wants to doom Lady Laurent to the tomb for her greed, calling it justice.

If you take the Cursed Crown and bring it back to Lady Laurent, the Lady has the crown placed on the table in front of her. Stibbons comes to perform magic on the crown, only to die a painful death. As he is laying on the ground, the ghost of the Forgotten Seneschal exits the Tomb and inhabits the body of Stibbons. You do gain a reward for ending the quest in this fashion.

If you take the Jeweled Crown and bring it back to Lady Laurent, the Lady has the crown placed on the table in front of her and gives you the same quest reward as if you had taken the Cursed crown. However, Stibbons goes on as always and the ghost of the Forgotten Seneschal is left to guard the Tomb of Kings.

Quest Stages[edit]

The Jeweled Crown of Anton
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective: Enter the Tomb
Objective: Talk to the Forgotten Seneschal
Objective: Talk to Lady Laurent
Objective: Don't Pip Braziers
Objective: Find the Key of Flames
Objective: Pip Braziers
Objective: Find the Key of Strife
Objective: Find the Key of Blades
Objective: Place the Key of Strife
Objective: Place the Key of Crowns
Objective: Place the Key of Blades
Objective: Place the Key of Flames
Objective: Watch What Happens
Objective: Enter the Vault
Objective: Take the Jeweled Crown of Anton
Objective: Escape the Tomb of Lost Kings
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