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Location Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
Race Nord Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Dark Brotherhood

Kor is a Nord member of the Dark Brotherhood. You will meet Kor inside the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary after you have carried out the first contract for the Brotherhood and gained access to the Sanctuary. He is a friend and a protector of a fellow Brotherhood member, Hildegard, who is a werewolf and is not completely comfortable with living among humans.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Welcome Home[edit]

Kor and Hildegard

When you first meet Kor, he is trying to talk to Hildegard who is in her werewolf form and seems to be shy towards you as she has hidden herself in a corner,

"It's all right, little one. Just a new smell. Your new Brother or Sister must be here! Don't you want to meet them?"
"Come on now Hilde. Don't be shy …."

He will then turn to you, saying, "Sorry. She can be skittish around strangers." and then when you talk to him, he will warmly welcome you,

"New-Sister! Welcome! Welcome! You need anything, anything at all, you come to me, yes?"
The Matron suggested I meet the rest of the family.
"Of course! It's important to get to know everyone. You're part of the family now. And family helps each other. It's what we do."
Why do you have a werewolf in that cage?
"Oh, that's not a werewolf. Well, I guess it is. But it's also little Hildegard.
She's really sweet, but you'll need to say hello later. She still doesn't have the hang of controlling her transformations."

You can then ask Kor more about himself and Hildegard:

Hildegard sounds like she has an interesting story. / Hildegard sounds like an interesting person. What's her story?
"Hildegard is like the little sister I never had, but her true family was awful. They drank the blood of were-beasts! It's a dangerous practice, but not entirely unheard of in Nord lands.
They even forced their children to participate."
Is that how Hildegard became a werewolf?
"We assume so. But as to why she can't control her transformations, that remains a mystery.
She lost control one day and hurt another member of the tribe. They cursed her and she ran away. I found her later. She was confused, alone, and nearly mad."
You're lucky she didn't attack you.
"I'm a skilled hunter. Taming animals is almost second nature to me. It took time, but she came to trust me. Accepted me as her big brother.
Before that happened, though, she nearly tore my face off. See? I still have the scar."
Tell me about yourself, Kor.
"I always liked to hunt and fight. I became a soldier, but that turned out to be more about waiting around than actual battle.
So I sold my sword as a mercenary, made some enemies, and soon found that the other sellswords were being paid to kill me."
Looks like you survived.
"Indeed I did! Kept a low profile in town, spent most of my time in the wilderness. I almost decided to stop running and then I found little Hilde.
She became my reason to go on living."
How did two Nords end up in a Brotherhood Sanctuary on the Gold Coast?
"Well, you know, there are some things we just don't talk about in the public. I hope you understand.
I will tell you that we love it here. We're part of the best family in the whole world. And we're glad to have you with us! I'm sure Hilde agrees!"

A Lesson in Silence[edit]

In the beginning of the quest:

Hildegard: "The Grand Sermonizer is at it again, Matron."
Kor: "Those loud-mouthed fanatics! It's time to teach them a lesson about the blessings of silence!"
Astara Caerellius: "Enough! I'll decide how we respond to these malign sermons."
Astara Caerellius: "Initiate, I have a task for you."

After talking to Astara about your assignment:

Kor: "Initiate, I have my own contract in Kvathch. I'll join you and Tanek as soon as I'm finished."
Hildegard: "Three blades on the same contract? Is that wise, Matron?"
Astara Caerellius: "Just make sure the Grand Sermonizer dies, initiate. That's my chief concern."

In the Grand Sermonizer's manor:

Tanek: "I'm just going to sit here and see who comes for me first, Sithis or Tall-Papa."
Kor: "Tanek! Are you planning to just lay down and die?"
Tanek: "They knew we'd come for Cimbar. Trapped his body with some kind of foul death magic."
Kor: "Get up, you milk-drinker! Sithis still has work for you to do."
Kor: "Initiate! The Grand Sermonizer is yours! I'll get Tanek home."

When you talk to Kor after the conclusion of the quest, he will say,

"I can't believe Cimbar is dead. And Tanek would've met the same fate if not for you."

Questions of Faith[edit]

When spoken to after he has calmed Hildegard down:

"I've calmed Hilde down, but there's still so much we don't know about what happened and what she was thinking.
You should talk to her, Initiate. But be gentle. We've all had quite a day."

Dark Revelations[edit]

After the conclusion of the quest, Kor will tell you, "Don't blame yourself for what happened to Mirabelle. Her grief drove her into a blind rage. It made her reckless. We can't let ourselves fall into the same trap, no matter how we feel. Stay focused and keep moving forward."

Filling the Void[edit]

Hildegard and Kor participate in the raid on Kvatch's Cathedral. You come across them pretty early:

[Hildegard, in werewolf form, howls in the distance.]
Kor: "Hilde, wait! Hilde! Hildegard! By all the ice in Eastmarch, she's fast when she's furry!"

When you and Kor encounter a Wamasu Matriarch:

Kor: "Hildegard, which way did you—Ow! That smarts! I'll deal with the little ones. You take care of their mother!"

If the player steps onto the metal grate and gets electrocuted:

Kor: "Don't stand on the metal grate!"

After that fight, Hildegard reappears briefly:

Kor: "That was … intense. Glad you showed up when you did."
[Hildegard enters the room.]
Hildegard: "There you are, Kor! Did you need to stop and rest again?"
Kor: "I never rest when there's trouble around! We dealt with the big monster, and now I'm taking a break."

When the mission is over, you can speak to Kor:

"I look forward to working with you again, Silencer. Perhaps we could share a murder spree sometime soon, yes?"


While in the Sanctuary you have the opportunity to strike up a conversation with him. After you become a Silencer, she can be found in the kitchen area with Hildegarde and Remains-Silent.

"Silencer! Well look at you! I figured Tanek or Mirabelle would achieve that rank first, but there's no denying you deserve it.
Just don't expect me to bow or anything."
"I look forward to working with you again, Silencer. Perhaps we could share a murder spree sometime soon, yes?"
"Look at you, a Silencer! The Speaker must be so proud! He brought you to us, after all.
If it's not beneath your new station, I'd love to go hunting with you again sometime. And by hunting, I mean sending some deserving souls to Sithis."


You can also witness his conversations with other Dark Brotherhood members in the main hallway. needs many more conversations from throughout the storyline

Kor: "Why back to Skyrim? What brought this on?"
Hildegard: "Just for a few weeks."
Kor: "Matron willing, I'll join you. But why?"
Hildegard: "I want to hunt like I am now. Not by instinct. I want everyone to know I am a part of this family."
Kor: "Of course, Hilde. We'll take the contract together."
Kor: "I think Hildegard may be ready for more … complex contracts."
Astara Caerellius: "She can control when she changes?"
Kor: "No, but I believe she and the wolf inside her have reached an understanding."
Astara Caerellius: "I'll think about it."
Kor: "Good. I'll look for contracts that require the body to disappear completely."

On fighting in a Cathedral and killing Primate Artorius:

Tanek: "That was a battle for the ages! And I never got to kill someone in a Cathedral before."
Kor: "For all the harm he caused us, I feel a little sorry for Primate Artorius."
Tanek: "How could you feel sorry about that barnicle [sic] on a mudcrab after all he did to us?"
Kor: "I feel sorry because he only got to die once. We should have killed him at least four times for what he did."
Tanek: "I'm not sure you're really understanding the concept of empathy on this one, Kor."